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@Mcsqui - great buy; I have all of these and think they are all must have's except 813S which I don't own yet... mainly because they are not MII.. hhahahaa.
Gonna be in las vegas this weekend for my stag.. hopefully they'll have some good selection at the Diesel store there...
did you size down on these 75L?? i thought someone on forum here mentioned need to size down on this wash.  
I saw the fit pix Wutzwagg - nice!   picked up Diesel Jemaya blazer/jacket....   
yah i feel you - my 887k isn't getting as much action cuz of the tight thighs and looser waist.... i just couldn't really fit it the way i want to as a dress up pair.. you can't have saggy bum for dress up jean.. but now 805A replaces that... except its sits low on the hip so when tuck in shirt may not be what i want too.. god dammit.
wore around my 805a at home last night all night.. god its tight, but I hope they loosen up after few wears..  I just find them super low waisted like my Shioner 8PN.. but nothing like my 801A.. do you guys have this low waist problem or maybe I just bought mine too small?
Aramis - those are Grim Tims?? man they fit you well!
I agree man free rad.. Let see you in some Braddom's?  but no need to be adventurous; cuz you dominate Vikers. 
Thanks DA!!! 888p is already part of my collection.... I'm missing an electric blue tho.. so either 801c or 811p next!!  had a chnce to buy 811p thavar for $160 but missed out.. next time!
74K is epic; but its fitting is somewhat questionable.   Do a quick search you'll see that they are amazing.  I love the fading and japanese denim look a like material.  The green and blue splashes are actually sewn on, only the white splashes are actual paint splashes.   I sized up on this pair so waist is little loose but little reading you'll see this pair fits weird. its quite tight in the thigh and below knees.  happy hunting!  in my opinion these are all must...
New Posts  All Forums: