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I have my 2003 Zathan 772 waiting for that time when it arrives.
Didn't mean to discourage people from this awesome wash.. But yah 608T fits large because it's very soft Jean material and thick unlike past few seasons where the denim was stiffer. But the main issue I found with 608t is the leg opening is wider than normal thavars. Now I didn't measure them up to compare but 608T let opening fits a bit wider compare to my other thavars.
Hello, I also did a review on Tepphar 830k... I got my usual pair 28x30 and it fits like all my other tepphars.... So I think you may have just gotten a pair that's bit big. I tried 835L 28x30 at the store and they fit like my 830k.. However like Phukette suggested they will stretch out. And yes diesel sizing is very strange lately, 608t for example it's such awesome wash but man it fits crap vs older thavars like 811p or even my 808z. Also heard that new tepphar 838v...
thanks!!  I forgot, I have Sleenker 830J and Thavar 827w.. hahaha I need to review to see if they are toooooooooooo similar... LOL the photos on yoox is not very good compare to DA's photos!!! man those are nice.
OMG thank you...   $136... much better than the one i found on eBay for $179 + ship....  so tempting....
Thanks @denim_addict i couldn't find them on YOOX.  which country were you looking under? or do you have link handy hahaha saves a lot of time flipping through the pages looking for them since they don't label the damn jeans... :)    Thanks!
thanks for the mini review @Ardenim, so you didn't quite like Tepphar 838v??  how do they feel are they stiff or super soft like the one you just bought.
DA - when did you get the 880i??? man your fit pix looks so good, now I want one!!!!!  where did you get them?   after 2nd look, are they remotely similar to 830J??  I have sleenker 830J and i think its 'similar'? hmmm
Akira, conroy oxblood and the leather sleeves pea coat are on wish list.... Great buy guys..
Thank you!!!!!! very much!!!   @stylecentre
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