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Guys - I thought this is a pretty good price for pair of New Darron 803W:   sz 28x32: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Darron-803W-Diesel-Jeans-Designer-Blue-Men-New-Size-28-32-/330785098941?pt=US_CSA_MC_Jeans&hash=item4d04540cbd   sz 29x32: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Darron-803W-Diesel-Jeans-Designer-Blue-Men-New-Size-29-32-/330785099866?pt=US_CSA_MC_Jeans&hash=item4d0454105a
Ronlol - that's a fair statement... normally I'm a 28, but in 801A I got 29x30.  I've only got 1 wear into it so far and I expect it to stretch out little bit.  my Thanaz 887K in 29 is way tighter compare to this pair and it still hasn't stretched out after 4-5 wears... god dammit.
Shioner 74Y 28x30 for $160 I'd do it man...... that's my size too!!   Today wearing Shioner 801A w/ Ted Baker shooes and Uniqlo sweater.  J Crew shirt.           Pretty nice and unique wash this season...
  Agreed - tried on the Thavar 803U at Boston few days ago, in my size 28x30 and it was tight, but I could still squeeze in.  Not sure how much it'll loosen up after few wears tho.
Phukette - I tried the 804H for like 20 minutes at Boston and I didn't quite like it.... but maybe that's me.. dont size up its actually quite thin material and loose.
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.. very good quotes to learn. hahahaha!
Thanks Phukette!!!  unfortunately not.  I tried on many things tho.. I tried on pair of their grey coated jeans, loved it but it has this weird stitch at the knee and since its too long for me, the knees don't line up..  I tried on few of their sweaters, leather & wool jackets and loved it... but they were all few hundreds and w/ the recent news I am limiting myself..   but now I know their stuff is extremely nice... once I am able to save up again I'll splurg on them!
Leaving Boston now... Quite upset at the selections of Boston Diesel Store.. But did manage to pick up Shioner 801A again in proper size.... Also got some Oakley duffle... My gf got the engagement ring.. So she's happy Oh went to All Saints shop on Newbury and I keep thinking about you Phukette, it's such an amazing store.
You would have to buy them at flagship stores I believe.. NYC was carrying it for USA version.. in HK the store in Central has them, I saw them before.. pretty epic too but in HK just not worth $400+
Looking good Levislad...   Autodafe - heading to Boston tonight for the weekend!! thinking to propose tomorrow night! super nervous.. but Diesel store saturday to hopefully ease off some tension :)   Marcus - I think Shioner 74Y is pretty nice, depends if you like the circles on the side, also its not pre wrinkled.  I quited liked it however did not end up buying it.. denim is fairly thick.  I think forum doesn't really dig the wash that much tho..   Today...
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