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man the saint laurent jeans look gangster!!!!
ohhh - the red rust one in Belther is almost unseen.... I got it at local department store during xmas time.  Other than that location I have never seen anyone else carry it.  Like you said most people carry the Thavar cut instead..  Good luck!!   However Thavar is pretty nice too, just grab the Thavar instead =)
What color are you looking for?   Cultizm carries blue and dark grey, and is now on sale: http://www.cultizm.com/specials.php?cat=c54_Diesel.html   also available in 32.   no need to size down on these. they do not stretch out that much.  
yah 833D the details is just amazing... hopefully in other cuts as well!!!!! Safado just looks awful on me.. lol
Thanks for Sharing... 833Z looks like a super pimp 887v ... I like it.  I wonder if they'll have 3rd blue eyecon this season...
hmmmm - i cannot answer this w/ certainty... it really depends on wash and also you should try Braddom or these cuts first at stores before you dive in and purchase a bunch... I buy my Braddoms in 28... Thavars in 29, Tepphars in 28 and Shioners in 29... so I am a mix bag.   also depends on 'tight' you want your jeans..  good luck man!!!
You can try Krayver, Krooley or Braddom.... or maybe Iakop.   not so certain about Belther.. most likely not the thighs may not be big enough for you.
811w is still so nice.. I have to start wearing mine again!!!
yah; but this guy takes great photos.. look at his version of 830K. its beautiful!!   i need to see this pair w/ the big patch... might be too big for me..  man I'm still on the fence for 608T...
Good one @chinotto!
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