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  here's a better photo to show the dirty markings....   Thanks Drumedge, the sag is really cool, its not as saggy as Krooley but it definitely reminds me of pair of super tight nicely worn in nudie Thin Finns.. the back pocket position is definitely lower than thanaz, thavar, tepphar, shioner.
yes!! When you see them on racks it looks like Krooley but damn try them on.. the 816B is amazing...   its like almost Tepphar but way cooler details and knee down is not as skinny as tepphars.. waist is similar..   I only have 1 pair of Krooley and I sized down 27x30 and it still fits bit looser than this Belther.
  I really like these...  again they are much darker than pictured.. also the dirty marks don't show as well, but in person you see distinct dirty fadings like Thavar 801D....
Hi Guys - everyone looking great!!!!   Today wearing my new Belther 816B and new Diesel sonora shirt and new Diesel Thor shoes...  the jeans are darker than pictured cuz of light and crappy iPhone photo...  
man what a great buy.. I tried them on at Seattle and San Fran and i love them.. but I can't afford full price right now.. god dammit.. the orange rust doesn't show well in photos but in person they are epic.
I agree - these could be worn looser fit similar to what I did w/ my tepphar 68z...  I tried on this pair at stores and its not too stiff like 888p or say 74k.. its stiff because its new, will soften after wear...   I tried my typicall size 28, didn't notice it being loose or what.. I'd get my regular size.. of course it all depends on your thighs!!!
I think you'll get the one that's rusty orange color.  its really nice.  I tried on pair of Thavar 811p 28x30 at Seattle Diesel store. its beautiful.. but couldn't buy that pairs full retail Plus Belther 816B... so will have to hunt for a pair.. I think you'll get the dirty one!
I have Belther 816B but never tried Iakop.  but pls refer to my other thread where I did mini review and posted some fit pix.  I still haven't been able to wear them out yet. but hoping wednesday is the day.
Thanks everyone for the kind words!!   Lee yah those thanaz are tight eh?  I do like the fit but I don't like the back pocket but that has nothing to do w/ ya!!!  Let see you in 888p!! its been too long =)
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