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Thavar 888p 27x32:   http://www.ebay.com/itm/Diesel-thavar-888p-Sz-27x32-/271710466323?pt=UK_Men_s_Jeans&hash=item3f4334b113
@zdenal_cz did it very nicely few days ago, check out his photo post at other thread what are you wearing today:   http://www.denimblog.com/c/t/64112/what-diesel-are-you-wearing-today/28350#post_1817949
look good guys!!!!  those nudies jeans are hot phukette..     glorious - those SLP jeans are super rock star man.. like seriously something celebritiy rock star will wear.. looks pimp.
krayver is like a next version of krooley... they fit fairly similar.. except the back pocket is different.. personally i like the flap of the krooley a bit more.   I have Thavar 833J, they fit very similar to Thavar 608T.  I would size down if you can, its very comfortable jean and soft, but I wish I had gotten 28x30 instead of my normal Thavar 29x30 size.  but I'm going to stick to it for now.   good luck.  833z is nice, but not tooo significant difference vs Belther...
Straychev - I am in similar boat as you - but I will get 838v.  Just waiting for them to come in stock w/ giamatshop.   however having said this, 835L will be on discount so you can save some money if you plan to buy retail.   In terms of 838v fit, I heard they fit quite big in the waist.. so should definitely size down.  I haven't bought mine yet so I am not sure, but I was suggested to get 27x30 since it runs quite large.  my usual tepphar size is 28x30.   hope this...
Beautiful outfit man Wutzwagg... love the boots too.
yup - that's how Sleenkers suppose to fit.. my 830J fits like this too, and i even sized up to 29x30 vs my usual 28x30 tepphar size.   and i agree w/ Baltimore - it looks great on you and fits how it suppose to fit.
Hi Phukette - I could help w/ deleting those freaking annoying posts....  i've reached out to dave before but yup I totally agree w/ you, that you won't get a response for months...  its hard to be loyal and support this forum when the main head guy doesn't give a rats ass.
Glorious!!! need to see some fit pix of your saint laurant collections!!!!!
Thanks for chimming in DA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  yah too bad I couldn't find any 834A in 30L and its sorta simiar color tone to my 881z... since I cannot buy them all I gotta give up on 834A...   @TheKid13 - no 811K is not Blue Eyecon, its also not made in Italy. its a tunisia pair. nothing wrong w/ that. just saying its not MII.
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