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its sold out;   i was gonna get it but i didn't   I saw this pair in person before and posted fit pix in other thread.  Its a limited edition pair, the white spot is not that obvious when worn.  It has this tuxedo looking stripe at the sides but it ends at the thigh.  And was is like super super dark green / grey and its soft with tiny bit just tiny amount of gold glitter.        
the one I got actually do not have the vertical stripes.. its just solid dark grey w/ feel of sand blasted darker charcol overlay.. its actually quite a really nice pair that you can wear it around without being too funky... its my go to pair now for a comfortable pair that looks awesome w/ boots.   the length is just standard.. i got the 28 and inseam feels like standard 30L braddom inseam w/ the pre stacks...  you should be fine.
I just picked up some shoes too!!! Great buy on the 802K Braddom.. I got the dark charcol one and I really love it... also MII too!!!   I was thinking about Thavar limited edition but $145 is cheap....... but do i really need more jeans.. boo :( 
Good luck looking for another pair of Krooley 27x30s.  You know where to get them when you're ready =)   I also have Thavar 886B 28x30. let me know when you're ready and serious about making a deal.  
A quick update.. Wearing these finally and just noticed the distress on the jeans are not lined... So I can see after these jeans worn in the holes may poke through .. Just make sure you watch your toes when you put these on.
Quettingen - you should really try to get your hands on a pair of Nudie Thin Finn Dry Black coated... you'll love it.
Thavar joggs are buttons... look 604N or Thavar reboot or other thavar jogg's that's in market today.
I use reclaimed rail road spike hooks.. works same but just looks more industrial.  as Kevpwnsu said it doesn't stretch out or mess up the jeans belt loops.
it does look pretty cool - but if jogg jean material not wanted you should check out Belther 824E.. should fit you nice.
I am not too sure about Krayver fit yet, can't wait to give it a try, but belther definitely does not fit like Darron.  I do see the neat tiny detail 'similarities' but the fit is off...
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