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I actually checked out Jack & Jones, the Royal Denim Division, their high end ones where jeans are MII... they are pretty cool too and cost about same as pair of Diesels low price jeans.  but you're getting best quality.
more logo patches?
damn, thanaz fits you nicely DA... I tried on this pair before Thanaz just dont look that good on me.... dammit.
couldn't do the 829b..... spent the $$$ on the wife instead this time.. got her pair of Fayza NE 604N Jogg jeans.     hopefully they look as cool on her as this model pix!
887d is one of the best washes in my opinion and the details... But very hard to match things with it. Having said that you were able to match it very nicely... Awesome outfit man.
oh i see..... i'm tempted right now... $265usd...
but isn't diesel online store now offering 30% off?
 hahaha and I thought I have lots of shoes.. I can tell my wife to quiet down..
yah i have Krooley 880w, and in 27x30 and they fit perfect and even a bit loose once stretched.  I'd say if I had gotten 28x30 it'll be way to big.   I hope my krooley 811p won't fall into victim of that.
I just got my krooley 811p in 28x32 and i wish I had spend the extra $150 on the 27x30 when it was available.   so i think you could actually get away w/ 30 in this pair. 
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