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@ iPaul - sorry I get distracted by the awesome alien/predator skulls in the background.... the jeans look great but those skulls look more bad ass.
no; i would probably buy to put them in wall art for the denim gallery i'm building in my home.... but the wife may think she married someone crazy...   my heart is broken btw..... why do i have to be so fat?? Excess 8BT doesnt fit me.. I have to fit into excess 8BT; must loose weight....
Hows the sizing on that pair???? I'm 28 in thavar or shioner or tepphar, will 27 fit me?? I think I read somewhere Baltimore said to buy REAL waist size so like size up from normal diesel sizes.. any suggestions??
  Krooley 801N is very different from 817H man... 801N is great; but its kinda like dark blue, greenish/yellowish hue with some wrinkles and holes distressing.  Here's the photo - this pair is one of the pairs that got away.. didn't buy it at 60% off and its now forever gone :)   817H physically feels different (resin coating), and the color tone of the jeans are completely different. not to mention the white paints.  basically 817H is lot more contrasty than 801N. @...
 yah I love how superbia fits; its sorta like a tad looser version of Tepphar. its great and its stretchy like tepphar.  that 80L be sure to size up tho its REALLY tight.. Quettigen can attest to that :)
thanks DA - yah I'm pretty much set on the 817H first... i've already spied all over your photos which helped me make this decision.. now I just need my clients to pay me god dammit so I can pay for Shioner 817H   811p just keeps on haunting me like 807D..
EXACTLY.. only if i have unlimited disposable income............. but to only pick 1 pair; and i have maybe 30-40 pairs behind me, i should do 817H first over 811P right? =)
  LOL - you have just make my decision making very difficult.... I might still grab the 817H first tho... and then try to hunt for a 811p Krooley at discount later later hopefully greater than 30% off....
i know my 8X2 isn't as cool / dirty as yours.. dammit.
to be honest I dont know yet - I'm trying to buy a pair myself.. but torn between taking advantage of 30% discount on Diesel USA online store (thinking about Krooley 811p) or buy Shioner 817H right now.... First world problems is a bizzznatch.
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