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@Hawk those jeans looks great man!!!!
DA it felt good to slip on pairs of diesels eh??Are you on Instagram?? Man there's tons of great raw fade photos and accounts I follow,, it keeps me inspired on breaking in my momos.... Keep at it!!
Thanks!! The boots were from yoox, made in Italy Vero Cuoio. Probably no name brand but it's MII and got them during sale for like $120. Can't go wrong.
thanks @denim addict @ArtNouveau @jeanetic    its a tough choice.. the wash is a really nice one, but I think the fit is just a bit too big for me.  so I'll send it back to Cultizm tomorrow.   Perhaps once the refund goes through I can try 840x, since 839b in USA site my size is sold out :(
Hi Everyone - today picked up 1 of my 4 jean purchases recently, rest are still on its way.  First up is what I was extremely excited about, PRPS Fury in Smokey Medium.  Size 29.  I am going to bombard you w/ photos.       These jeans are Made in Japan, Fury cut.  Its suppose to be their tapered fit.  and its exactly that.  This particular wash is 13oz japanese denim, not selvage.  Its soft and comfortable.  If I must compare I'd say the thigh is like Braddom, and...
I'm gonna drive to FedEx depot in about an hour or less to see if I can pick them up!!!!
This has gotten me hyped up.. I will drive to fedex tmr to see if I can pick up the fury I bought and figure out how they fit. I have good camera gear and lighting equipments will try to take most realistic photos of them once I get them. Thanks for sharing.
awesome buy @ArtNouveau   i missed my fedEx guy today, so PRPS fury I bought from cultizm is now back at FedEx wearhouse.. and its a god damn easter holidays so I dont know when If I'll get it this weekend.. 
yah i figured I give it a shot.... fingers crossed it'll fit.   Cultizm support said its 40cm (15.7") for waist when laying flat... so hopefully it fits!!! otherwise I gotta pay return shipping back to them for a refund..
all this PRPS talk today I pulled the trigger.. I purchased PRPS fury in Smokey Medium.. size 29, hope it fits..  w/ 50% off in cultizm, its still price of a brand new pair of Diesels.. eeek!       will let you guys know once arrived and thoughts.
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