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Its a store that's closing out.. so they only have another pair of Shioner 805A in 29x32 and 803s and a Darron 803w in 28. that's about it...   for Belther 816b, there's no other that cool.. however there's a cheaper but only little less cool, Thavar 816N you can probably get in 34L... you'll loose the dirty marks and holes of 816b but you will get exact same color and feel; and non made in italy.
  Thanks!! I think I got okay price on all of them.. they were all around $100-$150 each pair..   I bought Shioner 805a actually at a local store!  they were 60% off, so $150cad.. which I thought was alright considering retail and brand new and it fits!!! =)
Phukette - rebuy those 887D's... its a super unique wash its a must have to collect!
ARamis - which cut are those nudies?   I've been bad.. for my bday I bought 5 pairs..   Thavar 801D cream white. Thavar 8x2 Thanaz 74K  Krooley Jogg Jeans 800D Shioner 805A   I didn't win the auction for Thavar 811p otherwise it'll be 6 pairs!!!
yah they good, they used to give super good deals but now maybe I guess you have to sign up.  got my braddom 888p and thanaz 887k from them. super fast ship and great service.  they are good, let it rip.
Pretty cool - i saw your post on other thread.   is this your first pair you've worked on or have you done others before?  Have you destroyed pair of nudies like you have on this pair?   i also noticed you added a back button belt on day 330.  pretty cool! let see some of your other projects!
to me its very fashion run way.. looks great w/ some really funky styles of clothes... but not your average everyday jean tho.. I guess thus its limited edition for limited wear.
would be interest to see what is this wash!
Surprised you have this pair drumedge!  This brings back to Zathan 772 times.  I recall searching for this pair in the past and they were god damn expensive.  also lot of fakes too like the 772s..  My favorite 796 wash gotta be Riohma.  To me it used to be skinny/straight but now they look damn relaxed and baggy to me..
Vancouver BC is pretty amazing right now too.. 25-28C every day in the sun!  lots of legs both guys and ladies!
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