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Very nice shot - but did you set up a softbox or shoot through or reflect umbrella?? the image doesn't look bounced off a ceiling at all because you have the light fairly evenly distributed accross your entire height.  Also lighting up black is very difficult and I can see the sheen and shadows clearly.. excellent job!!  Only small thing I saw was a bit of blue tint on your left (right side of image) created from natural light..  Which explains the tungsten white balance. ...
Very nice guys!!!!!!!! Damn dressing up in Vail colorado.. Is mountain open yet?
Yup!! Doing a little minimoon at Chicago for next few days... I do have the jeans with me I will grab some shots and will do a review!
I know everyone is raving about shioner 824y but I want to know if it will hug like 801A does.... Personally I own many pairs of shioner and none fits like 801A.... Perfect example phukette!!!! Heading to Chicago for few days flying with jogg jeans Krooley 800D
I think Dieselolic can wear Narrot and still look crazy nice.
So got all 3 jeans i purchased recently...   Thavar 808z, DBG superbia BG80M, SS'14 Belther 824e     I'll post a new thread specifically for Belther 824E and BG80M if anyone interested...
Great buy Aahz - which cut did you get them in??   I picked up Thavar 808z, Diesel Black gold Superbia BG80M, & Belther 824E.
i think I need to grab that Krayver blue eyecon this season along w/ a pair of Sleenkers.... was going to jump the gun on the 824p this weekend but now I think I'll wait.... wow so many new cool washes.. new tepphar washes too just too many to name and memorize!!!!!  Picking up Belther 824e today I hope I didn't buy too early!   *edit* after looking over the new releases i think I might still get 824p.. its sexy and its damn sexy on dieselolic.
My Belther 824e is here... I am picking it up tomorrow. Can't wait!!!
yah but Weenie if you inspect the photo carefully there's a little glimp of the jogg jean tag; and as zdenal mentioned its got the leather belt hoop too.....   I also remember reading Lorna's post about the collection didn't Nicola somewhere mentioned he's created new materials to make jeans feel more like jogg jeans w/ its soft flexibility but not under jogg jean...
New Posts  All Forums: