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Picked the legendary DBG Exess 8BT... trying to loosen them up a touch i am about 0.5-1" tighter than wanted... but I think it'll loosen.   I must say - this pair is everything what people have claim it to be.  the fading is very authentic and matches one of the worn out raw denim.  The paint splashes are subtal but its done very tastefully.  The blue is mixed with many colors when you see it under sun light the jeans just bam.   the fit is truly amazing (other than me...
Hi - I think it also depends on the Length - if you get L30 i say get 29x30 in 805A.  I regret not getting it and got 28x30 and its tight.. i still manage to fit it but you will notice the wasit sits a bit lower than how Shioner's suppose to fit.  Thus if you bend forward your plumber's butt clevage will be showing.   I also have Shioner 817H 29x30, so I understand its a bit looser than average.  But 805A is stiff & thick so I still recommend go w/ 29.
Great Buy Audit30!!!! I really do love my shioner 817H as well... the 816K is nice and tempting but they are sorta 'similar' to spend another $200-$250 on it.. booo :(
very nice~~~ I'm glad it got to you safely.  lets see some fit pix!!!
very  nice - you should post more tho.. only 3 posts since 2010!! hahaha..   but i do notice these don't stack well eh?? it looks similar to like 74Y where it doesn't really stack properly due to the thickness make up of the denim.
Shlomi - damn you skinny..... Phukette - I never considered 813w but now you honestly changed my mind!! Man that pair looks great on ya...
Great buy guys!!! Wait phukette wasn't your first pair of tepphar 804k?? Sorry if I am mistaken!
yah man they look excellent on ya!!!
Shlomi - i think they look great!!!!! did you get your usual size for this shioner 817h?  I personally think it looks better on you than on me!
This one is 29x30... Shioner is still tricky to me.  I fit 28x32, but not 28x30.  so when its 30L, I normally get it in 29s.   This pair however, is very tiny tiny tiny bit looser than my 74Y and 801A both in 29x30L..  I think I could of squeezed myself in the 28x30 in this one but probably won't be as comfortable as this.  worst case I'll slap on a belt.  Basically this pair fits the strected out worn feel of my 74Y and 801A.  but this is new.
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