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Aramis - best fitting on those thanaz 660q and the shoes with it.... Wow!!!
Wow great buy on great price leftvapor.... This pair normally is pretty ugly when it's very brown it yours is perfect!!!!! And for €90 it's a steal.... Glorious great buy on the 8y0 and 818v..... Damn still no 8bt yet I can't wait to get them!
Very nice... I saw these just now at the San Jose store and I couldn't of agree with you more. They are indeed very nice and because of the lyocell blend the thighs are comfortable. But in terms of fitting, I still rate thavar 811p fits a bit nicer but that's probably just my personal preference.
Yah I buy from them, they have cheap 68z and jogg jeans too..
@dcchicago - welcome..   yes I believe those darron's will stretch after few wears... they fit nice on you.   great buy dieselicious!
Daaan - nice list... I'd like to also add 880R and maybe 807D if you're looking for pair of grey's.
i tell you - the butt area will stretch so much you wont like it anymore.. i LOVE the color, grey and blue, but its just stretched out too damn much worst stretch in my entire collection so i barely wear it.
is that kakkee 883w or something? i have the same pair it stretched so much its really annoying.
also - Flax is super expensive...
not exactly right size 27x32 Krooley 880w, but good price!   http://www.ebay.com/itm/NWT-DIESEL-Jeans-Krooley-0880W-27x32-/121276020087?pt=US_CSA_MC_Jeans&hash=item1c3c9d3577   will let you know if come across more.
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