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 The cut by the pocket can rip if you pull it from the front... but the back there's patch underneath it.. blue one.. so people can't see through the hole and see your underwear.
Just won auction on eBay for Thavar 600s Jogg Jeans...  I recall trying them at San Fran and loved the wash..    
Man @audit30 you just make me want to buy Sleenker 830J..... I was going to write off that wash but man it looks GREAT on you.
love 801c.. one of those pairs i never found 29x30 and good price... but now i have 811p and 833j all electric blue so I sorta forgot about 801c.. but its a beautiful pair.
 Thanks Phukette!! sorry I didn't see this earlier. Yah I will stick w/ XS.. I love the oxblood, but picked up a Scotch and Soda one on sale.. so I guess I'm left w/ ink or Black.. Conroy Ink is very very dark blue that it looks black right?
 I'm about same as you.. I noticed waist got a bit loose, so I wear them w/ belt now so I dont always have to pull them up... but the thigh fits great.  the knee down is slightly wider like many have complained w/ the new thavar cut. but with shoes & stacking you can't really tell.. I still haven't had chance to do 833J Thavar.. its a great pair really...
 i feel exact same way.. love the wash, but i should of got 28x30 instead of 29x30... now i wear it w/ a belt..
yup!!! @Aahz i love my 600v narrot as well.  I scored them while diesel was doing the additional discount one.. but the Diesel store honored the online price match!! will be rocking these to europe next week 
okay!! Thanks @Musejames93!!
I want to get another all saints biker... But is there a way to tell what's difference in fit between Conroy, Kushiro and Cargo? I know the subtle and minor details and leather texture. But how do they fit? I am an XS, so should I get XS on any of the 3 options? Thanks in advance guys!
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