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Can anyone see the ape baboon face on the front part of those jeans with the front buttons being the eyes.... Not making fun of the jeans... It's more like an art piece to me. Cool stuff.
 I may be wrong, but i think 3) is Tepphar 666T?
very nice.. I was thinking of suede Imara.. but I think I'll keep waiting for the ishida/akira and now arrow jacket to go on sale...
i dig that mean wolf shirt!!!
i love it when he wears the Bhonzer denim jacket... I have mine too and i rarely wear them....
@py I just bought 839b.  Once it gets delivered I will do a review as well on sizing and its quality.  couldn't find much info online about them.
All saints re launched that same jacket ishida, akira, and now arrow.  Do you guys know if its all the same jacket?   they are so sneaky like phukette said the price went up by 10%!!   new All Saints store opened up in Vancouver BC.  I went but it didn't have many of the cool pieces I was looking for from their online store..
I re purchased thavar 608T but in size 27x30 from @pryv75 .. it actually fits me!!   so selling my 29x30 since I found it waaaaaaaaay too baggy for my liking....
man this looks so nice Weenie!  do you have Thavar 600s?  how do you think this wash compare to it?   very nice.  i think this pair is selling quite well, at USA diesel online store many sizes already sold out!!! i'm afraid if I don't buy quickly may run out of size!
very nice wash man!!!! its like 880i but modernized!
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