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yah great stuff Rebons and Dequinha... i dont know how you guys find the goods but keep doing it!!
darn it - missed the promo; does anyone have any valid codes right now? thinking to grab some shoes.
damn @Phukette your 666T photos really makes me reconsider them....  i'm just figuring out if they are similar color tone to my Tepphar 603n.... but damn that looks good.
  oh man those are nice... I have the croc leather vans but same color tone... why does 8x2 looks so good on you. so jealous.
the Chi Dee that I have are on sale guys - pretty cool pair of pants if you guys into it.  Made in Italy.   http://www.yoox.com/us/42396736HM/item?dept=denimmen#sts=sr_denimmen80&cod10=42396736HM&sizeId=   they fit like thavar, tight around thighs. linen blend.  the inseam is shorter around 30L strictly and great for summer rolled up hem look w/ flip flops or loafers.
How's sleenker 843Q vs Thavar jogg 600s??? trying to see if justify to have both!
Found mint condition 8x2 Thavar 29x32 for cheap.   http://www.ebay.com/itm/Diesel-Thavar-8x2-29-x-32-/301655582067?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item463c12e573
Guys - Just like all other diesel jeans, sizing of jogg jeans depends on which jogg jean cut and wash.  and jogg jeans do stretch out after wear just like denim.   I have thavar 600s and got 28, as my normal thavar size is 29.  but I could not fit Thavar jogg 609M in size 28. its tight as hell; so needed 30 in that.   Krooley jogg jeans varies in size too.  some are really tight around the calves, some are great.  600v for example fits great.   I have few pairs of...
i freaking hate Canada where there's no Diesel store for me to go check things out.  the department stores here was good but lately past 2 seasons they carried crap.   on side note, this jacket is pretty damn cool too in my opinion.. I already have the Bhonzer in rusted denim so this dark denim may add nicely   http://shop.diesel.com/jackets/j-gibson-d/00SK5S0BAJZ.html?dwvar_00SK5S0BAJZ_color=01#start=1
those cheap version of SLP ripped jeans looks pretty cool since a SLP one is so pricy... hmmmmm but its non MII   846K is on the bucket list!
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