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Yah James @stylecentre has them.  
 I think James at Stylecenter has your size.. 30x32.
I have 881w, got my usual size, and after few wears they will stretch.  but zdenal is right about below knee it is tight, like how normal tepphars fit tho...  because denim is stretchy and comfortable they are much better than older tepphars like 8PK. tight and not stretch.
Very nice outfits everyone!
I know!! And I am taking your advice so I am still torn. But I think I am gonna give the PRPS fury a try on cultizm. And then wait for more sales later in the season. I just picked up an army green belther 816b and thavar 821b dark black coated version so quite looking forward to that.
Payment Sent!! thank you very much!  can't wait to grab these!
hi there -   i can't tell from my stupid computer screen, are you selling the green one or the beige khaki one?
yah 8sv is great, it was during the time i wasn't following Diesel religiously...   Today wearing my 8BT.. i still got to say this pair is still one pair I own that has amazing wash and most details.  
wow!!! its like Tepphar jogg 811w that I wanted, which looked like old school Zathan 710 wash!!  I'm gonna check it out!   Diesel USA is having 30% off sale now.... debating between 840x or 839b w/ 32L tho...
 Thanks!!  I found a 28 on eBay and paid $131cad shipped.. I'll give it a try!!!! i think this pair must be really rare, never seen it before in person or most places online!
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