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Glorious - i got them in 29!!!!!!!!  they do fit pretty much like Belther, except w/ obvious front pocket and back pocket differences... but thigh, knee down and waist really feels like belther...  the grey ones are still on sale at usa site.. grab them!  mine's en route.   oh but yes inseam is shorter than normal 30L... but since i'm like 166-168cm, the inseam is perfect for me.
damn... loving the 830r man... it looks like it'll last forever....   today wearing the new chi-dee I just got in Khaki.... i also ordered the grey ones.  They are ~50% linen blend so great for summer time... i'm still seeing how much they'll stretch after 1 wear.      
James @stylecenter has them.... Check his eBay store too!! http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/380703371661 Contact him he will offer DB discounts.
I got it from diesel online store! During the discount.. And I like it so much I just bought the grey one as well this morning.. They are 50% off now $175 for the grey ones.
Thanks guys, Diesellicious you are right about the length... But since I am short it actually fits me nice with right amount of stacking..... Good point there. Will post fit pix shortly!!
Man, my Diesel Chi-Dee just arrived and it's freaking beautiful... I am so surprised not many people here have gotten them yet!! I think I might have to do the grey one too and sell my 886B! They fit like thavar around the thighs.. But has chino pockets upper block and the distressing is unreal similar to 829b but not as dirty. These are made in Italy.
dont know answer to that; maybe @freeradical82 can help out. If i remember correctly he looks awesome in Safados and Braddom.
i think most obvious between safado and zatiny is that Zatiny is boot cut and lower waisted.. vs Safado which should be higher waisted by tiny bit.
yup - good answer zdenal...   J0504S - if you're not ready for super skinny jeans i would not go for tepphar yet.  you will definitely feel weird but may also love the skinny jean realm.  i had both rabox and kratt before, kratt is super baggy (straight leg) if i remember correctly.. rabox is slim back about 10+ yrs ago when everyone was wearing zathan if my memory serves me right.     so you can try safado in 29... or like Zdenal said definitely get 29 in tepphar.
Glrious & Gpoop - awesome Balman's man!!! so jealous....   DA those 2 new jeans look great on you.... I am paralyzed on how nice 830R looks because I have a pair of nudie labs that I bet quality is similar.... and cannot swap nudie to thavar in mean time... and 830P looks sharp too... how you liking the patch on the right leg!??!?
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