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to me its very fashion run way.. looks great w/ some really funky styles of clothes... but not your average everyday jean tho.. I guess thus its limited edition for limited wear.
would be interest to see what is this wash!
Surprised you have this pair drumedge!  This brings back to Zathan 772 times.  I recall searching for this pair in the past and they were god damn expensive.  also lot of fakes too like the 772s..  My favorite 796 wash gotta be Riohma.  To me it used to be skinny/straight but now they look damn relaxed and baggy to me..
Vancouver BC is pretty amazing right now too.. 25-28C every day in the sun!  lots of legs both guys and ladies!
Quettingen - really like them!!!!!! Wow, got a name for this pair so I can try to see more photos of it!!?
Audit30 - your photos of 602s makes me want to try 602s again!!   the army green 816N is cool... I know 816B also comes in similar color but w/ abarsions and dirty marks.. and MII, but also cost $200 more... god dammit.
do size down on this pair if you want to fit like normal tepphar's.  otherwise its about 1 size large.
Damn phukette awesome man.. I was thinking belther 818v but now I am not quite so sure!! DBG jeans are amazing... Are the ones you got MII? Because some of them are made in Tunisia too..
Ahhhhh 75L or 809v!??
Yah those Chino's are niiiiiice!!!! 602s looks better in photo than on me I have to say.. Bought thavar 8x2 on eBay today.. Hopefully they are as iconic as people say!!!!
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