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Nice fit!!!!!!!
Thanks guys!!!! Sani - these are actually blue jeans coated or something into black.... When you flip jeans inside out they are blue... It has fadings at the thighs and knees as you see and it also has some white paints as detail.. Minimal less than 817H. These jeans are also waxed but they are not shinny. You can feel a layer of waxy feel sorta like the new 821B... It's a very nice pair. In terms of fit it's similar to tepphar... But has slightly nicer back pocket...
yah man those shoes are gangster.....   today wearing Black gold Superbia BG60E.  gotta say one of my favorites.  Cole Haan shoes.  
Gpoop - i love it - did you pull the mirror toward the window so you can be standing outside in sun light??  I love how we do extra special things to get fit pix going..   today wearing braddom 888p.  
They are slimmier than darron.  And yes they have low back pockets, similar to nudies thin finn.  personally I really like how belther fits on me.
Phukette - hahahaha... he has dirt marks on skin too its a new wash...   ZaZa I hope sleenker will stand up to its hype!
wow Karacho - I'm gonna steal that outfit but I wouln't be able to steel the beard cuz I can barely grown a mustash. bam!
Baltimore - that jacket is super pimp... and of course the jeans too
Awesome Audit30 - that's why I'm saying for Shioner 817H you should get your size.  I am normally 28s but for some reason when its 30L i find it very tight to squeeze in.  so I've been buying Shioners in 29x30 and they all fit perfect for me.  28x32 is awesome too but I have to hem. 28x30 i cannot squeeze in.   so for this particular pair, stick to your normal size, do not size up.
I have them in 29x30.. can measure for you if you want later tonight when I get home.  I have few Shioner's in 29x30 and this one is my loosest pair.  I should of got 28x30. but oh well.
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