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Awesome man.... I love my 800D as well... Only other pair that could top it is the 600V... But I am sure this guy sized up cuz I got my usual size 28 and it's way tighter looking than this dude ..
man those Thavar 888P is sexy... I have the Braddom but i think Thavar cut is much nicer..
 I think you can try Weird Guy. and yes I really do like Jogg Jeans but they are seriously too overpriced for what they are in my opinion... maybe the zara alternative may work.
Krooley 801N is available now. but still somewhat pricy.   http://www.yoox.com/us/42339570LJ/item?dept=denimmen#sts=sr_denimmen80&cod10=42339570LJ&sizeId=
they are 'similar' but not quite the same   Thavar E-Com has a bit of green tone to them... 816J is medium blue, not MII 828T never seen before, but I bought them yesterday off Cultizm, once I get it I'll do a full review on it and post fit pix.
Superbia is way tighter... Also superbia has twisted seams toward the ankle... Think superbia like tepphar... Just a touch wider at the cuffs
No I think it's much slimmer.... Belther has little more room at the thighs, just very little bit, and slims down nicely.. But it has nice details like Darron and it has low yoke and low back pocket.
Guys I just bought Belther 828T from cultizm.. will post review when I get it hopefully next week!!!!!
damn Daan that looks bad ass yo... i'm gonna steal this look!
Thanks man!!!! 
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