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diesel's having additional 20% on top of sale items, bought these Chi-Dee pants.. hopefully they fit nice. got 29.   http://shop.diesel.com/chi-dee/00S8I00829G.html?dwvar_00S8I00829G_color=7AK#start=1
Diesel online store seems to be offering 20% off on top of the 30% off discount... check it out   http://shop.diesel.com/mens/sale-denim/
cuz I bought mine used and I want a new pair w/ all the wrinkles and factory stackings... LOL  but they go for around $210 on eBay for new sorta pricy....   so I am not sure if I should get 29x30 again or 28x30.. 29x30 one i had fits a bit loose but since denim is thick you can't really tell.
I'm just being a baby - can't wait for 830K to arrive..... and will buy blue eyecons from him when he gets them in stock!!!!
I actually think 8x2 denim is fairly thick, more like 817H but without the waxy coating feel of the 817H....  I am selling my 8x2 and thinking to re buy a new pair as well... dammit.   does 8x2 run big?? I usually buy my Thavars in 29x30 but I think I might be able to do a 28x30 in 8x2? what do you guys think?
I guess you won money at casino!? hehehe   I bought Tepphar 830K from Giamatshop, but still not here yet and not sure if its been shipped yet.. i hope they are on its way.. can't wait to receive them man.
 yup the Level jacket arrived; I quite like them; the exposed w/ black framed zipper took sometime to get used to; but I think its pretty damn nice w/ the two tone.. something different; I snoozed on the sale, couldn't decide what to get and now they are all sold out... dammit.
doesn't this wash also come in Belther!?? would Belther one maybe be better?
Hahahahahaha thanks!!!! So guess some Nudie selvage ones instead of red thread it's orange ...
I think 817h and 816k probably didn't do particularly well, so I think there's a good possibility you'll get yours at YOOX!
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