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 hahaha no i don't have 28.. i HAD 28 but sold to buy 29..... i say look for that Fabric Brand Jericho i got if you can't find 8BT.  because seriously the other pair is really damn cool too.  i'm working on a review between the two.  just need to set up lights to take some photos tomorrow!
 hahaha what do you mean?  Mine is 29.. are you saying I'm fat and need a 30 soon?? hahahahaha... the way I'm eating you are on the right track =)
Just picked up one of the most expensive pair of jeans I ever bought.   I will do a comparison w/ my DBG 8BT shortly but man they are in that league..  Made in Japan, by hand, selvage denim.  Very authentic wear and its crusty like raw denim still..  very similar to 8BT.   Few snaps w/ my phone and dark at night; don't do it justice.   Fabric Brand Jericho Super Wash:      
way too much for 8x2...  good luck.
DA man love those Vans....   have you heard or seen Fabric Brand jeans?  from Simon Miller.  I been eyeing a pair..  its like DBG 8BT on steroids.  The one I am looking at is the Jericho.  all made in Japan by hand.  Check them out in the link.  They fit like a boss...         @Korkor Nice 846K man.... fit pix like these makes me want to buy it too.
 They will be rusty and vintage looking. very industrial.  But will be dirty like shit and greasy. I spent about an hour cleaning them 1 by 1 after I got them.   if you don't clean them, you definitely will have shit all over your jeans =) here you go, my post about this wall: http://www.denimblog.com/c/t/198727/my-own-denim-bar
yup should be real.  if you do a search here you'll see few members have bought them.  The dark black/greenish version tho. I've seen the red/black ones online and at stores.  but that's a wild wash, if you can pull it off then that's awesome!
Hi Everyone,   thought I'd share my progress on these 14.8oz momotaro x japan blue raw denim I've been wearing for 10 months.   Recently we did a trip to Dubrovnik Croatia and I decided to give them a ocean beach wash.  I've seen them done online and they always look so amazing so I figured why not give it a try:  Here's the beach we went:       Here's what the jeans look like before the ocean beach wash:       so these are quite thick and rigid.  I tried...
yo DA @denim addict my bad just saw this!!   shit man the evolution looks great!!! I say go ahead and wash them.     I actually just did my first soak and beach wash on my momo's I'll share some photos in another post right now.  I noticed mine actually got darker w/ the soak tho... so pretty pissed however not given up yet.  will keep wearing but my next time will be a machine wash.   I think machine wash will fade more than regular wash.   looks amazing man.....
Yup - no problem w/ YOOX.   but you better to get them to ship within USA to Point Roberts or Blaine WA and pick it up yourself.  for them to ship to Canada is quite expensive as they include the duties at the time of purchase.
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