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try them at stores first - notice the yoke is triangle shaped and for me it fits weird cuz of that part where the seams join it sticks out pointy so it looks awkward.   i would size up 1 from your diesels for these.  I normally wear 28's and although I could fit 28's in them due to their stretch but they look like leggins.
Karacho is back!
 Quick question to Karacho and Glorious - and everyone else who hangs their denim. As I am building my little denim gallery in my study, I am wondering does your jeans stretch out more when you hang them up 1 of the belt loops and let it flow down like in retail stores??? does it get stretched out weird cuz of hanging?? right now i just hang my jeans folded half.. i'm thinking asethetics for my denim wall but also care about not wrecking how they fit.. any suggestions...
Blinker - they are completely different jeans in my opinion... the nudies tape ted have stretch in them since they skinny.. they will fit similar to tight long johns except the yoke and waist height is different..   tape ted also depends on its wash.  are you looking to get the grey embo?   i had such high hopes on tape ted, but they just don't fit me right.  the yoke stich just looks weird on me... annoying.   But Roger is correct - nudies you need to size up 1. ...
Dieselolic I hope the Shioner 817H will come w/ some of your coolness mojo that I hope to inherit!
Yah I tried on those Thavar jogg's before.. but I tend to like Joggs w/ the draw strings.. the new Thavar's do not and like Leftvapor said they do actually feel more like jeans and its thinner and not equally soft like some other older joggs...
Thanks Dieselicious - you just helped me spend another $160+$11.25!!!!!! god dammit.. i had to try. otherwise i'm shipping it to Japan and selling it there.. or something.. hahahaha.
@ iPaul - sorry I get distracted by the awesome alien/predator skulls in the background.... the jeans look great but those skulls look more bad ass.
no; i would probably buy to put them in wall art for the denim gallery i'm building in my home.... but the wife may think she married someone crazy...   my heart is broken btw..... why do i have to be so fat?? Excess 8BT doesnt fit me.. I have to fit into excess 8BT; must loose weight....
Hows the sizing on that pair???? I'm 28 in thavar or shioner or tepphar, will 27 fit me?? I think I read somewhere Baltimore said to buy REAL waist size so like size up from normal diesel sizes.. any suggestions??
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