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Aramis - i'll pm you.  I've been talking w/ the seller.  I did my due deligence before stating its not authentic.  I also did not mean any offense on your posting.  I simply state be careful when we buy online.   hope you understand. =)   thanks,
yah Belther is pretty cool... I just saw Belther 818v in rust red in stores... like the Thavar one.. I really like it but cannot find the Belther red 818v online.. anyone else saw this pair?
 i think this pair is fake.. be careful out there.
hey that's cool! cultizm already carrying sleenker?? this one looks a bit like 8NE and 8x2 combined!
You mean Tepphar 813w right?? 803w is something different (blue eyecon) i think and didn't come in Tepphar.... :)   but never the less beautiful outfits!!!
Hi Dieselicious - I like to say it looks like it but I cannot say for certain.  I can tell you the wash code for pair i have is BG60E.  the photos online looks very very similar.. waxed up top and faded at thighs... only things that's slightly different is mine has very very minial (like 3-4) paint splashes..  the photos online also does show its blue base and coated into black wash... hmmmm   Superbia is very much like tepphar.. its stretchy like most tepphars..  but I...
Phukette man that DBG excess is probably other pair that I think the fit is comparable to 801A.... Just hugs you like fat kid hugs ice cream!
Nice fit!!!!!!!
Thanks guys!!!! Sani - these are actually blue jeans coated or something into black.... When you flip jeans inside out they are blue... It has fadings at the thighs and knees as you see and it also has some white paints as detail.. Minimal less than 817H. These jeans are also waxed but they are not shinny. You can feel a layer of waxy feel sorta like the new 821B... It's a very nice pair. In terms of fit it's similar to tepphar... But has slightly nicer back pocket...
yah man those shoes are gangster.....   today wearing Black gold Superbia BG60E.  gotta say one of my favorites.  Cole Haan shoes.  
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