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Today wearing Tepphar 68z w/ Diesel Leffry leather jacket.  
I just saw!!! awesome deal man.. couldn't say no to that...   they are 'similar'; so maybe you can skip 817H for now... unless you got extra cash to blow.. will look for your fit pix later!   dont worry; these photos will help other people down the road i'm sure.
thanks everyone - glad to help:   @ Straychev - the shirt is actually black... may look blue in some monitor since it does have some blue hue due to the flash. but if i adjust that to black then the jeans will look too blue compare to real life.  thus true color on the jeans takes presidence. :)
I think this wash is awesome.. but need to see it in person.. I hope the material should be similar weave pattern like the 888p.
Since I had the lights set up and was taking photos for members on this forum. I decided to take some of 808z I recently bought. Since not a lot of photos out there.  Here it is. Thavar 808z 29x30.             These of course were part of the short lived Texture exposure line.  I sorta like the unique checkered pattern to this pair.  It reminded me between the newer Tepphar 603N but I decided on this pair instead.  Also these photos should show its actual...
Ok Guys - thanks for the patience.  I managed to get some shots of Shioner 817H.  These photos should most accurately depict color of this pair.  Of course if you're in sun light it will look lighter.               Hopefully this helps others who's interested to buy this pair.    Thanks,
Hey Kazu, can you post some photos?? I think I am gonna pick up a pair
errrrrr diesel online store got some SS 14 about 5-6 pairs but no Sleenker 824z yet, or even 824p.  i guess keep waiting~
What size are you looking for?? I may have a Thavar 8x2 in 29x30 thinking to sell to buy furnitures.
Thanks for this - yah its sorta dirty but I guess it may change depending on the fit and if the dirtyness shows up..  Would you consider this a medium blue pair?? I've been sorta wanting a pair of electric or medium blue ones like 801c or 811p.. but this pair may work too....
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