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  I think the guy just posted 2 new Thanaz washes, 813z and 816L..      but damn man this season there's a few that's really nice.. to me its all upgrades of previous wash.. i think I would of liked the new 816K instead of 68z i just bought... the 816H really does look like a super beefed up version of 801a... but I prefer Shioner cut over Iakop or Braddom...    bottom line.. I can't wait to see some of these new washes at stores!
Yah I've been wanting a pair of Jogg.. maybe I'll wait for this one to see if it fits me...   but the 603z blue eyecon looks really sweet too.. it almost looks like contrasty 887v and 68z had off spring and bam 603z...     anyone know how Krayver fits?? this pair looks quite nice too. Krayver 818I
  its a bitter truth I have to swallow... so hard........ and this forum w/ all the cool new jeans is not helping the temptation either..  and looks like FW13 is looking really sharp, and I still need to satisfy my craving for a pair of Jogg jeans.. crap man... hahaha.
yah that's one of the pairs I hope i can still get later this year!!!
Please do share some raw denim knowledge on the Diors when i'm ready, I would love to move into a pair of Diors sometime soon!!! hope you're doing well Jeanetic!
I am to blame - i bought the 29.. HAHAHAHA. sorry!!!     but if it makes you feel any better the pair i got spells like paint... i dont know if its suppose to smell like that so i been trying to air it out...  I'm normally a 28 but these 29's look and feel more baggy than i liked but its okay i'll rock it casual style.   I also bought the 887v 29's from him.. a very good variation of the 887v I'm really happy about it.. size up on those ones incase you want it so...
Thanks Phukette!! oh man that's what I'll definitely be trying to do... I'll let you know after August 10th! ha!!   DA - those jeans look bad ass.. as for hemming I guess as long as the bottom stack doesn't buldge out like little bit on the photos then its fine..   but they look amazing as of now.   Today wearing the altered Viker 803w that turned into semi Thanaz fit.  
awesome buy guys - Ramirez - I like the black laces more!
yah.. he has 27 and 29.. but it just so i found another seller in Montreal that carries the 29 cheaper so I pulled the trigger there.. I bought 887D and some other pairs from James and he's amazing.  I want to get these new Superbia's that he just got but I got huge bills down the pipe so I must save....
Hello - welcome fellow Canadian! are you pissed about the Leafs? =)
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