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Very nice Phukette..... Had my engagement shoot today... Drove down to Seattle. So my final selection of jeans that made the shoot was Thanaz 887k and Braddom 887D.. Brought Tepphar 68z as well but didn't match the environment.. Will post when I can!!!!
yah freerad - they are probably too old now off season.... i've seen chicks version too.. quite nice but the fiance dislike.
thanks guys - the boots are Geox boots I got in Paris last August.... one of the best but I think the stupid holes don't vent.
  I agree w/ you.. that's why I'm actually thinking of Belther 816B and maybe get a pair of Thavar 801D in Salmon color... love the dirtyness of 801D and pink?? hahaha only the brave!
I do like it.. but w/ the side rip like that too similar to my 68z.....
darn it... of course the Sonora on eBay is cheaper.. haha i was looking at the dark denim one.  I know the nudie one is better quality but I also not sure if i want the 'thicker' denim as a shirt.. you know what i mean?   grrrrrr.   Today wearing my Braddom 881z.  still no sun yet so unable to rock out the 888p yet.  
i really do want a pair of joggs.... but just really hurts to spend a few for sweat pants.. :(
Interesting - they appear to be different pair..  Notice the back pocket is different between ASOS and Diesel site?  ASOS one is nicer.
oh man Ramirez - you got both denim shirts I was considering. a Sonora or Nudie.... I know they are different but do you find the Sonora shirt the chest pocket is sorta small so looks weird??/ I haven't seen the actual shirt yet I'm just judging by internet photos.
Brave-Man - i would probably look at 68z first over 602s.  Yes its true 602s is new and everything but 68z is more unique and also gives you "similar" yellow/greenish hue and color ton.  plus 68z has wicked rips. - and its a heck lot cheaper.  a Montreal seller has few sizes and is letting them go at $150cad.
New Posts  All Forums: