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 Thanks man!! I can't wait!!! BC bud is pretty good too but gonna check out what amsterdam has to offer too!!!!! I think tube tom is the most favorite.  I will try the lean dean too if I see them at the stores.  and Thanks for the pipe ted, I can imagine the tight thigh is for the new rock skater look similar to justin bieber's new look. LOL
super nice DA and phukette on the Nudies..... I'm thinking to grab a pair of plain black jeans too, debating between thin finn back 2 black or get a tube tom or try the new pipe led.  you guys know how pipe led fits?     I'm heading to Amsterdam in 2.5 weeks, will try to find a nudie store to try on them and also Denham.. 
Hi Guys - just stumbled across this brand of denim, have you guys have any experience w/ En Noir denim?   I was checking out the new Justin Bieber latest video and the jeans he was wearing in the video caught my eyes. they are so cool and few googles, show up to be En|Noir   http://ennoir.com/collections/bottoms   the 5 pocket distressed light denim.  The black one is also really cool...
diesel USA site is offering 20% off additional to the Sale items.. not bad!
What I did before was put some circular plastic bottles that will fit the leg opening, usually a 1L coke bottle or something like that.   then the jeans can crunch up nicely, spray the starch, and use the black pinch pins to hold the wrinkles in place.  that should work.  good luck!
I like the wash... but do you like that big hole patch?  if you like that look then I think the jeans are great.
I'd go w/ the Zathans... who knows, maybe boot cut will be back soon.
awesome photos Toulouz.   i love how the superbia fit on you!!!!!
great buys @yorick83 
yah me too I am just sorta in sleep mode as well.  Just been wearing shorts here in Vancouver BC or my jogg jeans.  I own a photography business and we do interior photo shoots and other real estate related projects.  so often I just wear my jogg jeans for the flexibility and comfort... its too difficult to wear a pair of say Shioner 74Y which is rigid to a shoot.  Oh another reason why i love my tepphar and sleenker stretchy denim.   but on the days off where there's no...
New Posts  All Forums: