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I love the expression too!! So dark ... Still in Taiwan.. Wearing my nudies today.... Man I think people here get ripped off.. Pair of diesel Jeans is ~$520CAD a pair and they are all old FW collection...
Both pairs are sexy!!
Should I get a pair of 888p Thavar?? Hmmmm my Braddom stretched...
Just catching up!! Sorry I am in Asia right now so haven't had time to catch up!! Will pop on here and there when I get wifi!!!
Thanks guys.. yah they are supre tight by the calfs and my fiance just laughs at me... I guess I'll keep looking.  I like the Krooley jogg more but they didn't have nice cheaper wash.. only the expensive one that looks like 74Y... I guess I'll hold off!
damn guys.. what do you guys think of this pair of Tepphar Jog jeans????            my initial thoughts is like these are tight like a girls jeggings.. but then they are damn comfortable... its literally sweat pants.  do these stretch out much??  they are $132+tax so I wasn't sure... what do you guys think?
Welcome Hawk..... diesel_jeans_1978 makes lot of good money from us!!!!! hehehe
hahaha OMG can't believe you look so wicked even w/ heavy tools taking down the wall.... hahaha.. awesome..   the light is great!! i'd do little post edit to tone down the highlights though, or adjust the strobe at camera left down by 1/3 stop... but fixing it in Post is easier.  I find you look tad to pale but it could just be my monitor.   but compare to the fit pix i take of myself w/ my phone, your photos are like 100x better. keep it up!!!
Thanks Guys!!!!!   Aahz - if I had those Japan Blue's thick, selvage denim, i'd try to rock them daily.  I do see they stretch out a tiny bit eh except the butt!! but they look great.   how you like them compare to the other RAW pair you have that I loved... crap can't remember the name anymore.. you rocked it w/ double denim look. 
880R is soft and stretchy, very comfortable.  I'd totally get one if you do not.  Great comment on the 8PN vs 880M.  I was also thinking about the 880M but screw it.. 8PN is good enough.  I do however want to try to add the 3D stacking at the hem back as mine didn't have it when I first got it.   realdealornot - those 888P are sick!!!! I haven't worn mine since winter started.. will bust them out in Spring..   today wearing first wear of Tepphar...
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