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Just keep them.  Jeans are not fine wine or art.  you would only get < $150 for your pair.
yah James at stylecenter carries some great jeans if you missed them in the season...
saw your jeans on marketplace... great price... gonna hafto check them out at the stores first to try them on since I'm a strict 30L. too bad that Belther isn't 30L.
Good Buy Weenie, saw them at the store.  The wash is very nice.  Just not sure about the cut I didn't try them on..... 
Yup - 881z is one of my favorites still!!!
GPoop and AIOR - great outfits.. i cannot wait till my 608T gets delivered!!!
yah so I was talking to the guy at Diesel and he said Buster is Safado with Viker upper block.  so its a bit more high raised.  I didn't try it on but I did see the washes, they are very nice....   @Dieselicious and @audit30 - I think 834F is more 829B in charcol grey version.  608T has a lot more black to them...  yes they have similarities as well but if we have to compare i think 834F is more closer to 829B in terms of fadings and distressing.
visiting HQ for work this week. got a chance to visit San Fran store.. has many jeans that Dieselboy786 posted.... finally got the see the limited edition selvage Thavar and the 834F... honestly I think 834F is pretty cool, its 829B in dark charcoal grey w/ hint of rust.. but I was able to compare it side by side w/ 608T.  They are unique in their own ways.. hard to tell which one is better.  But I have 608T coming and since 834F doesn't come in 30L then I'm out of luck on...
That is a great find.. good luck! there's 15% discount going on now too!
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