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 yup the Level jacket arrived; I quite like them; the exposed w/ black framed zipper took sometime to get used to; but I think its pretty damn nice w/ the two tone.. something different; I snoozed on the sale, couldn't decide what to get and now they are all sold out... dammit.
doesn't this wash also come in Belther!?? would Belther one maybe be better?
Hahahahahaha thanks!!!! So guess some Nudie selvage ones instead of red thread it's orange ...
I think 817h and 816k probably didn't do particularly well, so I think there's a good possibility you'll get yours at YOOX!
 go a few pages back and you see see DieselBoy's photos he took at the store.. has limited edition at the waist like some other pairs in the pas.t
pretty sure its the way it was dyed.. Nudie selvage denim uses those terms too like orange cast slevage dye etc... the honeycombs most likely would be the wrinkles behind the knees.
i think maybe its heavier denim, maybe selvage? but to me it looks like over priced Nudie lab collection jeans...
on Instagram it seems like Nicola signed on to be w/ Diesel for another 5 yrs...
very nice guys!!
@Hawk nice 830K!!! waiting to get mine too. hopefully soon!   did you get your usual size and everything fits fine??
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