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went to a Diesel outlet sale happening this weekend, these guys came from Montreal.  maybe Diesel distribution headquarters?  anyhow only notable jean to mention available is Tepphar 881w, for about $90.  they have bunch of other things for $10-$20 which is pretty crazy deal...  I got the Ms pair of diesel jean shorts for $10 and DBG t-shirt for $20.   I myself picked up Leather jacket ($156) and jean jacket ($90).  The leather jacket is apparently an Amsterdam...
BiaZed - I'm thinking Shioner.
Aahz those raw's are damn nice.. you look like you're doing some sort of dessert fashion shoot out there.. keep it up...   today wearing still one of my favorite pair.. Braddom 881z.  worn w/ red sweater white button down shirt underneath and my trustee uniqlo cotton blazer.  
Thank you Lorna - it completely help a lot.. I was looking at some Rag & Bone jeggings for her too and was thinking some Nudies for jeans like you said.  This really helped. will look at some skinzee as well!!!
Lorna - I've been revamping my fiance's jean collection and looking at Nudie tight long john's for her.. how do you compare the Skinzee vs tight long johns???   Aahz - just noticed was that a Mamiya medium format camera you're holding on the tripod?
Beautiful!! Nice job on the photo stitch.  You using autopana pro?
hello!! got some jeans off eBay before too (braddom 887D latest) !! now i'm looking for Tepphar 68z.  I think you have W27 and W29.. I'm normally a W28... what do I do?? size up or size down!?? :(
I think another member was selling it.  Be sure to size down on these, they do stretch out a lot similar to my Tepphar 884M.
I'm gonna be doing this to my shioner 8PN this year.. thanks for this!!  For the starch solution is there amount of Starch vs Water mix ratio to use??
Looking good guys.. I need to install a full size mirror in my cube so I can take full body of myself..  today wearing Tepphar 804K.  
New Posts  All Forums: