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Awesome buy!! James at JPR is great.
Hello @manasdirge - hmmm i have Thanaz 887k and 74k which is not really how normal Thanaz fits.. but I find Belther more forgiving in the thighs so its not as tight.  Overall I like how Belther fit on me vs Thanaz.  Unless you have super muscular legs 28x30 or 29x30 should fit you nicely in this pair.  For Thavar's I buy 29x30 and this Belther I got 28x30 and they fit nice.   Thanks, Vince.
DA nice leather man.. I just saw his biker leather but man 500EUR is too damn much for me.. hahahaha...   CLarsson - not me man... i'm 3 jeans deep in 1 week.. going back to hibernation until new season hopefully... oh and I bought Narrot 824L.
@Hawk yah that's craaaaaaaazy.... would love to go to these sort of places in my life time!
Lee!!!! try giamatshop, heck lot cheaper than retail... but yes I feel you...
@shatianzhenyy I posted photos of the comparison between the 3 pairs at the very end of the review.  You can see for yourself the color differences.   8PN is similar color tone in some spots, but the materials and feel of 8PN is completely different from 827w.  8PN denim is much thicker, with super cool details like the faded squares on the side of jeans.. and big rips.  827w is 'clean' compare to 8PN.   888p has yellowish tint in them vs no yellow tint in 827w.  Hope...
Hi Champ aka Mike Tyson... These will be slightly thinner material than 8880M and they are different from 888p. You can see from the photos above, but yes I can see similarities.. To my wife every pair looks the same.
 Thanks Weenie and I Like Jeans - I got the chair actually just randomly on Craigslist.  its just people posting things they don't want/need to sell. I got a steal on this one, paid $40 for it.. 
Thanks guys - its you guys who read it and appreciate it makes me want to write about them. @Dieselicious will send you the measurements tonight when I get back home!
Hi Everyone - if you are looking for pair of light blue denim that is also light in weight, look no more.  This pair is definitely designed and made for spring and summer time.  Today I'm going to do a review on Diesel Thavar 827w, Spring/Summer 2014 collection.     I have been eyeing this pair for few months now, but never really got serious about it until last week.  I bought this pair from @giamatshop on here and as many have good experience w/ him.   Moving onto...
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