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not sure which days you are there but definitely hit up the night swim at the XS... god it was so much fun; everyone in bikinis at night, in the pool splashing everywhere.. just jump in flip the girls air animals and then pick them up make out w/ them then toss them into the pool.
hahahahaha... i'm just buggin you about those spots, they are not your usual clubs if you know what i mean.   have a great trip on Vegas man... good luck hope you win some money!
gonna hit up spear head rhino or sapphire other good spots?? =)
well that's a bummer!! portland one would have no tax too!! seattle one has 8.25% tax i think... which is annoying.   you can taxi to the premium outlet in vegas.... its not that bad. lots of taxi's go there; and really easy to taxi back to the strip.
Just google Las Vegas North Premium Outlet and its in there.
whaaaaat, really? no Diesel store in Portland!?!?!  And the Seattle downtown one closed too???!?
whaaaaaaaaat!?!?!?? you're not keeping it? damn its one of those tepphars i never got and still wonder if I need it....
Haven't posted on this thread for a while... but today wearing Belther 828T 28x30.     after about 4-5 wears, they stretched out about 1/3 size.. very minimal. I like the way they fit now much more compared to my review fit pix earlier.. they were tighter then.  but overall they still don't hug as nice as Belther 824e.
man i think thavar fits you well.. dont need to make changes.
ColdSteel - i'll let you know when I get my Krooley 811p.  I got them 28x32 as they are only size YOOX had.. my other pair of Krooley is 880w and i sized down to 27x30 and it was a brilliant decision.
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