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 yah I love how superbia fits; its sorta like a tad looser version of Tepphar. its great and its stretchy like tepphar.  that 80L be sure to size up tho its REALLY tight.. Quettigen can attest to that :)
thanks DA - yah I'm pretty much set on the 817H first... i've already spied all over your photos which helped me make this decision.. now I just need my clients to pay me god dammit so I can pay for Shioner 817H   811p just keeps on haunting me like 807D..
EXACTLY.. only if i have unlimited disposable income............. but to only pick 1 pair; and i have maybe 30-40 pairs behind me, i should do 817H first over 811P right? =)
  LOL - you have just make my decision making very difficult.... I might still grab the 817H first tho... and then try to hunt for a 811p Krooley at discount later later hopefully greater than 30% off....
i know my 8X2 isn't as cool / dirty as yours.. dammit.
to be honest I dont know yet - I'm trying to buy a pair myself.. but torn between taking advantage of 30% discount on Diesel USA online store (thinking about Krooley 811p) or buy Shioner 817H right now.... First world problems is a bizzznatch.
yah - i have Shioner 805a, 801a, 74y, and 8PN.  They are all great.. although I must say 801A and 74Y fit the best... 805A i should of got 29 but got 28 and they haven't stretched out yet.. still very tight.
Jim - I'm taiwanese. when i come back I need to come find you! hahaha.
Man this is gotta be one of my favorite outfits on you... I can totally see what other members meant about fading of 8ML going below the knees and yours don't do that... It's gorgeous.
I wouldn't mind tryin Belther 818v in grey tho!!!!!
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