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Damn those iakop looks fantastic on you man!!!!!! Awesome!
I think he meant he likes the wash, but pls release them in Thanaz cut.  But i think that's very highly unlikely to happen since they discontinued Thanaz this season right?
oops - just found these 2 photos in my phone.  They show better the dot distressings on the thighs i was talking about earlier.  
hahahaha; yes that's true... i guess I need to decide if I want to fork out $328+tax for them yet.. or alternatively grab that rust red belther AND maybe pair of thavar 801c or something (i don't have electric blue jeans yet). hmmmmmmmmmm
damn that 608T thavar is nice.... I also have my eyes on the Thavar 829B Blue eyecon's and the other Belther blue Eyecon someone posted a while back.  crap anyone know the wash??
thanks for the suggestions guys..  This is one of those pairs that its different every pair.  So if you are to buy online you just gotta have your fingers crossed you either get a super dirty one or a more clean one.   They look a bit dirtier in person because of the rust orange patina which doesn't show up in photos.  but be sure to check it out in person if you guys have a chance.   pryv75 - hahaha yes.... but i find myself wearing shioners and thavar's more than my...
Hello, I didn't say faded into black.... The jeans are blue Jeans with black waxy coating to make the jeans black. And yes it has brown/gold fadings at the thigh. It's nice and stretchy. Don't get me wrong, all I am saying is the technique is very similar to a pair of DBG superbia that I own. Would love to see some fit pix if you have them.
Crap I forgot to check what they are made out of, was too excited to wear them... They are $328usd Here's one more of the coin pocket. It also has some jewel as one of the metal rivets
Hi guys - so I went to the San Jose store today and finally got a chance to check out Sleenker 824z. I have been anxiously waiting for this pair and after seeing and trying it on I have mix emotions.. I tried on 2 pairs, 28x30 and 29x30. First off this pair is definitely different each pair. The two pairs I tried are noticeably different. Here are the photos for 28x30 This particular pair is much cleaner than the 29s (photos below). As you can see the...
Was just at diesel store at San Jose.. They have many pairs of tepphar 823D and I do not think there's anything fancy with them and definitely not worth $400 in my opinion. They are basically similar to my DBG superbia BG80E. It's just a blue jean coated into black so it has a waxy feel and plus it has brown fadings at thigh.... However having said that I finally got to see and try on Sleenker 824z. I took lots of photos will post them here when I get back to the...
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