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Now i'm scared to post photos of jeans after seeing the photo of super star puppy....  but somebody's gotta start so I will be the mean one.   my very first pair of Krooley came in today, 880W.  Got it from Mike from Poland eBay seller.. really awesome.   I sized down on this pair, 27x30. and it fits perfect.. a 28 would definitely be too big for me.  
you wear suits to exams?!? that's so cool.
Oh yah Karacho super spiffy in the suit! What was the occasion?
cool to know that we are all denim fanatics but also a softy at heart =)
I love 801n.. looks great on ya.... and congrats on the new puppy.. i see the diaper training pads and the cage.. super cute... its a long committment!! mine is 7 yrs old and still is a puppy in my eyes!
super cute puppy!!!!!
Hello,   Phukette - damn man.. those 886B looked good. I wore mine yesterday but was too busy to take photos without belt for Lee... I'll have to do it again.   Lee - still owe ya some photos, have not forgetten... those Safado look comfee, not as tight as Thavars... but I think I like the thavar fit slightly more!!   Loki - nice pair man.. I like it more w/ dress shoes.. I need a pair like that.   Today I'm wearing my new Tepphar 887v.  quite happy w/...
Also today wearing Shioner 801A... the new FW13 816H looks damn nice tho..  
wow.. that denim jacket is super pimp Karacho..... and I know I dont need 888r, I know I don't need 888r, I just need to convince myself that!
  I think the guy just posted 2 new Thanaz washes, 813z and 816L..      but damn man this season there's a few that's really nice.. to me its all upgrades of previous wash.. i think I would of liked the new 816K instead of 68z i just bought... the 816H really does look like a super beefed up version of 801a... but I prefer Shioner cut over Iakop or Braddom...    bottom line.. I can't wait to see some of these new washes at stores!
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