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I think ops may also wanted to take advantage of the 30% discount right now in US Diesel online store.. I sure looked but it wasn't there...
man those krooley 600V is sexy.... thinking if i should grab it w/ 30% off now.... errrrr
Yah finally saw it first hand at diesel in San Jose, but they only have it in Safardo.... rest of the store suck.  so I'll see if they have it in San Fran store to try it on...
You are right!!!!! crap.. good news is we're heading over to chicago in november, hopefully will see some previews at that time!!!!
I wonder if the stores carry SS 14' yet?? will be popping by San Fran flagship this saturday hopefully get to check out some previews!
hi DA - actually I paid okay amount; just fair market price I think.. it equals to about 2.25 pairs of MII Diesel jeans at full retail.. so not too bad..  thanks guys!  Just wanted to share I know this is denim forum but I'm just super excited to get it tmr and seeing if any other members out there are into these things.. hahaha.
VincentVega - welcome.  awesome collection and its great start w/ just 3 month in..... keep it up.   i'm in the process of moving to my new house and building my own denim wall.  will keep everyone posted once its completed!! i'm at around 30 pairs mark today!
Nice fit on the Larkee's!!!   Anyone into vintage watches?? I just bought my very first one, i hope it'll stop but I'm already looking at some other ones... I got a 1960's vintage Omega Constellation.  I researched for weeks and verified everything I got is legit and not a franken watch.. all original.  The downside is its got more scratches than all buffed up pretty ones you find on line.  Here's a photo of internet photo of same watch i bought.     On side note...
 yah but whos gonna take my 29x32 hemmed to 30? i will then need to let it go cheap... crap.
Man that's disgusting I want that pair but I already have a 29x32 hemmed to 29x30 god dammit
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