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Man that's disgusting I want that pair but I already have a 29x32 hemmed to 29x30 god dammit
Did you get a chance to see Belther in 818v as well?? I'm heading to San Fran flagh ship next weekend can't wait to check it out!
Glorious - exactly my situation.. but they look too good to give up the wash .. haha
The Outfit w/ 74Y is very leftvapor style!!! super cool!
Laisnata - that pair of shoes is money... I want it!!!!
All good Baltimore - you just helped me save few hundred bux :)   Nice fit on those 74Y's.  I can't wait for mine to come.. its been 2-3 weeks hahaha.. but its definitely on its way!
so.... size up on 8BT's??? I'm normally a 28 so should get 29 from Baltimore? hahahaha   Those Jogg Krooley's are nice.. check out 800D one of my favorite go to pairs in the weekend.. also the 600v is very nice too.  Lot of newer nicer washes this season but they are damn expensive!
Hahaha Baltimore I was gonna ask you that!!!   I would sell my 74K for that pair... *drools*  once you're bored of collecting it I'll take it off ya.  This also allows me more time to save $$$ for it
Aahz - as others have suggested mine is the Excess, so no seam accross the back pocket.  I personally think yours is cooler tho.  I also remember you have a pair of Excess NT w/ paint splashes like 74K but way cooler.. what pair is that one again and I would love to hunt that pair.
@ DA - great outfit on the 74K!!!!!!!  I sized up on mine, so waist is a bit loose, however knees down they fit well on me.  I guess i could of got away w/ same size since now my 29's I need to wear it w/ a loose belt to prevent it from sagging too much.   @ Phukette - that outfit w/ All Saints boots.. those boots are money! so nice.   @ Straychev - get them thavar's 806p for 90EUR. they look great!!   @ Baltimore - great buy on the DBG 8ML. I'm actually...
New Posts  All Forums: