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damn that jean jacket is probably one of the best Juzicon washes out there.....   inspired by Karacho, pulled out and wearing the Tepphar 881W today.  
yah they used to be cheaper tho... w/ heavy discounts but I guess that's only an introductory offer! but yah they're great!!
    oh!! i thought this one is also Tepphar 602S.. but of course I could be wrong!!  I just notice the same electric blue stitching matching the Safado 602S
Denimneverdies - i think the Shioner is a much better fit on ya compare to the Zatiny!
there's a Tepphar 602s right?? I like that one!
hahahaha like seriously, that outfit sorta looks like those really cool vampires hanging out at those mansions sipping blood wines..
Dieselolic are you sure you're not a model??  man those wax coated jeans are dope.
I Love snow!!!  and I love the 881w.. I realized I haven't worn mine for sometime.. need to pull them back out!
to me, 811p is ultra cool not because of the electric blue and the thigh fading..  to me its the white color inside the jeans similar to their color exposure campaign and the rust color tint/cast thats above the jean fabric that's super cool...
damn man... everyones looking so slick... the diesel couple, all black stealth gear.. nice guys....   back to the office today, wearing my nudies.  they are not as slim fitting as my Diesels.. i'd have to say Grim Tim's fit closer to Braddoms..      but they are really comforable as you would expect from looser jeans.
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