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Yup - Shioner is the other pair that's even lower rise.
Welcome!! lots of new un-used jeans... wear them and enjoy!
 I did actually if you are comparing it to my usual tepphar.. so Shioner, Thavar I take 29x30... and Tepphar I take 28x30s.... and this Sleenker 830J I did order 29x30. The legs fit great in 29s as its not soooooo tight like leggings..  the waist is okay, not extremely tight but comfortable.  If i sit down it will have about 0.5" gap at the back..  but I rather have that than to have legging jeans.
yah I dont remember mine being that blue either..... okay to send them back
 stylish... and your buddie is freaking built. DA - nice 8BS as always! Gpoop - bring back the classix! nice one.
Yup - I have mine too, i got it from Giamatshop but man I got raped at the Canadian customs so that pretty much killed the savings..  thick but stretchy denim.. good pair.
looks great on you Straychev.... and nice belt too!! do it if you have extra disposable income.
no issues w/ my 8BT yet..but then its not like I wear them everyday.. they don't see a lot of action so my judgment is not accurate. 
Thanks for sharing guys...... I see diesel is continuing the patches like 835J....     Thavar 837E is it similar color to Belther 835F???
 hmmmmm - i wouldn't say full size... half a size maybe but not full.  very nice... i paid like $275cad on mine.. god dammit.
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