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hello - are you still looking to get this done?  I'm in Vancouver BC can do it for you.  I drive to Point Roberts, WA weekly and can ship it out there for you.
where did you find the 811p Getalonginated? what size you get.
this looks like a glorified Selvage denim of DBG Excess 8ML.........
I have Thavar and Braddom 887D.. I'm very surprised you fit 28 in 887D and you wear Thavar in 30s.... and 829b is tight for you in 29s... my 887D in 28 fits like all my other 28s fit.. and I do not wear Thavar in 30.. I do have few thavar 29x30s.
Welcome!  I see you purhcased Thavar 827w.  how's that pair?  I am looking into that.. can you let us know how it fits compare to other thavars, is it tight? etc etc..do we need to size up? will it stretch out lots? is it 100% cotton?     Thanks a bunch!
Very nice review!!!!!  I enjoyed reading through it and everything is exactly as you mentioned.. very acurate!!!!   yah Dieselicious, all the ones I've seen in this wash has more yellow and brown.. But the one you got is mainly black and its damn sexy!!!!!!!   Phukette if you can, grab the Superbia BG60E how Leftvapor mentioned.. its quite similar feel but cheaper and is black....
Hello - yah the lyocell blend makes it feel softer and they do stretch a little.  I've actually only put on 2 wears and so far I only notice it stretch out a little around the knee area.  I'll 3rd wear in few days but I don't feel it'll stretch out any further.   I stick to my regular size, 28x30   I think Belther fit is great, one main difference is the thigh is not as tight as thavar, and also the back pocket is lower down the butt.  thavar is more traditional fit,...
OMG i'm not worthy... you guys are absolutely correct.... i go slap myself now brb.
oh - I also like to add that this pair uses the zipper fly, not buttons like most other thavars.
Aramis - best fitting on those thanaz 660q and the shoes with it.... Wow!!!
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