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Audit30 nice fit man on those thavar... I thought it was shioner 817H for a sec... Looks great!!!!!
Thanks Sanibeldude - I am not sure if these comes in 34L... but do check out BG80M for grey if you're still searching for one!
Glorious - your baby truly is glorious... so cute... i think my wife wants one now too!
of course not - please feel free to add on to this thread.. its dedicated to BG80M.  when I was doing my research i could barely find any photos of this wash.  so hopefully this will help others in future to decide.   so please do post your jeans when you get them.
Hi Quan - if I'm understanding you correctly, 1st one you're asking is Tepphar 881w and the other one is Nudies Grim Tim Organic destroyed Selvedge denim.  here's a quick post I did in Nudies forum about it.   http://www.denimblog.com/c/t/196729/nudie-grim-tim-organic-used-selvage-denim   and here's the thread about my denim bar wall:   http://www.denimblog.com/c/t/198727/my-own-denim-bar
I did an online review on that pair last night.. enjoy   http://www.denimblog.com/c/t/198780/diesel-belther-824e-black-jeans-detailed-review
i think its toward the thin side.. its standard jogg jean thickness which is typically slight touch thinner than most normal denim (other than some of the 7oz mutation jeans they did this season).
Thanks Freerad! That's what I try to do with these new photos to depict how jeans look like in real life because often it's hard to see... Hi Quan, which ones do you like to know? There's too many there to list it out 1 by 1.. Lol
Thanks guys for all the kind words!!!! It was a lot of fun doing it and sharing the information.. I wil do more as we go.. DA - I think they fit way slimmer than darron. I haven't tried on any darron lately but I did try the blue eyecon Darron last season and they are much more straight and relaxed compare to Belther. Also Darron with the double seam at the bottom looks weird in my opinion. USA retail should have these out on 11/19.. Give it a try before you buy just...
Thanks guys!!! Yah that's a denim wall I built to showcase the jeans and storage... People probably think I am crazy but luckily you guys appreciate it as much as I do
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