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very awesome DA - i love it also how your wife also takes selfie photos.. hahahaha.
hahaha - she's actually been really supportive...  her sister asked many times "are you really going to let him do this??"    She knows this is our passion so she wouldn't get between it.
Thanks Lorna and Jennifer!!!!
quite liking the reboot thavar... can't quite read german but looking at the photos I suspect its jogg jean material... what do you guys think?
Hmmmm i think my wife and I will start trying next yr.. but there's still so much more travelling to do.... but she's turning 34 next yr so time is sorta running out.. boo to me... hehehe.
824p is made in italy right?? but doesn't have the italian color stitching right?
damn i really want to check out sleenker... heading to chicago next week hopefully they'll have it at stores.. otherwise will just gotta wait longer!
thanks guys for the kind words... I had asked Karacho before because he has a wicked chain system.  I wanted to make sure by hanging jeans this way it won't stretch out or make the jeans look wonky afterwards.  Karacho confirmed it should be safe.  If i notice jeans becoming wonky i'll keep everyone posted...  feel free to add on if you have your own denim bar to share =)
Epic outfit and photo! Did you use pocket wizard to trigger the shutter?
hahah thanks guys!!!   Aramis - i think most of us on here have more knowledge than Diesel sales reps at stores!!! sad to say..  but it would be really cool to be able to work for Diesel in their operations distribution sector since that's what I do.
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