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74k if you get 30 your thigh will be tight and uncomfortable.. But if you get 31 your thigh fits but waist will be little loose... So it's a toss depending if you have skinny legs or can live with little loose at waist.
Tight long john is like Tepphar almost.. Stretchy material and skinny like tepphar... The ass fits slightly different but it's also very nice... Thin Finn the back York and pocket is very low... It's a great pair and I love it. But for starters I think grim Tim is safest.. Actually slim Jim would be safe too but it's a little more skinny straight..
 Audit - he's got some cool leather jackets too man!!!!
Sanibeldude - try Nudie Grim Tims first since its quite safe.  Just get a pair of their raw denims to try.  Get 1 size up from your Diesels... they will stretch and loosen 1 size after wear.
hahaha glorious - man I so admire you fit into yours!!! they are wonderful eh??   Thanks Audit30 - I will definitely think about it.. but mean time finish my damn wall, i'm half way done.. I'll share pix once its all done..   zgdiesel - 74K is sexy!!!! and i really love that leather jacket.
audit30 - its a such sad reality... basically I can have it as my 'trophie' in my denim wall that i'm building; or let other members on here pimp them and get great use out of them....  but yah again I'll let everyone know if I let this pair go... only if there's a w28 around.. but i'm sure it'll cost a kidney.
Thanks Guys - man i do not think they will stretch too much.. the denim is very rigid and its very good quality.  I think it'll hold its shape well without trying to break them.  I wore them all day yesterday and it was very uncomfortable.   and from past experience I know if they are not comfee i tend to let them sit.. ie; my 887k, 805A, Nudie Thin Finn dry black coated and now 8BT.. crap.   I'll let everyone know if I am letting it go...
994kaloyan - actually some other member on here found it on eBay and posted on the eBay great finds thread.. and then I bought it from there.
CLarsson - beautiful buy on both pairs!!!!!!
ohhh i c - okay i was actually thinking about this earlier this afternoon.  I guess 8BT is like taking greatness of many pairs and merge into one..  for all intents and purposes lets not include the fit (altho the fit is pretty damn amazing too).   Denim Thickness: I feel its tad thinner than Excess 8ML; but it feels very solid and rigid denim.  Very good quality. if I have to guess its a 11-12.5oz denim.  Its not selvage denim.   Wash: This pair definitely came out as...
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