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Tepphar and Waykee are very different washes... I suggest you check out a store and give those cuts a try to see which cut flatters you more. 
awesome buy @ArtNouveau   i missed my fedEx guy today, so PRPS fury I bought from cultizm is now back at FedEx wearhouse.. and its a god damn easter holidays so I dont know when If I'll get it this weekend.. 
I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Looks so nice. I will wait for the next discount.  
yah i figured I give it a shot.... fingers crossed it'll fit.   Cultizm support said its 40cm (15.7") for waist when laying flat... so hopefully it fits!!! otherwise I gotta pay return shipping back to them for a refund..
all this PRPS talk today I pulled the trigger.. I purchased PRPS fury in Smokey Medium.. size 29, hope it fits..  w/ 50% off in cultizm, its still price of a brand new pair of Diesels.. eeek!       will let you guys know once arrived and thoughts.
Yah James @stylecentre has them.  
 I think James at Stylecenter has your size.. 30x32.
I have 881w, got my usual size, and after few wears they will stretch.  but zdenal is right about below knee it is tight, like how normal tepphars fit tho...  because denim is stretchy and comfortable they are much better than older tepphars like 8PK. tight and not stretch.
Very nice outfits everyone!
I know!! And I am taking your advice so I am still torn. But I think I am gonna give the PRPS fury a try on cultizm. And then wait for more sales later in the season. I just picked up an army green belther 816b and thavar 821b dark black coated version so quite looking forward to that.
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