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http://www.denimblog.com/c/t/199397/diesel-belther-828t-2014-spring-summer-blue-eyecon-review-fit-pics   no brainer if its your size... do it.
absolutely recommend it... but once I get it i'll work on a full review.. stay tuned for that.  Giamatshop mailed it last Friday; I hope to get it next week.
somebody buy the Belther 828T for 69EURO... its a freaking steal!!!!!!   if you are 30L Karacho... I'll be all over it.
no its medium... very similar to 816b or 824e.. or 801a.. so its not thick by all means... i say similar to 886b too. 
Not white at all man...... It's light blue with wrinkles everywhere and rust spots by the pockets and back too... And has nice distress holes we are all familiar with... Check it out in person when you can!!
Finally saw Thavar 827w in person.... I already bought a pair fr Giamtshop but man now I am even more excited for it to arrive.... It looks really nice in real life man... The details are just amazing. I can't wait to get my hands on one and will post review once I get it ...
@Gruidl - James is great @stylecentre ; fast shipping so you can buy with confidence.
 Phukette!! Congrats on the baby man!!!!!!!!  life changes I bet.. I hope to find out one day. looking superb here w/ this tepphar.  Hope to see you on here more; maybe in odd random middle of the nights when the baby's keeping you up!
you look so pimp @denim addict !!!  Love those sneakers too!
hehehe yah the forum is bad... I tried this on before and I thought it was nice, but wasn't Wow for me, mainly due to the fact its hard to match clothes with. But then after looking at the photos on here and you guys saying you gonna buy it; it makes me want one now too!!!!! 
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