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CLarsson - beautiful buy on both pairs!!!!!!
ohhh i c - okay i was actually thinking about this earlier this afternoon.  I guess 8BT is like taking greatness of many pairs and merge into one..  for all intents and purposes lets not include the fit (altho the fit is pretty damn amazing too).   Denim Thickness: I feel its tad thinner than Excess 8ML; but it feels very solid and rigid denim.  Very good quality. if I have to guess its a 11-12.5oz denim.  Its not selvage denim.   Wash: This pair definitely came out as...
Sanibeldude - where are you finding these??  I was under the impression they are harder to come by now since its an older pair with only 500 pairs made in Japan...   I say yes stick w/ your size... i'm barely squeezing in the 27's today and i think I can't feel my legs.
Thanks CLarsson - you're definitely on my #1 if i let these go~~~
looking good everyone - Good to see you back Lee.   today first wear on a DBG Excess 8BT I just picked up.. trying to stretch these out a bit since they're w27 and it feels just a tad tighter than my shioner 805A in 28.  i think they will stretch a little... *hopefully*     the quality is honestly pretty damn amazing.. and in sunlight you see mixtures of dark blue, faded blue, bronze gold and green fadings.. its magical.
yah 30% is back.... so tempted on some other new.... somehow I'm drawn to tepphar 603N.....
Picked the legendary DBG Exess 8BT... trying to loosen them up a touch i am about 0.5-1" tighter than wanted... but I think it'll loosen.   I must say - this pair is everything what people have claim it to be.  the fading is very authentic and matches one of the worn out raw denim.  The paint splashes are subtal but its done very tastefully.  The blue is mixed with many colors when you see it under sun light the jeans just bam.   the fit is truly amazing (other than me...
Hi - I think it also depends on the Length - if you get L30 i say get 29x30 in 805A.  I regret not getting it and got 28x30 and its tight.. i still manage to fit it but you will notice the wasit sits a bit lower than how Shioner's suppose to fit.  Thus if you bend forward your plumber's butt clevage will be showing.   I also have Shioner 817H 29x30, so I understand its a bit looser than average.  But 805A is stiff & thick so I still recommend go w/ 29.
Great Buy Audit30!!!! I really do love my shioner 817H as well... the 816K is nice and tempting but they are sorta 'similar' to spend another $200-$250 on it.. booo :(
very nice~~~ I'm glad it got to you safely.  lets see some fit pix!!!
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