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whaaaaaaaaat!?!?!?? you're not keeping it? damn its one of those tepphars i never got and still wonder if I need it....
Haven't posted on this thread for a while... but today wearing Belther 828T 28x30.     after about 4-5 wears, they stretched out about 1/3 size.. very minimal. I like the way they fit now much more compared to my review fit pix earlier.. they were tighter then.  but overall they still don't hug as nice as Belther 824e.
man i think thavar fits you well.. dont need to make changes.
ColdSteel - i'll let you know when I get my Krooley 811p.  I got them 28x32 as they are only size YOOX had.. my other pair of Krooley is 880w and i sized down to 27x30 and it was a brilliant decision.
hello!  I'll get back to you about the measurements tonight when I get back home;   but from 3-4 times of wearing them I definitely feel like they have NOT stretched out too much.  They did stretch around the waist by maybe tiny bit i say less than 0.5'; and the thigh where it bends is stretch out tiny bit.  But other than that the jeans haven't stretched out that much unlike Kakkee 883w or Tepphar 804k.   Overall the thigh area also did not stretch all that much; i...
man; thanks to the video you posted, at about 2:50 the long hair dude was walking around w/ Krooley 811p rolled up; it looked great for up coming spring/summer so I just pulled the trigger and bought krooley 811p via YOOX...... grrrr.
great read.. thanks for taking time to post this and share w/ everyone else!
is there any YOOX discount codes floating around??
hey man 829b looks great on you!!!!
Wicked outfit glorious......
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