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Agreed Phukette - the Tepphar 602S does look very juicy...  but then again you have all the nice SS2012 pieces already (807c, 811p)..
Karacho - I think the boots have awesome color.. but the style is very very fashionable.  I see either super skinny models or hair dressers or other fashion bloggers may rock these w/ MC hammer pants or something... but I dont know if they fit your style w/ the jeans..... You know what I mean?
thanks guys!!   Lee - looking forward to seeing some more fit pix!! especially your awesome 888P.   Zooropau - I think they fit fine... you're making me want to keep my 887K that I listed few days back!!
Nice Fit guys!!!!  today wearing Shioner 801A  
  wow!! both pairs fit great on you.  The Krooley's butt sags a bit more compared to the Thavar fit.  they are suppose to give different look.  Thavar's to me can dress up a bit more.  Krooley is more of a casual bum lounge around look.  Great for those summer days w/ t shirts and flip flops.  Hope this makes sense.   w/ USA Diesel having 30% sale, I'm also faced w/ Thavar 811P or Krooley 811P.  my 886B Thavar is okay.. but not 'great'.. i dont know which one to pick.
does this work?   http://store.diesel.com/us/men/denim/denim
Damn right, started today, going for 5 days.. just log in..  this works for USA site not sure about other regions.
Hmmmmmmmmm  w/ Diesel now having their 30% off sale, Krooley or Thavar 811p is a bit more affordable to me....   Phukette - did you size down on these Krooley 811P??  I tried few 28's in Krooley they fit nice but they may stretch like 801N.. would you recommend getting my normal size 28x30 or size down to 27x30???  thanks in Advance!!
haha thanks.. but i should mention none of these photos are mine.. all grab from internet... First pair I think is also Ruky, but same 8i2 wash... I'm just comparing between the two as i see lots of similarities...... and subtle differences... but 1/3 the price!
Hi Guys - I need some help.. I want a Pair of Krooley's so was thinking like 880w classix or get the newer 811P. upon more looking around I came accross Krooley 8i2..  to me, the photos between 811p vs 8i2 is 'similar'.. anyone had a 8i2 and can comment?? here's some photo comparasions.   Krooley 811P:   now, Krooley 8i2         I can see subtle differences but its 'similar'... what do you guys think? or is it just me being cheap...?
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