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Yup - 881z is one of my favorites still!!!
GPoop and AIOR - great outfits.. i cannot wait till my 608T gets delivered!!!
yah so I was talking to the guy at Diesel and he said Buster is Safado with Viker upper block.  so its a bit more high raised.  I didn't try it on but I did see the washes, they are very nice....   @Dieselicious and @audit30 - I think 834F is more 829B in charcol grey version.  608T has a lot more black to them...  yes they have similarities as well but if we have to compare i think 834F is more closer to 829B in terms of fadings and distressing.
visiting HQ for work this week. got a chance to visit San Fran store.. has many jeans that Dieselboy786 posted.... finally got the see the limited edition selvage Thavar and the 834F... honestly I think 834F is pretty cool, its 829B in dark charcoal grey w/ hint of rust.. but I was able to compare it side by side w/ 608T.  They are unique in their own ways.. hard to tell which one is better.  But I have 608T coming and since 834F doesn't come in 30L then I'm out of luck on...
That is a great find.. good luck! there's 15% discount going on now too!
I am sold!!!!!!!!
great buys.. cha ching!!!!!
Thanks Karacho! I missed out on 8Y0, maybe here's my chance to redeem!
very cool - they are your own pair.. with distressings created by you.  shouldn't sell it.  like how Nudie Jeans says, its your second skin!
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