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Thanks Guys!! haha Lee I would love to wear it w/ no belt but this pair is a bit loose.. so not a lot of choices.. however if I wear it w/ t shirt i'll rock it beltless!!!  pls post more 880i =)
quiet in here today!!!  I recently bought Tepphar 68z and 887v.. i hope they both turn out well.. all in size 29 so hopefully its not too big.....   today wearing my Tepphar 881w... still debating if this is "similar" to 880w.. Karacho had sent difference but I feel the pair i have is more blue .. hahaha. decisions decisions..  
Hehehe I'm just pulling your leg!!! the 880i looks great on you!!!!
Lee I feel missing out man.. do my Tepphar 880R don't match your standards???
Awesome comparison Lee!!!   Thanks Levislad - well said.. thanks man.. I'm just in the fence about grabbing a 887v right now at an online Diesel outlet store located in Montreal Canada.. they are selling it for $180ish...
Karacho that's so awesome.. I've been collecting and putting away some hall of fame jeans I used to love but now is either destroyed or out of style.. I shall hang them up once we move to a bigger place later this year after the wedding...   but in the mean time I just hang my jeans in the Ikea pax hanging system.  
is it safe to say 880i is the cleaner, lighter blue version of the Tepphar 887v???
I think they look great.... but not sure about the square toe shoes tho.. match them w/ pair of more rounded ones for modern sleek look!
Ramirez - That pair looks great man.. hope you didn't really do some serious wood work w/ them.. although if you did it will sure give it some awesome character..   Today wearing Tepphar 880R.    
Hello - thanks for asking.. they worked out great.. but its not crisp like a brand new pair.. maybe just the starch i got isn't strong?  I've done the same thing to my Thavar 886b last night.. its still drying.  I actually took out my blow dryer and blew at it for a bit to maybe help make it harden...    I should really get my 8PK hemmed to 30L... 32L is just tad too much stack..
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