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I would totally love to buy this...... I'm gonna try to sell my 887K first in same 29x30 (actual length 29x31).. then I can have the funds..   is this still available?
Drumedge - I have tepphar 884M and yah they are supre comfreee... just like jogg jeans pretty much.. but somehow jogg jeans just sounds sexier.   Yah Thavar fits weird on me, the thighs are tight, ass gets loose after few wears.. its okay but I like my carrot fits on me.. tepphar, braddom, Nudies Grim Tim & Thin Finn.. etc etc.
the ted baker shoes and suit is gangster.... I'm still hunting shoes for my wedding creeping up in August..... and those trap boots are epic...
epic.... thanks for this.. I'm looking to redo my 8PN, 888P, 803W, 886B and many more....  is there a formula for starch/water ratio??
yah man, i dont have krooley wash yet and would like to get one... I find thavar's dont fit me as well as braddom, tepphar or shioner.. krooley is more casual chill i dont get a fxxxk feel look. just can't decide between old school 8i2 at 1/3 the price or 811p new and blue eyecon....
I was at the Paris Outlet close to Disney Land, its got decent selection, mainly non MII jeans but does have good collection of leathers when I was there.   The North Premium Outlet in Las Vegas USA is decent too.  very similar quality items to Paris location.   Hong Kong outlet by Aberdeen sucks.  all really old styles w/ really big sizes... its also very small as most HK stores are and its located in a building that's difficult to find.
Epic!!! funny you mentioned Krooley 811P, I was just thinking that same thing the other day...  then I came accross an old 2010 pair, Krooley 8i2 that sorta looks similar but 1/3 the price.. what to do what to do ...
Cannot compare w/ Aahz's photos.. Here's me in a Braddom 888P, doing a photoshoot at a condo that's near completion.  All the lighting set up was in the room I was shooting.  
@denimneverdies - hahah I hear ya, but new ones are always fun too.. just think of it this way; you get the joy of the hunt!!!   @karacho - you read my mind...  but same time confuses me more!! hahaha.. debating between krooley or shioner in this 880w cut... both avalable on flee bay right now...    I'm wearing my 881w now!!!!       I also bought 68z finally, can't wait to get it!!!
I was just actually reviewing the 880W... is it similar to 881W you guys think??
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