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Straychev - I'll post some of my photos w/ solid black shirt w/ this pair this coming Sunday night my time.  Hang tight.  I be meaning to shoot this pair.
Yah I'm sorta waiting for Sleenker 824z.. can't wait to see more pix fo that pair.
nice outfit MaxSto..... love the jacket and boot combo.
Sanibeldude - just saw those DBG superbia you posted.. man those are great pair of Black jeans....   Phukette - man that jacket is the boss!!!!!
Great Buy DA - you notice Shioner 801A hugs you like no other pair... its very nice... let see some fit pix!
Thanaz never fit right for me.. saggy bum etc etc... Thavar to me has tighter thighs vs Shioner... Shioner also looks a bit more boxy by the waist.. maybe its the illusion w/ the stitchings and stuff.
I think its going to be $348USD retail.   ** Correction, this pair came out on Diesel online store today.  its $328 retail **
Nope - no holes; but there's distress as shown in the photos.
I hear you - I'm only 5'6, so this issue is actually an advantage for me =)
I guess I will wear my 888p braddom tmr!
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