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look good man, now I want to grab a pair too on Cultizm... so this is Rambler cut, what's your usual Thavar size?
That's awesome read.. I can't wait to visit nyc again shortly when weather gets better over there!!!
 Thanks Shilomi and @Weenie!!!! hmmmm I got my usual Thavar size in 29, they are MII but have linen blend in them, so it feels sorta like a summer pants, but they do not wrinkle like the linen pants or shirts do.  However for fit wise, the butt is sorta like Thavar 886b, so they will look a bit saggy after wear, but not severe.  it adds to the look i think. As for thighs, its quite similar to Thavar, however knee down it is similar to the baggier Thavar like 608T, 833J or...
those socks are so cool!
maybe just the way we walk.. dammit.   giving the momotaro's a break.. today wearing my chi-dee in khaki... the holes are patched w/ dark blue denim,    
yah wow! i still remember the baby times w/ the baby diesels.....   do you find your thavar 600s, the leg seams twist when you wear them?  I wonder if that's just me..
Have you guys seen Thavar 821B in this color?  i thought 821b is the dirty brown but green rusty pair.  Why are these pairs darker.  is 821B same as 801D or 818v or 816b where there's multiple colors involved?   http://www.ebay.com/itm/DIESEL-THAVAR-0821B-821B-SIZE-29-LIMITED-EDITION-THANAZ-TEPPHAR-SLEENKER-/151625577953?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item234d96b5e1
those Thavar looks amazing man!
I know @pryv75!!!! but USA doesn't have 30L and since Canadian currency is so shit, the pair w/ proxy will be like $500!!
so funny!!! i was literally looking at pair of 8x2 as well last night!!!!!!!  i had 29x30 which i sold, so I was thinking to grab a pair of 28..... we all somehow thinking the same on here!
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