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Nice on the 68z.. I gotta rock mine more often when weather gets better here in Vancouver..
Drumedge - they are nice but maybe a bit too 'thick' and fat for nice pair of diesel boots..  unless you super fashionable and has all the other accessories and style to match it... but i know i can't pull that look off.  Perhaps you can tho!!!   they are nice, but maybe get a pair of Clarks Original dessert boots since they are slightly thinner, but not quite skinny thin.
Wow guys looking very sharp!! Where do I start... DA - amazing 8x2 man.. How do you get them so yellow looking? Maybe it's cuz in the sun... And yup wife is a looker! Wutz - I must say this is first outfit with 807c that actually really looks good!! Looking amazing actually.. Wow.. And beautiful boots to match!! Drumdge - your 8x2 looks darker than DA but still nice never the less... Awesome fit too man... Phukette - what am amazing outfit both of them... Those...
Thanks guys!! Yah the yoke is so low and back pocket is really low.. Very awesome casual bumming around pair... Karacho so deadly I found a 888r 28x30 on eBay so tempted! But they are similar... I keep referring back to your photos.. Hahahaha
Now i'm scared to post photos of jeans after seeing the photo of super star puppy....  but somebody's gotta start so I will be the mean one.   my very first pair of Krooley came in today, 880W.  Got it from Mike from Poland eBay seller.. really awesome.   I sized down on this pair, 27x30. and it fits perfect.. a 28 would definitely be too big for me.  
you wear suits to exams?!? that's so cool.
Oh yah Karacho super spiffy in the suit! What was the occasion?
cool to know that we are all denim fanatics but also a softy at heart =)
I love 801n.. looks great on ya.... and congrats on the new puppy.. i see the diaper training pads and the cage.. super cute... its a long committment!! mine is 7 yrs old and still is a puppy in my eyes!
super cute puppy!!!!!
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