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Aramis - those are Grim Tims?? man they fit you well!
I agree man free rad.. Let see you in some Braddom's?  but no need to be adventurous; cuz you dominate Vikers. 
Thanks DA!!! 888p is already part of my collection.... I'm missing an electric blue tho.. so either 801c or 811p next!!  had a chnce to buy 811p thavar for $160 but missed out.. next time!
74K is epic; but its fitting is somewhat questionable.   Do a quick search you'll see that they are amazing.  I love the fading and japanese denim look a like material.  The green and blue splashes are actually sewn on, only the white splashes are actual paint splashes.   I sized up on this pair so waist is little loose but little reading you'll see this pair fits weird. its quite tight in the thigh and below knees.  happy hunting!  in my opinion these are all must...
maybe I'm getting old but here's my purchases for jeans in July...     Krooley 800D Jogg jeans Thavar 8x2 Thavar 801D cream Shioner 805A Thanaz 74k.   I know these are all older but I do still like these more than newer season ones.. not to mention its heck lot cheaper than current season jeans =)  
whoa!!! so much nicer!! so just wet cloth and wipe the shoes down to remove the white fading?!????? or dry cloth??
wow! Shioner 813S new, 29x30 for $65!??!?   http://www.ebay.com/itm/NWT-Mens-Diesel-Shioner-Jeans-29Wx30L-/290949944305?pt=US_CSA_MC_Jeans&hash=item43bdf7d3f1   do it!
@Mattias - at least 20-30% off.. since its not latest season just give him your best offer and he'll sell if he can!
yah he's been posting on this forum offering sales on best offere price etc etc.. check him out.
okies, yah 29's are perfect now so they will stretch to be too big.. i hope i didn't make wrong decision on getting them 28s!
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