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yah man they look excellent on ya!!!
Shlomi - i think they look great!!!!! did you get your usual size for this shioner 817h?  I personally think it looks better on you than on me!
This one is 29x30... Shioner is still tricky to me.  I fit 28x32, but not 28x30.  so when its 30L, I normally get it in 29s.   This pair however, is very tiny tiny tiny bit looser than my 74Y and 801A both in 29x30L..  I think I could of squeezed myself in the 28x30 in this one but probably won't be as comfortable as this.  worst case I'll slap on a belt.  Basically this pair fits the strected out worn feel of my 74Y and 801A.  but this is new.
Not going to be nearly as nice as Dieselolic's fit pix but here's a pair of Shioner 817H I bought off him!  Thanks again!!!  
994 - I saw your innovation during your first post thus I left what I left... i outta try that.
yah I want to give sleeker a try.. I still like how Belther fit on me if they could get some cool washes out...
Very interesting... it looks messy but yet organized.. awesome!
try them at stores first - notice the yoke is triangle shaped and for me it fits weird cuz of that part where the seams join it sticks out pointy so it looks awkward.   i would size up 1 from your diesels for these.  I normally wear 28's and although I could fit 28's in them due to their stretch but they look like leggins.
Karacho is back!
 Quick question to Karacho and Glorious - and everyone else who hangs their denim. As I am building my little denim gallery in my study, I am wondering does your jeans stretch out more when you hang them up 1 of the belt loops and let it flow down like in retail stores??? does it get stretched out weird cuz of hanging?? right now i just hang my jeans folded half.. i'm thinking asethetics for my denim wall but also care about not wrecking how they fit.. any suggestions...
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