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Hello - I will try to answer your questions:   Diesel link vs Safado version on Dirty New age site = same wash code jeans.  602S in real life looks more like the Safado photos.  but not as blue... so has bit more green to them.. but not so yellow green like diesel online site.   secondly yes, the ones on YOOX is Tepphar 602s..  because Diesel online site model they probably sized up.  This pair is pretty skinny/tight.  But i believe people say it will stretch out 1...
damn, nice! is this the same pair @gloriouscafe got as well!????!?!?
unfortunately man; the seller will always loose   you can try to argue, but PayPal or eBay won't care.  Your best bet is ask buyer to pay shipping, return jeans to you for full refund.. and try to sell jeans again.  Most of the time buyer will not pay return shipping, and since you do not get the jeans back you cannot issue refund.  so that's done.      this is one of the risks w/ selling on eBay.. buyer always wins. well from my experience anyway.   Only time...
830p and 816k and 817h all have similar color tone... But big difference is the feel of the denim... 816k is standard crispy denim, 817h is thicker and waxy feel, while 830P is super soft and the abrasions are sanded so nicely... It definitely feels like diesel is learning and improving their processes as they evolve... Awesome photos DA!!! I am thinking about buying 830P after seeing 833z isn't anything too too special.
I could tell about the rust spot.... Crap maybe will need to sell my 827w and revamp with 834c.....
DieselBoy786 -    Thavar 834c is almost like 827w.... or is it different?   i can't tell if that's light grey or light light blue.
I just saw the jean on Diesel online store was about to share here but looks like Dieselicious has already found it before me....  yah looks like re issue of 8BT.. pretty damn nice!!!  I got 8BT but rarely wear it cuz too scare to ruin it.... will only wear it during special occasions.
Thanks @straychev, I am pretty small I am only 5'5... So yah definitely need 30L and even then there's good amounts of stacking
@Dieselicious - they are Cole Haan Edison Chukka... not sure about color I got it on eBay... $80.. pretty damn good price..   @pryv75 - nice!!!! look great on you man!!!!!!!   i'm still trying to find how to wear this pair being so ripped..... i guess i also just need some self confidence to rock these.
lol -   The shoes are Cole Haan.... i quite like their shoes they are skinny and fits nice; and always available on sale at outlets =)
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