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I am still debating if I should keep mine..... Although they are different but I find I grab my tepphar 880r over this pair...
I hear the summon - I'll grab some shots in few days after all these holiday dinner is done.  but; i may look fat after all the turkey and chocolates...
Not entirely true - my 824P doesn't have 3 color stitch but the tags inside indicate its made in Italy.. as Aramis indicated i guess 824p later releases may be made in Romania.. but the batch Cultizm sold were all MII.
DA - great buy on the 801c.  i snoozed on opportunity to grab a pair at $120 and now its all sold... E.Denim has it on eBay but he wants $240 for it which is still toward the high side.
Ramiraz - so you're the guy who took the 29x30?? hehehehe.   I got the 28x30 and its tight; my wife said it looks like leggings.... I'm still debating if I should sell it because I find it 'similar' to my tepphar 880r, and I actually prefer the 880r over 824p.... hmmmmmm.
is this the same shop based in Montreal Canada? if so then its absolutely legit; and great price.
Strachev - go w/ ur usual size.
yah 74Y is pretty good in my opinion. it fits well. i got my usual 29x30 size in Shioner and its a great go to pair if i just want something easy and quick.
Mine's being delivered today but I'm still working out in San Jose this week.  I can't wait to get them now after seeing better photos of this pair... I paid $157CAD for them which is not too bad for a pair of new SS'14. 
here you go: Thavar 888p 29x32   http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-MENS-DIESEL-THAVAR-0888P-JEANS-SIZE-29-/261347152684?pt=Men_s_Clothing&hash=item3cd981132c
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