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 I Think Thanaz 880k.
Ming welcome back.... I see you still have them legs for all the skinny jeans!!! You gotta tell me what do you eat!!
I think you got a great pair of this wash.. i've seen some super blue or tooo dirty.
I think it is a good find.. and I wouldn't be surprised if no body bid on the auction and it does end pretty cheap.  Keep them coming guys.
 how often are they on? I pm'd Dave about some stuff and its been few days with no response yet.
Awesome buy!! James at JPR is great.
Hello @manasdirge - hmmm i have Thanaz 887k and 74k which is not really how normal Thanaz fits.. but I find Belther more forgiving in the thighs so its not as tight.  Overall I like how Belther fit on me vs Thanaz.  Unless you have super muscular legs 28x30 or 29x30 should fit you nicely in this pair.  For Thavar's I buy 29x30 and this Belther I got 28x30 and they fit nice.   Thanks, Vince.
DA nice leather man.. I just saw his biker leather but man 500EUR is too damn much for me.. hahahaha...   CLarsson - not me man... i'm 3 jeans deep in 1 week.. going back to hibernation until new season hopefully... oh and I bought Narrot 824L.
@Hawk yah that's craaaaaaaazy.... would love to go to these sort of places in my life time!
Lee!!!! try giamatshop, heck lot cheaper than retail... but yes I feel you...
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