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nice buy Locky - i was looking at that Moncler as well but ended up w/ a thinner Canada Goose Hybridge jacket instead.... yours is way cooler tho.         also bought the Bhonzer during black friday 20%         and the Momotaro selvage jeans are on its way...
haha I wonder what size she put on to take the photos cuz she looks pretty good in them.
damn you black fridays..   bought Diesel Bhonzer Jacket and this Momotaro Japan blue jeans.        
Oh see if they are on sale... When I was in Europe early October I went to every diesel store in the cities I visited and none of them has it.
yah its very expensive... after all this time they are becoming more rare to find.  but got one for 20% its still nearly $500USD.. freaking expensive.   but hey, cannot get something this nice for $100-$300 range..  and lot of other nice jackets are $700-$1K range.. so if you put it into that perspective its not so bad... - spoken from a true shopaholic.
yah switching around All Saints Akira or Diesel Bhonzer.... ended up w/ the Bhonzer just now... its god damn expensive but I really like it.. and its quite rare.
  here you go.
the sale is on now!
Thanks Nickma - That seller almost got me too, until I posted the link on here... good luck hopefully the return purchase isn't very painful.
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