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yo yo - sorry for the delay!! didn't notice the question until now. still rocking the momo's.  they are fading nicely but slowly.  I am going to be wearing them for another 1.5-2 months and will do a beach sand rub and wash.. then will be taking them home for another wash to get rid of the salt water. and hopefully will wear them for another 2-3 month before it gets too cold for another beach sand rub to try and destroy them. try to sell your iron hearts, i'm sure there...
 hmm - i'm no expert, but maybe instead of Cargo, you should try their Kushiro, which to me is very similar, except in black leather instead of faded black/grey in cargo.  good luck!
Just saw these - looking good man!!!! 
hi @pryv75 - hows Tepphar 839b after few wears?  did they stretch out?  do you still recommend sizing up?  I normally take 28x30 for my tepphars w/ stretch.  should I be getting 29x30 for this pair?
oh I"m digging that jacket.. is that dark denim biker?? 
yah but gloriouscafe has moved onto the saint laurant jeans!! aaahh!
how's 602s, I heard they stretch... I'm thinking if I should get them in 28x30 or 29x30? there's 1 on eBay.
I love 830P man... the color tone and wash distress is so nice... but i just couldn't pull off the big patch.. i tried so hard but couldn't do it... Looks great on you tho @denim addict 
 I have the jacket you're looking for, in size M too!!!!!!   will let you know if plan to let it go... its so nice its a statement piece.
Yup, that's why I bought mine when I was able to find them at proyus. That jacket is quite rare now!
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