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I think you have from most basic and safe blue 823u to more funky 824z and super funky 828v.....  so depends what you looking for.. more safe and boring 823u or go w/ the extremes....   828v is nice BUT very fashionable... I think i'll stick to 824z if you can endure the splash paint spot looking wash.
Thanks for the feedback!!!!!   should i get 28 or 26??  I am normally a 28 in tepphar and krooley, 29's in some thavar and shioners... I found a 26 Narrot used, but good deal on eBay not sure if I should take the plunge....  I have krooley Jogg in 28; waist is good, saggy bum after stretched, and tight knee down... so I am thinking maybe Narrot 26 may work?
great commercial; i just saw it earlier too.   does anyone know how Narrot Jogg Jeans fit!? they any good? 
nice sneakers man!!!!!!!   Yah that looks like bad camera white balance issue kynhonglongbong
might be a new cut.. check out this one too...  
hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.... all that hype.. I dont know if I like the military color mix'd w/ fur.... these actually look very similar to existing punk styles that's out there now...
damn; this pair looks much better on you than on me!!!! awesome man.
Weenie - I think it looks good on you man...  some other forum member indicated these jeans bleed.. can you verify?
I actually checked out Jack & Jones, the Royal Denim Division, their high end ones where jeans are MII... they are pretty cool too and cost about same as pair of Diesels low price jeans.  but you're getting best quality.
more logo patches?
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