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I love my thin finns... but lower back yoke and pocket may not work for everyone.
yes 3 blue eyecon's still look nice.. Krayver, Belther and Thavar 829b.... I've got to check out Belther and maybe get that one to compare it to 816K. 
Aramis that sucks man!!!!! Putin should be focusing on securities of the upcoming Sochi games instead of this stupid policy!!!!
damn - that might push me over to buy this t-shirt and DBG jeans I found on YOOX...
thanks @Aramis !!!!!!
maybe you ought to help talk to him for me then :) 
do you know him?? he's got a pair I was eyeing but price is just still a bit too high.
I think Yoox now has thavar 802k in light grey.. you can check that out.
 Had to go back to beginning of the thread to find these great washes that have yet been released...   These 2 Blue Eyecon's above and Tepphar is what I should be waiting for... looking fineeeee.
Good by Locky - I recognize that change room in Paris Diesel store....  I will keep my eye open for Thavar 827W... i think the photos don't do it justice.
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