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  LOL - you have just make my decision making very difficult.... I might still grab the 817H first tho... and then try to hunt for a 811p Krooley at discount later later hopefully greater than 30% off....
i know my 8X2 isn't as cool / dirty as yours.. dammit.
to be honest I dont know yet - I'm trying to buy a pair myself.. but torn between taking advantage of 30% discount on Diesel USA online store (thinking about Krooley 811p) or buy Shioner 817H right now.... First world problems is a bizzznatch.
yah - i have Shioner 805a, 801a, 74y, and 8PN.  They are all great.. although I must say 801A and 74Y fit the best... 805A i should of got 29 but got 28 and they haven't stretched out yet.. still very tight.
Jim - I'm taiwanese. when i come back I need to come find you! hahaha.
Man this is gotta be one of my favorite outfits on you... I can totally see what other members meant about fading of 8ML going below the knees and yours don't do that... It's gorgeous.
I wouldn't mind tryin Belther 818v in grey tho!!!!!
I think ops may also wanted to take advantage of the 30% discount right now in US Diesel online store.. I sure looked but it wasn't there...
man those krooley 600V is sexy.... thinking if i should grab it w/ 30% off now.... errrrr
Yah finally saw it first hand at diesel in San Jose, but they only have it in Safardo.... rest of the store suck.  so I'll see if they have it in San Fran store to try it on...
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