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What's the denim weight of the iron hearts?? Usually they are quite heavy and will fade nicely but slow.
hmmmmmmm - yah nothing really caught my eyes.. lot of washes look like a recycle from previous seasons with minor changes of course...   i guess this is good for the wallet!
  hello - i measured the jeans I have.  i have 28x30 and the inseam is around 30.5-31 inches.  so its fairly good in my opinion :)
Hi Pryv75 quick question, does your thavar jogg jeans the side seams get twisted when wearing them and walking around?? my thavar 600s side seams (the one that goes along the legs) gets twisted when i walk around in them.. sorta annoying but i love how the jeans look tho.
thanks guys - I was giving him some time to show evidence and I went to bed, but @Phukette took care of it while I was sleeping dreaming..  Thanks guys!!
Hi there,Unless you can post photos and show evidence that the jeans you received from James is fake, your posts will be removed accordingly for slandering or false accusation.Thanks,
Thanks for this guys!!!!!!! Really appreciate it. Will stick to 28x30 and go from there!
Thavar Jogg 609M.
 get size 30 in 602s.  I heard they will stretch after some wear.. the denim is thin.
@Quettingen - so you wouldn't size down?? i was suggested to get 27x30 on these instead of my 28x30.... what do you think?
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