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I must agree here... my love for 830K is dying.... why can't it be like the other photos on Poland eBay seller.. what a huge difference!!!
Happy Friday - today slacking w/ the Narrot Jogg 606D.  
The Narrot Jogg jeans arrived!  it turned out to be Narrot 606D... and its fits damn amazing!!  much thinner jogg material vs my 800D.. and fits way nicer.. I'm sold...   I got 28 and it fits really nice.. no need to size up or down on these.  
Yes I hope in real life 830k looks like this link but so far most other photos show otherwise.......
very nice buy!!!!
Let me know!!! this pair is still not available in the USA site yet.... pls keep us all posted!!! i'm really interested in this pair.. and wondering how thick denim is... from the photos of the link I sent they look thick denim w/ rips.. but from online store they look quite thin....
yup - I too have about same as you.. So you know Tepphar 887v is much tighter than rest other washes.. I was just curious if this wash will be extra tight like Tepphar 887v.. or if it will be like most other pairs of Tepphars which I fit 28x30..  but I could not squeeze into 28x30 in 887v.   haven't seen these in real yet, but they look amazing man.   http://www.aukcjoner.pl/gallery/016809216-1.html#I1
I plan to buy this pair too!! but haven't seen them yet... i too am stuck between 28x30 or 29x30... not sure how tight they are.
Diesel Reboot Jogg Jacket.. pretty cool Nicola collection:   http://www.ebay.com/itm/Diesel-REBOOT-Jogg-Jeans-Men-s-Biker-Jacket-Large-Made-in-Italy-New-/321410340022?pt=UK_Men_s_Coats_Jackets&hash=item4ad58c94b6
thanks!!! yah plan to rock them tomorrow!! will hopefully get some fit pix along the way!!!
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