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I checked out my 8ML Excess, none of the buttons have the little D and tags doesn't have any indian head.... it has a really small microstitching and all the other tags w/ it... i think the buyer is just not familiar w/ DBG jeans.
First wear on the Braddom 887D, 28x30 today... I find w/ the pre stacking I should of maybe got 32L.. but this is nice too; I probably need new shoes and tops to match this pair.. dammit.     The herribone is so subtle you cannot really tell while wearing; however what's super cool is that I notice even the Herribones on the seams are lined up properly and continues on!! now that's attention to detail.   
I have a pair of Excess I got from another member here too.. they look and feel authentic to me. I can compare later.  But Aahz has few pairs of DBG too who can probably help too!
oh 881z's 32L is definitely shorter than 888P.   for 888P i had to hem mine about an inch off and then the pre stacking is still gangster, where 881z's 32L is just perfect without needing to hem anything.  I am not sure if its my pair but 881z's inseam definitely seems shorter.
Hello - finally got a chance to try the new jeans i got.  Here's some new photos.  Very thick denim, but the 34L is just a bit too long for me, I'll need to get it hemmed..  I still love my diesel jeans but I haven't truly seen a pair of Diesels that's very thick selvage japanese denim and faded this way. (of course I could be wrong).  Here's the photos.          
Hello - i got both 881z and 888p in 28x32.  They both fit very similar to each other.  but 881z originally is more stiff so harder to button up.    i would take same size as your 881z.  good luck!
Honestly 811p or 801c or are they quite different against each other?
Hahahahahahaha OMG!!!! Dieselolic vs Dieselicious.... Got it mixed up crap! Hahaha
Hahahahahahahahahaha got mixed up between dieselicious and dieselholic!! Crap!
No mines these ones...http://www.cultizm.com/product_info.php?info=p2557_Nudie-Jeans-Grim-Tim-Organic-Used-Selvage.htmlNormally I am a 28 in Diesel but I got 30 in Grim Tim.. I haven't tried it on yet as I am away this weekend but I will let you know tomorrow!!! Typically nudies fit true to size.. I think you would need to get 30 or 31 if you wear 29 Thavar...
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