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I think that's pretty expensive for a pair of jeans that's 3-4 yrs old, but i mean if you really like it and have some disposable income then go for it.. 
I think you can get away w/ 30 in Narrot.   I wear 28s in Tepphar, and 29s in Thavar and then my Narrot 824L is 28x32 and it fits great.. its very casual I don't give a fxxk look.   good luck.
These 2 pairs are completely different in my opinion.  further to the obvious color tone, the fabric and materials are completely different.   8NE is will stretch and is soft, also a blue eyecon 8830R is lot more expensive w/ selvage denim, also fits quite large.   good luck!
I have got to try Tube Tom.. still haven't had the chance yet!
Thanks Guys!!!
Just caught up.. nice read and I definitely felt like I know each of you guys a bit more!!!!   As for me, I snowboard frequently in the winter and in summer I like to bike around in my bicycle around the city.  Vancouver is set up pretty well with all the bike lanes everywhere.  its frustrating to drive so mind as well join the bicyclists.   Apart from working in tech industry, I also do photography; I used to shoot landscape long exposures but now I find myself...
I can't say about the alterations part.. but it may seems like you are buying jeans w/ wrong cut for your body.  do you want to post some fit pix of your zathans and go from there?   i'm thinking you should try some of the larger carrot cut diesel jeans for a try.  I got a buddy he's like 6'4, 240lb and somehow the Iakop in 36 fits him well.  Try Iakop in large sizes or Larkee or Waykee.    however these jeans are not boot cut like zathan or zatiny or zaf.   BTW...
 sold to @tom88jerry Thanks!
I was looking at some APC jeans.. anyone has them??  the APC Kayne jeans are damn expensive!
Aahhhh you are right... That's what happens when I sleep at 4am last night damnit
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