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hi DA - i tried on the 29x30 at the store and i dont notice them being different from other Thavar's 29x30 I've tried.. except w/ the lyocell blend it feels like 829B or 828T...  sorry i didn't buy them so cannot get you super details.   My Thavar 833J is on route, but due to Italian holidays there will be few days delay.  Hopefully I get it end of next week.   I also wore my 8BT today... freaking love this pair.. its beautiful.
Thanks @DieselBoy786 - i hope I got the right size.. I ordered my usual Thavar size which is 29x30.. I know this one has 1% elastane I hope it won't be too big on me!!!
I ordered Thavar 833J, maybe I should of got Tepphar 835L first..... Oh well looks like I need to order 835L soon!!!!! It looks pretty damn nice
 yah I was looking at that pair too, from YOOX, limited edition from Japan but was sorta pricy.. now down to around $175..  how does it fit?
hello!  do you still have the Rooby shirt in small?
got it!! Thanks Phukette!!!!
So can someone pls help identify how 835L texture material feels like?
thanks Boss!  So I guess what does the material feel like?  is it thick like 74Y?  or stretchy semi thick like 880r?  or are they like 880w.   thanks!
hi Phukette!!!!!!!   hows Tepphar 835L compare to Tepphar 880R or 881W?   thanks in advance!
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