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Really? that's good to know!!! super tempting.. how do you like yours Raj?
Ha @ Marometa - No it doesn't run on Diesel or Diesel jeans.. dammit..
Man Yoox now has these but w/ 34L... should I buy it and hem it short??? I'll loose the details of the hem at the bottom and also the honeycombs behind the knee will be off... what do you guys think??? and its not entirely cheap.. spend $200 on a pair that I need to hem and devalue them??
grrrrrr.. had to fix my car's wheel bearings this as its making this disgusting humming sound... bought a new wheel bearing.. $450 gone.   
oh i've been looking for a leather shirt!!! it looks awesome man!!!!
Gotta Say - They are pretty nice and unique!!!!
those are nice sizes!!!!!  well some guy i believe trying to sell his 28x32 Thavar 801c for about 80GBP but no hits yet I don't think.... but Good luck w/ the sale!! man if I didn't have to do my wedding stuff I'd be all over it.
Just told my fiance that if we have baby our baby will be wearing those baby jeans..... she just looked at me. 
Okay between 810x and 813L exclusive.. i think it comes down to your current collection and how unique you want to be.  To me I think 813L will have more wear, as its more 'standard' blue jean.. its beautiful and you can most likely wear it to many events and outings.   where 810x is more like a unique fan based wash.. some will like it some won't.  I like them only cuz its rare.  How often can you see striped jeans looking this nice!? hahaha   Also do you have...
your pair has lot more 3D wrinkles than ones i saw at the store!! awesome pair of Krooleys.   those Braddom 811k is nice too! so they're orange inside the jean?
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