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I'm kinda taking a liking to Krayver 838G... has anyone seen them or any comments on the rust look like in real life?    
I have 801D in beige almost looks cream white w/ dust fades.. really cool.  my guess you have the steel grey one.. that one is ultra rare.   there have been few pairs of Thavar or belther 818v that has multiple colors and MII.  i have the burgandy red one Belther 818v that I still like.  I know that wash also came in grey.  however does not have the black distressings like 886B..   you may want to check out Chi-Dee if you can find them.  I have the grey and khaki - all...
thanks for sharing!
yah I think 886B.....    Can't wait to see 840X!!!
 yummmm those look clean and sharp! how they fit? which one is 251? superbia?
 I'm waiting on to see what Belther 840x looks like too.... and hoping USA will be getting Tepphar 839B..  waiting on those..  Jeanetic check out Belther 824e if you're in a pair of black jeans! and Belther 816B are my favorites.. 828T blue eyecon is great too.
welcome back @jeanetic!! after being away and sold most of your jeans its great to get some fresh thoughts at some of the newer MII washes from the new season!
whoaaa welcome back @jeanetic!!!!!
has anyone actually bought much of Spring/Summer 2015 collection  yet??  I haven't seen anyone really pulling the trigger yet.... i think i'm still looking forward to see Belther 840x in person or better photos.. tepphar 839b and sleenker 838p are my maybes.... nothing really IT jeans yet for me.
looks sharp!
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