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did you have to size up on these??? man I was looking at this pair but cannot justify it since owning a Tepphar 8PK.. its 'similar'.
yah I've seen the ladies version of 888p at Hawaii last yr before actually seeing the Thavar & Braddom...  good luck!
wow that's a nice nudie shirt!!!!  how is it? is it thick or thin denim??  I think I'm gonna grab one.. i've been long wanting a dark denim shirt to go w/ grey, black, and hopefully soon belther 816B and maybe a pink Thavar 801D?? hahahaha.   Today wearing the 'new' Krooley 880W, got these in 27x30.  No Belt, hint hint       
Hello - lets beat this topic some more.  I'm a starving photog after spending most of $$ on jeans.   I shoot Canon but its great you went w/ Nikon.  I like to add that it doesn't matter what camera body you have, entry level crop sensor vs professional full frame;  As long as you're not shooting in the dark, the ISO noise wouldn't be much of an issue for you even if you have a ~$500 body.   The main thing here is to grab yourself a good & fast prime lens.  The images...
What do you guys think of the Thavar 801D Salmon?? man can I pull it off for the summer season?? is it too .... funky?
  I think he's rocking the new Thavar 816N in the olive green...   http://store.diesel.com/nl/skinny_cod36428367xe.html   I actually quite grew fond of Belther 816B... I been sorta wanting to get a pair this color... or the new Chi tights that Phukette is eyeing as well.   http://store.diesel.com/us/tapered_cod36428729ct.html
  Hi Karacho!   so now the house inspection all went through I'm allocating some budget to build my own denim wall in my study... I plan to hang my jeans currently in rotation like yours above.  Quick question, does hanging it like this way 'stretch' out the waist???   thanks in advance!
I like to continue w/ the dark denim trend!!  Its a blessing in disguise that no one bought my Thanaz 887k.  rocking them again today..  
I'm heading down to Seattle for an engagement shoot this weekend.. will check out Diesel store there.. and Also heading to San Jose Monday-Thurs next week so will check out the flag ship in San Fran... hopefully they'll have some FW 13's in to try!!!
Nice on the 68z.. I gotta rock mine more often when weather gets better here in Vancouver..
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