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phukette that reminds me of zac efferon but you pull them off much nicer =)
I think giamatshop just confirmed he'll be getting this pair in for sale!
they did i think 1-2 weeks ago; and the conroy's I wanted are all sold.. I don't know if they will again this weekend.. but yah that Akira is damn nice.
25-30% is a lot.... I am thinking like 10-20%? but who knows.. we'll find out in few days!!!
also thinking to grab this pair too either at stores or cultizm... tried it on at the stores the other night and it was pretty good...   http://www.cultizm.com/product_info.php?info=p2246_Japan-Blue-0400SP-Vintage-Selvage-14-8oz.html
 lol - i have my eyes set on the Tepphar 838v, i dont know if they will go on sale tho... maybe not.. maybe cyber Monday?? 
How does this pair compare to Belther 824e?? that's my go to black pair right now w/ all the wrinkles etc... but looking good and congrats man!
its size 28 in market space... yup they look identical to mine.
I have my 2003 Zathan 772 waiting for that time when it arrives.
Didn't mean to discourage people from this awesome wash.. But yah 608T fits large because it's very soft Jean material and thick unlike past few seasons where the denim was stiffer. But the main issue I found with 608t is the leg opening is wider than normal thavars. Now I didn't measure them up to compare but 608T let opening fits a bit wider compare to my other thavars.
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