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Yup - i love my tepphar 880r, very versatile pair and comfortable.  Because of my 880r I got rid of my Sleenker 824p.
this pair is one of those that when it was released it was MII w/ the italian stitching... then I believe only Cultizm has it like that.  All the Diesel online stores for this pair w/ later releases are missing the italian color stitch by the size tags.  Thus I thought they are no longer MII, but I guess I'm wrong.  your pair looks authentic to me.
yah Glorious - Thavar Joggs are good... not leggines like Tepphar or Krooley Joggs for me... but having said that I sorta want to pick up Tepphar 811w joggs... Thavar 604N is damn sexy tho... 
see if seller has another one? its not like you got this jacket super good deal right? since you paid good amounts of money for it, should be something that's right.
 I Think Thanaz 880k.
Ming welcome back.... I see you still have them legs for all the skinny jeans!!! You gotta tell me what do you eat!!
I think you got a great pair of this wash.. i've seen some super blue or tooo dirty.
I think it is a good find.. and I wouldn't be surprised if no body bid on the auction and it does end pretty cheap.  Keep them coming guys.
 how often are they on? I pm'd Dave about some stuff and its been few days with no response yet.
Awesome buy!! James at JPR is great.
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