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I just got my krooley 811p in 28x32 and i wish I had spend the extra $150 on the 27x30 when it was available.   so i think you could actually get away w/ 30 in this pair. 
Looks good Lee!
@vikd  - I have both 811p and 828T, and I gotta say they are not quite the same, as Relentless said 811p is electric blue washed into faded white.. the 828T is mdeidum blue with more yellow in there and is contrasty as shown in my photos.   @TiagoMendes - i have both Belther 824E and 828T; both in 28x30.  I say if you get 30 in 828T you will be quite tight and uncomfortable.  If you manage to do some squats to stretch them out that may work.  Given the photo you provided...
Levislad proves to be king of light color denims!!
love krooley 600v..... looks like you'll be rocking them w/ flip flops instead of shoes for your vacation!
I'm thinking Thavar 827w might work for you; new from SS 14    
that's so awesome!! I just picked up my Krooley 811p as well bought from YOOX.  it looks big initially I got 28x32 but hopefully it will fit fine once I try them on tonight!!!
Hope you ate lots at the buffet and checked out some parties or shows!
cool update!!!! hmmmm that Vegas Thavar doesn't look anything interesting in my opinion... great that you didn't pick it up!!!!!
the 28's??? Email the guy - he's also semi active forum member he may be able to get you some discount at least don't need to pay eBay fees.
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