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 Phukette!! Congrats on the baby man!!!!!!!!  life changes I bet.. I hope to find out one day. looking superb here w/ this tepphar.  Hope to see you on here more; maybe in odd random middle of the nights when the baby's keeping you up!
you look so pimp @denim addict !!!  Love those sneakers too!
hehehe yah the forum is bad... I tried this on before and I thought it was nice, but wasn't Wow for me, mainly due to the fact its hard to match clothes with. But then after looking at the photos on here and you guys saying you gonna buy it; it makes me want one now too!!!!! 
hello - well that's really frustrating when you can't find your size at good discounted price.  I feel it all the time.   if you hem your jeans you must realize:   1) the value of the jeans will decrease dramatically.  so make sure when you hem, you plan to keep jeans and not resale 2) sometimes 34L the behind the knees honeycomb will mis align from your knee.. also the bottom the pre stacking and wrinkles and often some minor details will be cut off from hemming 3)...
wow!!! 8BT costed you that much?? but it is the denim to own if you're into it like we all are on here.. the quality and details are unmatched to any other pair I own.  I would love to see how it is vs other pairs of super ultra expensive denim out there.
 sorry just saw these @stmky man what a great buy!!! so it was you who picked up the 28 on eBay; looks fantastic on you, 8BT. awesome buy on the 824z and 824p Sleenker.... I really should wear my 824p more... 824z looks great too!!  wow great fit on you man.. and great shoes!! @Gruidl .. question is this pair MII?? this pair reminds me of Krooley 886p remixed w/ tepphar 887v.
me too............ i am interested to see that possible new cut tho... 
Glorius - nice to see the shirt came and its the color you wanted man!!! awesome.
great buy man!!!!!!!!!
wow! looks awesome!!!!
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