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I bought DBG Superbia BG60E to replace my super skinny nudie thinn finn dry black coated.. I will post pix once I Pick it up next week!
sorry forgot to mention those 886B and boots freaking looks awesome man...   today wearing not so new Thavar 8x2.  
phukette i like the 3 beer 1 water ratio... but you should increase it to 6 beers 1 water
That thavar 888p fits you like a glove!!! wow!!!!!
they are very  nice!! thanks for posting!!!
Hi Pryv75 - what do you think of this pair compare to Tepphar 807D??
looking good everyone - those krooley 8x9 is money!   today wearing Kakee 883v.  I think this is a rare pair, as I never seen anyone else wearing them before.  They are thin denim I guess around 9oz and very soft and comfortable.  However downside is they did stretch out a little so if you ever find one of these be sure to size down.  I got my usual sz28.      
  I sized up to 29 as well, the waist was bit loose but everything else fits... just slap on a belt if you dont want slouching butt.. but excellent buy!!! its a beautiful pair.
I tried that pair few days ago at store too, feels like Tepphar-A jeans.. its very thin and doesn't feel much like denim.. However its still MII and it does fit pretty good!!!  just not quite $300 good.  you got a great deal!
got to try on these jeans today at local high end retailer.. its actually pretty nice.. thin denim and looks like have some gold glitters and herribone pattern but not as obvious as 887D.  here's some fit pix from fitting room.  
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