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i find main difference for me is that sleenker is tighter around the ankles vs tepphar..
I've actually only wore it twice. and no it hasn't stretched yet... and i don't know how much it'll stretch to be honest it doesn't feel thin and flimsy..   however having said this i got 29 in belther instead of my 28s because 28 was skin tight at the thigh.
what color 818v?? grey or the blue one?  I have the rust red 818v and its fine.. what's the concern?
thanks!! i guess nothing for new items eh?? not yet anyway.. 
Is there any Cultizm discount codes available lately?
I'm sure you guys already noticed but Belther 828T is available at cultizm.   http://www.cultizm.com/product_info.php?info=p4851_Diesel-Belther-0828T-Jeans-Heavy-Worn.html   too bad our Canadian currency so getting raped right now so its kinda pricy vs regular retail.
Dan's got it spot on.   Here's me in my 29's.  I normally wear 28s and now some 29 thavar.      
tape ted is pretty cool, but the triangle yoke stitching above the back pocket doesn't fit me well....    let see a back pocket shot let me see if the same issue happens to you too.
I'm thinking its star trek inspired..   
I love my thin finns... but lower back yoke and pocket may not work for everyone.
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