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Thanks for the hotos Dieseholic!!!! I'm still waiting for your new Thanaz used blue you got at cultizm.. can't wait!  I just got my nudies so waiting to do some comparsion.  thanks!
Picked up the Nudies organic used Selvage jeans today.  these are beautiful.  Thick 13.5oz japanese selvage denim, washed countless times to get the wear with all manual abrasions.  very cool.  Jean retails $500, now going for $350 at Cultizm, picked it up on eBay for $200.  can't wait to try them on.  
i say stretch out like any other normal pair of jeans..  I guess if you like the tight ass look then maybe size down? i just worry the thigh will be too tight for you.   But if you like the bummy saggy i dont give a fxxxxxxk look then even after stretched out it still looks really good.
I think that's the Thavar 809N that dieselholic got.
I have 886B in 28x30, initially first i got them is tight, and yes they stretch in the ass/waist area.. the thighs remained tight... if you get a 27 your tigh may be skin tight.. hard to go up and down stairs.
  There has already been discussions and threads about this before.  Please do a search and read on, prepare a bag of popcorn and pop...  we're just answering redundant questions now.  Please do some research on here too. Lots of information on here with fit pix and all..
dieseholic that jacket is beautiful... how much did it set you back?
Karacho I need more hints on how to wear my new 887D! haven't rocked them out yet!!! i feel like I have no shoes to match them or shirts etc etc!
oh these are Japan Blue jeans!!  I've always to know how they fit.. cultizm photos always look little more baggy.  Do you think the back pocket are too big sorta or just right?   man these are cool!  I'm still fading out my Nudie thin finn but they are not heavy denim so I'm thinking to grab another pair of selvage thicker one.... this would be a great alternative!
Aahz they look amazing man... do you know the specs of the material?  are they selvage denim (or japanese selvage?) and how heavy are they??
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