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Supra - unfortunately not belther cut.... Most online only Thavar 818v which is nice too.... But belther fits me better slightly.... Noticed Cultizm went on sale.. Bought Sleenker 824P... Will post photos when I get them.
So I saw this pair in San Fran store toda and I must say it looks great......I know you been wanting pair of grey jeans and this is excellent buy!!!
yah... 886b abrasion is thick... 881z has black patch underneath... 881z remains one of my favorite pairs..
yah I thought about doing that too...selling my 8x2 for 824p for new cut.. but just haven't got around it yet....
Damn those iakop looks fantastic on you man!!!!!! Awesome!
I think he meant he likes the wash, but pls release them in Thanaz cut.  But i think that's very highly unlikely to happen since they discontinued Thanaz this season right?
oops - just found these 2 photos in my phone.  They show better the dot distressings on the thighs i was talking about earlier.  
hahahaha; yes that's true... i guess I need to decide if I want to fork out $328+tax for them yet.. or alternatively grab that rust red belther AND maybe pair of thavar 801c or something (i don't have electric blue jeans yet). hmmmmmmmmmm
damn that 608T thavar is nice.... I also have my eyes on the Thavar 829B Blue eyecon's and the other Belther blue Eyecon someone posted a while back.  crap anyone know the wash??
thanks for the suggestions guys..  This is one of those pairs that its different every pair.  So if you are to buy online you just gotta have your fingers crossed you either get a super dirty one or a more clean one.   They look a bit dirtier in person because of the rust orange patina which doesn't show up in photos.  but be sure to check it out in person if you guys have a chance.   pryv75 - hahaha yes.... but i find myself wearing shioners and thavar's more than my...
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