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Thavar joggs are buttons... look 604N or Thavar reboot or other thavar jogg's that's in market today.
I use reclaimed rail road spike hooks.. works same but just looks more industrial.  as Kevpwnsu said it doesn't stretch out or mess up the jeans belt loops.
it does look pretty cool - but if jogg jean material not wanted you should check out Belther 824E.. should fit you nice.
I am not too sure about Krayver fit yet, can't wait to give it a try, but belther definitely does not fit like Darron.  I do see the neat tiny detail 'similarities' but the fit is off...
I don't know about that levislad... Shioner got quite a bit of glory... 8PN, 801A, 817H and 805A just to name a few... 74Y was pretty good too.. And 816H too.. Shioner also got the limited edition ugly black waxed jeans with sequins too....
I have a 2003 Zathan 772 hung up on my wall.... I'm gonna be in the mountains over the weekend i can help check the tags for you and make a comparison this sunday night if that helps.?
Thanks Everyone!!!     @straychev - you mentioned a very good obvious point that i missed.  Yes the jeans would fit nicely in spring/summer time.  It does feel it'll breath nicely and won't be too heavy and thick and hot during the summer days.. good call.  but i guess true test comes when weather becomes warmer..
Hi Everyone - Today Cultizm delivered me a pair of jeans I've been waiting patiently since the SS14 preview came out.  Belther 828T Blue Eyecon.     My initial thoughts when I first opened the pkg is hmmmm its just a typical medium blue jean.  Which is true to certain extent.  But on second look at the jeans I start noticing the little details to this pair.  We will get to that later.   The jeans are made out of 65% cotton and 35% Lyocell.  I got my typical size...
Just picked up Belther 828T.. Here's a quick shot of it with my phone... First impressions: Standard medium blue jean with distress and heavier contrast than normal... But when you take a second look it actually has a lot of neat details. It has slight orange patina like 811p which is hard to show in photo. And it has ever slight dirty black whiskers like 886B and 801c. More detailed and photos and fit pix to come... Stay tuned!!!
wow Really cool!!!!  it reminds me of the yellower version of Thavar reboot jogg jeans.     I'm suppose to get 828T delivery today but I'm at work.. so will try to pick it up tonight if available otherwise tomorrow!
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