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Hello - well, there's a 28x30 on fleebay right now for $109 and no body is buying.. I'm thinking about it but its not a great deal for a pair of used jeans and 2-3 seasons old.       excellent comment... i think I will do this route too... question, would you guys do Shioner 880W or Krooley 880W?? I know Karacho has Krooley and you Shioner right??  I have 0 krooley cut now and 2 Shioner... what to do...
Picked up the spray starch and thought I give this a try .. few pairs I want to do, but first up is semi pre wrinkled Tepphar 8PK.  its still in drying process so no finished photo yet... but here's before and during process.   Before:     During:          I used some bobby pins to help hold the wrinkles in place while its drying.. we'll see how it turns out tmr!!!  
Grrrrrr... It's all good!!! Thanks!!!!
trying out new ways of taking photos, using calculators and stuff to hold the phone up.  Today wearing Braddom 887D.       Phukette those sand color jeans are cool man.. I was thinking to pick up a pair of those as the color scheme are coming more and more popular!  BUT I especially love the HAT and your expression!!!!
I dont think you should get a 32... the 31x30 looks great man.
Agreed Phukette - the Tepphar 602S does look very juicy...  but then again you have all the nice SS2012 pieces already (807c, 811p)..
Karacho - I think the boots have awesome color.. but the style is very very fashionable.  I see either super skinny models or hair dressers or other fashion bloggers may rock these w/ MC hammer pants or something... but I dont know if they fit your style w/ the jeans..... You know what I mean?
thanks guys!!   Lee - looking forward to seeing some more fit pix!! especially your awesome 888P.   Zooropau - I think they fit fine... you're making me want to keep my 887K that I listed few days back!!
Nice Fit guys!!!!  today wearing Shioner 801A  
  wow!! both pairs fit great on you.  The Krooley's butt sags a bit more compared to the Thavar fit.  they are suppose to give different look.  Thavar's to me can dress up a bit more.  Krooley is more of a casual bum lounge around look.  Great for those summer days w/ t shirts and flip flops.  Hope this makes sense.   w/ USA Diesel having 30% sale, I'm also faced w/ Thavar 811P or Krooley 811P.  my 886B Thavar is okay.. but not 'great'.. i dont know which one to pick.
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