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That's the thing - I can't decide to keep my 8x2 or buy new 824p..... .. I'm also waiting for 824z..
almost sounded like making a swiss watch or something..
Hi Quan - I think I have standard size calves. hahaha they are not skinny nor too fat.  DBG Superbia BG80M is just really tight.   I guess for Tepphar it depends on the wash.  68z is a bit loose compare to other tepphars like 881w, 880r, or especially 887v.  Do you remember which one you had tried before?   Shlomi - i'll keep my eye open for ya, but man that's a hard size to come by.  I think James @ Stylecenter may have 27x32 last time I checked....
Shioner 801A is a superb wash and cut... excellent buy guys you won't regret it.
Hello - Today wearing one of the more few pairs you don't see everyday.  Its an 'oldie' but definitely classic in my opinion.  There's some photos online of stars wearing it etc etc.. but none on this forum yet dedicated to this pair so I thought I start one.  This hopefully will help some of the new buyers see the evolution of destroyed patches from this pair to some of the newer Thavar 816k's or Krayver 818i.     Tepphar 68z fits true to size.  I got them in 29...
Today wearing Tepphar 68z w/ Diesel Leffry leather jacket.  
I just saw!!! awesome deal man.. couldn't say no to that...   they are 'similar'; so maybe you can skip 817H for now... unless you got extra cash to blow.. will look for your fit pix later!   dont worry; these photos will help other people down the road i'm sure.
thanks everyone - glad to help:   @ Straychev - the shirt is actually black... may look blue in some monitor since it does have some blue hue due to the flash. but if i adjust that to black then the jeans will look too blue compare to real life.  thus true color on the jeans takes presidence. :)
I think this wash is awesome.. but need to see it in person.. I hope the material should be similar weave pattern like the 888p.
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