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is this the same shop based in Montreal Canada? if so then its absolutely legit; and great price.
Strachev - go w/ ur usual size.
yah 74Y is pretty good in my opinion. it fits well. i got my usual 29x30 size in Shioner and its a great go to pair if i just want something easy and quick.
Mine's being delivered today but I'm still working out in San Jose this week.  I can't wait to get them now after seeing better photos of this pair... I paid $157CAD for them which is not too bad for a pair of new SS'14. 
here you go: Thavar 888p 29x32   http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-MENS-DIESEL-THAVAR-0888P-JEANS-SIZE-29-/261347152684?pt=Men_s_Clothing&hash=item3cd981132c
It was definitely on sale; and I think they discounted it by mistake.  I think a few of us jumped on it and bought 824P... I too noticed the discount stopped this morning as they fixed it.
yah I got a pair too.. I'll post my photos once I get it and compare it w/ 8x2.   I actually noticed now SS'14 are not on sale on CULTIZM anymore.. i think they made a mistake and discounted all instead of just FW13 jeans.. and now they fixed it.  i am glad few lucky ones here grabbed some.
 Yup - Cultizm now has them 30% off, its really no brainer man.. The pair hugs so well, almost as well as 801A.
Supra - unfortunately not belther cut.... Most online only Thavar 818v which is nice too.... But belther fits me better slightly.... Noticed Cultizm went on sale.. Bought Sleenker 824P... Will post photos when I get them.
So I saw this pair in San Fran store toda and I must say it looks great......I know you been wanting pair of grey jeans and this is excellent buy!!!
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