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xmbeckham - that's the nicest 803s photos I've seen.. got any from outside in the light??  I saw one got sold on eBay for about $80.. should of picked it up.  I think Diesel online store they are now $130 brand new or something.. that's really good for pair of MII jeans..   the 801D is going through my acupuncture stacking treatment right now.     lol.
Damn DA, no didn't size down... The waist is already a bit loose but thighs is just right.. Common Thavar issue I have... But I plan to wear these summer in the sun with flip flops or boat shoes or whatever.. Hopefully it will go!! Thanks Drumedge!!
The sweater does look really comfeee..   today picked up Thavar 801D in beige.  Figured I probably can't pull off the salmon pink, so give beige a try.    
Today wearing Braddom 888P.  
The Purchase of 75G makes me want to look at Shioner 74y.... grrr.
Hello - I have Thavar 886B in 28x30... thinking to get Tepphar 807D as replacement. are you interested?   also you still got the Thavar 811p in 28x30 for sale?   Cheers
Thanks guys!! Hey that Fanker looks great! Nice wash too!
Nice guys - today wearing Shioner 801A  
audit30 - damn man, hows those darron 809v fit?? i'm thinking to pick one up!
Tepphar 807D is pretty nice.. its subtle... at the store i saw the sales guy wearing it w/ suspenders and a simple shirt.. the hems were rolled up and wearing some simple funky thin boots.. its really cool outfit.
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