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very nice DA..  Thinking to trade these Shioner 805A for Thavar 816K so took some fit pix for another member here.... i think I need more medium blue in my collection.  
Thanks so much man for all the compliments!! few people have came over since we moved into the house and they all call me nuts.
Here's my review of the Belther 824e in size 28 http://www.denimblog.com/c/t/198780/diesel-belther-824e-black-jeans-detailed-review   Here's my review of the Belther 816b in size 28. http://www.denimblog.com/c/t/197686/review-belther-816b-best-pair-of-khaki-color-jeans-ive-seen   Here's some photos of my Belther 818v in size 29.     This linen blend I find the thighs to be a bit tighter. thus I went w/ the 29s. hope this helps.  You can compare photos of...
Straychev - I'm reversed as I am now lurking on 816K that you have.. hahahaha i try to convince myself "they are very similar they are very similar"
I have Belther 818v in rust red.  I've worn it 3 times now and they give a little but do not stretch a lot like 8NE does.  so i recommend to go w/ your regular size for tight fit or size up 1 for slightly more comformatble fit.   I have Belther 824e and 816b, both in 28x30.  my rust red 818v I got 29x30 for a more comfortable fit.   Check your local stores.. department stores in Canada have them at 50% off, better than 35% on diesel store.
Love 881w man.... i still pull it out and wear them part of my rotation.
this looks great on you man; hope you bought them!
wow - everyone looks fantastic... Tepphar 73t, 68z, awesome 73j and super good looking trench Aahz...  No Diesel this weekend, Went up mountain past weekend at -10 degrees C, couldn't do all 11km in the blizzard but managed to do 5k and camped.. I can barely walk right now.  
wow you're right... that was fast.. i remember seeing it maybe 1-2 weeks back... damn..
Buy from Cultizm... They are on sale right now plus 10% intro voucher plus VAT discount if you not in Europe... It's a no brainer
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