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  welcome!!! looks nice!  You can also give Safado a try, i think it will also fit you nicely w/ your body figure.  Welcome again!
yo yo center of the hook to center of next hook is 3.5 inches.   good luck man! show us after you revamped your room!
does anyone got YOOX code that's current?  thanks a lot!
 eBay my friend!!! http://www.ebay.com/itm/6-Antique-Horse-Tack-Hooks-Old-Railroad-Spikes-Heavy-Duty-Stable-Set-Barn-Hanger-/231713718467?hash=item35f336c0c3 just search - railroad spikes hook.  I bought 30 of them.
yuuuuup, thus I got rid of my 830k.... couldn't figure out how to match it cool enough to justify its beauty....
very  nice @audit30 you got some nice ones I had but sold cuz I got fat, and never bought back the right size like Shioner 805A
 Thanks!!  and thanks Dieselicious! they do actually looks white I must admit, but w/ the 801D dirty distress it makes it more beige, like dirty white. The denim actually not thin, standard diesel thickness.. like 74y, 888p or 881z.
only 1 boot cut hung on the top as a collection.  an original 2002-2003 zathan 772.   I don't have white jeans, the one you're seeing is cream coloured Thavar 801D.  this wash have multiple colors (pink salmon, grey, cream beige, etc) w/ dirty rust marks.  really cool pair.  they do pop up on eBay often.
Just got back from Amsterdam, as mentioned before I bought a pair of Denham japanese selvage denim and the guys at the store is doing some custom work for me.  I haven't gotten the jeans yet but they will mail it to me later this week.   But what's super cool is the guys actually gave me one of the Denham Scissors to add to my denim wall collection to hang the custom Denham I bought.      Here's me w/ the scissor.  they are super cool dudes.  oh I am wearing APC...
Congrats @ripsNtits   glad to see another fellow Vancouverite on the blog.  Here's my denim wall I built in my house:         my collection changes; so what you see now is not 100% accurate on what's hanging.   The Denham guys in Amsterdam gave me one of the Denham scissor hooks.  I will add that scissor hook to the wall and will hang the custom pair of Denham Japanese selvage denim I bought w/ them.
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