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hahah thanks guys!!!   Aramis - i think most of us on here have more knowledge than Diesel sales reps at stores!!! sad to say..  but it would be really cool to be able to work for Diesel in their operations distribution sector since that's what I do.
ohhh you got the new Sleenker! be sure to post fit pix when you get them!!
Congrats Dieselolic for becoming a dad soon!!!!!!
Hi Everyone - for past month or so I've been doing a DIY project, transforming one of the walls in our house into my own denim bar.  I figured its a great way to showcase my collection to friends when we host gatherings and it acts as a great accent/decorating wall interior design.  here's a quick peak:     The inspiration came from numerous Diesel stores and other misc shops.  but It all started w/ manually torching the wood siding to give it a rustic burnt...
get yourself a Canada Goose jacket; its super warm and tested, tried and proven to be one of the best winter jackets in harsh canadian cold.   http://www.canada-goose.com/men/
Guys I took advantage of the Cultizm discount and bought Belther 824e... will post photos once I get them..   I've been on a spree.. bought Thavar 808z, Superbia BG80M and now Belther 824e....  Belther 818v rust red is still on list but need to find somewhere online that sells it and wait for discount...
wow good luck!!! would love to see/read your research once you're all done!!!
Its just what worked for me I guess.. Lets just say my krooley 880w in 27x30 fits like most my other jeans.  its not baggy or loose, but the extra room in the thigh is comfortable.
I bought krooley in 27x30 instaed of my usual 28s... and it fits me perfect..  even after stretch out a little.
hmm 887v is pretty tight.. I am normally 28's in tepphar but 887v I got it in 29... and fits like all my other 28s.   Tepphar 804K is another pair you should actuall size down if you want tepphar look.. i got my usual size 28 and it feels like my teppar 68z in 29..   i think tepphar 881w or 880r are the best fitting tepphars i own. and I own a quite a few.. maybe not as much as dr. pvyr but i've got my share.
New Posts  All Forums: