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Ming welcome back.. Damn you still skinny... And I gained like 10lbs eating non stop in Asia...
Hey guys I am in HK right now and the diesel stores here carry pretty much everything.... I am here till Wednesday let me know if anyone want to proxy anything. Finally got to see first hand on all the new washes... I actually quite like 811p, and like other thread indicated they are not that white faded at the thighs.. And I wonder if that rust looking tint fades after wear
Looking good guys!!!! At HK now so should have more constant wifi... Ramirez those nudie shirts are sick!!!!
I love the expression too!! So dark ... Still in Taiwan.. Wearing my nudies today.... Man I think people here get ripped off.. Pair of diesel Jeans is ~$520CAD a pair and they are all old FW collection...
Both pairs are sexy!!
Should I get a pair of 888p Thavar?? Hmmmm my Braddom stretched...
Just catching up!! Sorry I am in Asia right now so haven't had time to catch up!! Will pop on here and there when I get wifi!!!
Thanks guys.. yah they are supre tight by the calfs and my fiance just laughs at me... I guess I'll keep looking.  I like the Krooley jogg more but they didn't have nice cheaper wash.. only the expensive one that looks like 74Y... I guess I'll hold off!
damn guys.. what do you guys think of this pair of Tepphar Jog jeans????            my initial thoughts is like these are tight like a girls jeggings.. but then they are damn comfortable... its literally sweat pants.  do these stretch out much??  they are $132+tax so I wasn't sure... what do you guys think?
Welcome Hawk..... diesel_jeans_1978 makes lot of good money from us!!!!! hehehe
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