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Aahz - I think overall the jacket fit according to most people on the streets.. but like Dieselholic said, it depends on how tight you want these to be.  I do see the sleeves are about 0.5-1" longer and sleeves is a bit wider.  but that could very much be the design of the jacket itself.   I think the jacket is only rated B to the looks for me...
Aahz I think my favorite outfit of you were a while back when you rocked the raw denim w/ that diesel denim jacket.... maybe it was Excess NT?
I found my 8ML quality very good, slightly thicker denim, and not stretchy.  The thighs for me fit pretty much like Thavar, its tight but not uncomfortable, however going up stairs is challenging since they dont give out on the stretch department...
  yah I recall you were unloading your 29's... so you decided to keep them?? Normally i'm a 28, should I size down on these? dont want to spend $350 for wrong size!! man its still so pricy this eBay seller won't budge on price.
Leftvapor - man those shoes w/ Tepphar are a match made in heaven.... damn nice.
damn Lee.... better not spill any sauces on them!  but they look great tho....   I ordered the Braddom 881z from YOOX and its current from European warehouse to USA distribution, then ship to me.. I hope I get it soon...    Also bought a pair of altered Viker 803W but legs taper like thanaz... then according to Phukette I'll have most of the cool blue eyecon's, except 805A..  Aramis why are you returning yours??
We all pay for the love of our Jeans... I'm thinking on a pair of 887D 28x30 right now from UK eBay and seller wants like 189Pounds........ plus 18pounds to ship..
    that's what I thought too, but then 885B isn't MII is it?? the photo in YOOX looks like MII..
Lee, awesome purchase man!!!  where and how much did you end up damaging your wallet for this awesome pair?
Karacho - I guess which phone are you using at the moment?  I came from iPhone 4 w/ broken home button so overall its VERY fast.  BUT, since iOS6 is supported w/ iPhone 4 as well I do not feel like much of a NEW phone for me.  I was able to move all the app and everything over effortlessly.  the larger 4" screen is okay.. lot of apps still dont have the 4" screen utilized yet so when you open them, its actually only using 3.5" of the screen space.  This includes the...
New Posts  All Forums: