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Dieselicious - do it. you won't be disappointed.   I found Thavar 811P 29x32 for pretty cheap:   http://www.ebay.com/itm/281418061372?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649   good luck.
wish i can help man.... but i have no experience in this.. good luck!!!
hi DA - I had 2 pairs.. first got the 27, they were making my legs numb. but they are so sexy... then I got the 29 from Glorious... initially I thought they would be too big but man they fit awesome.  So go w/ your thavar size.   and no my 8BT did not stretch out.  however, I don't wear it often, so its still thick and crunchy.  I have to say its probably one of my thicker denims, thicker than my Nudie 13.5oz japanese selvage.
check out new blue eyecon Thavar 833j... its not as electric blue as 811p per say but it also doesn't have strong contrast bleaching/fading. but the base tone medium blue is quite similar.
Last time i visited about a month ago, San Fran store does not have this pair.  the DBG section is up stairs by the corner.
Audit you're re building quite a collection there... glad that 817H is on the list... can't wait to see them in action shortly.
Nice Audit happy birthday... I love my chi dee.. Enjoy them!!
Hmmmmmmmm... That's interesting... But no I have not noticed any irritations and rashes when I wear this pair.. I don't think this wash has any special chemical coating that could cause this.. But of course I do not know exactly how it's giving you a rash tho!
Went on a bit overboard today at San Jose especially just picked up that Hamilton watch.... But got a Parka from Scotch and Soda, inspired by DA, pair of Vans, uniqlo flannel shirt and pair of Diesel Narrot 600v joggs.... Diesel store actually price matched on line sale so that's pretty damn awesome of them.
@steamebread they look great man.... Finally saw blue eyecon 835L Hahahaha @DA I actually bought a pair today!!!! Finally...... And San Jose diesel store actually matched online sale for me, so picked up pair of Narrot Joggs 600v for $155... Not bad!
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