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I quite like 881z too!!!! 882D or has anyone here own 808Y??
yah I guess when you look at Tepphar 835L vs Belther 835L online photos they already look a little different..  need to see actual jean in real life I guess.  also Dieselboy posted Tepphar 835J before and his photos do not look like online photos as well.   Indeed first pair of Tepphar blue eyecons!
I actually think 833z reminds me of older blue eyecon krooley 808y......
hmmmm is it me or this season blue eyecon is a bit weak... 
sure! but refresh my memory what did we do last time.. pm me.
Thanks guys!!!!!!     oh quick thing about these, the patches are reinforced w/ dark blue denim underneath them... not black.
Glorious - i got them in 29!!!!!!!!  they do fit pretty much like Belther, except w/ obvious front pocket and back pocket differences... but thigh, knee down and waist really feels like belther...  the grey ones are still on sale at usa site.. grab them!  mine's en route.   oh but yes inseam is shorter than normal 30L... but since i'm like 166-168cm, the inseam is perfect for me.
damn... loving the 830r man... it looks like it'll last forever....   today wearing the new chi-dee I just got in Khaki.... i also ordered the grey ones.  They are ~50% linen blend so great for summer time... i'm still seeing how much they'll stretch after 1 wear.      
James @stylecenter has them.... Check his eBay store too!! http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/380703371661 Contact him he will offer DB discounts.
I got it from diesel online store! During the discount.. And I like it so much I just bought the grey one as well this morning.. They are 50% off now $175 for the grey ones.
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