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Aahz - as others have suggested mine is the Excess, so no seam accross the back pocket.  I personally think yours is cooler tho.  I also remember you have a pair of Excess NT w/ paint splashes like 74K but way cooler.. what pair is that one again and I would love to hunt that pair.
@ DA - great outfit on the 74K!!!!!!!  I sized up on mine, so waist is a bit loose, however knees down they fit well on me.  I guess i could of got away w/ same size since now my 29's I need to wear it w/ a loose belt to prevent it from sagging too much.   @ Phukette - that outfit w/ All Saints boots.. those boots are money! so nice.   @ Straychev - get them thavar's 806p for 90EUR. they look great!!   @ Baltimore - great buy on the DBG 8ML. I'm actually...
damn I have same pair of nudies and I definitely think they look much better on you than on me!
@ DA - hello, they are Diesel Sonora shirt... I got it for $100, i dont think they are worth $178+tax.. if you're okay w/ thicker denim shirts I'd look at Nudie denim shirts!
  Yup!!! got 28 and it fits perfect.. very comfortable and not tight.  The material is stretchy but i dont think it'll stretch.. its actually really good quality like you would expect w/ DBG MII jeans.   one quick note; these jeans you can feel the wax coating.. so its sticky and doesn't slide well w/ leather sofa... haha you'll be glued down and unable to slide around easily.  but the wax doesn't go on your hands.  I dont notice dusts or other things stick to it yet; but...
welcome back Karacho!!!!!!!  I followed you and wearing black jeans tonight too.   Picked a new DBG Superbia BG60E       I really like how Superbia fits on me, its very soft like Tepphars but knees down not as skin tight.  its a great cut.  BG60E is blue underneath and coated w/ black.  its not really shinny and it has fadings on the thighs.  There's also tiny white paint dots details here and there.  These are MII.  great pair.
Hello - Thanks for the comments!   I sized up on these, got 29 instead of my usual 28s; the waist is a bit loose so I have to wear this pair w/ belt.  however the thighs and calfs all fit nicely and the bum doesn't sag too much like my 887K.  I think if you get this pair size up 1 and you'll be okay..     He's wearing tepphar 881w.     Thanks Phukette!! Coming from ya that's huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge!!! thanks man!!!!
Nice Tepphar fit Lasinata -   Today wearing Thanaz 74k. photo a bit dark dammit.    
yah looks like a pair of well worn in jeans, but after watching the video it looks like its very thin 8oz denim like most current seasons; which in my opinion is too thin to sport this wash properly.  but if the denim is thicker then I think this is great
  Cool Jim - another fellow Taiwanese in the community.     Best 8x2 I've seen so far, maybe its also cuz of the tapered fit...  you inspired me to think about doing same on my 8x2!!!! hmmmmmmm.   but mine is the more yellowish version.
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