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I have at the San Fran store last week... they look like the photos dieselboy posted.  They are shinny black stretchy w/ dark dark dark blue underneath.  so basically super dark blue jeans coated in shinny black.  the stitching inside is red where the jeans are sewn together.  i dont know if they are worth $400 price tag tho.  
yah - i'm thinking to get 833j a try....   noticed also cultizm updated their photos.. the shorter bigger model is now replaced w/ taller skinnier model.. photos look much better!
good collection you got here.. you make me miss my 8x2.
yah take a look at my Tepphar 830K review, you will see how 28x30 Tepphar fits on me...  If you get 32s yah it should sit like my 29s sit; a bit baggier and more loose.  I think for this pair you can get away w/ it because of the color and the destroyed patch.   good luck. be sure to post some fit pix when you get them!
thanks @DPonce!!!  yah I had to get 29 because 28 wasn't available.    @Whyme - welcome to the forum.  68z is 100% cotton, unlike 824b i believe should have 2% elastane mixed in so 824B would be softer and stretchy.  How are your calfs?  It also depends on how you like your jeans to fit.  Unfortunately I do not have 824b so I cannot make a direct comparison, however I do own may other Tepphars (881w, 880r, 8pk, 830k, etc).   so I can say you should be fine w/ 31 in 68z...
Zdenal - hows the shoes?!?!? USA diesel store has my size and I'm thinking about it.. but damn its not as good as the additional 20% discount goodness.... 
you can get Thavar 816N which looks identical to 816B color except its not made in Italy.  oh also 816N does not have the dirty marks like 816B.   Alternatively you can also get Chi-Dee which has the beige color.  but I think 32 just got sold.. 30 would be too tight if you wear 31 Belther.   http://shop.diesel.com/chi-dee/00S8I00829G.html?dwvar_00S8I00829G_color=7AK#start=1
Hawk, 600s Thavar Jogg looks amazing on you man.... when I wear them I do not look as good as you in the photos.... awesome man!
Wow those shoes and t shirts are really cool!!! Here's a few purchases I did last month. Chi Dee x 2 Thavar 608t Tepphar 830k Scotch and Soda leather biker jacket Ben Sherman sneakers
Yes 833z is very nice if you do not have jeans in that color tone. But I have at least 2 pairs that's similar color tone I just can't buy it yet....
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