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awesome photos Toulouz.   i love how the superbia fit on you!!!!!
great buys @yorick83 
yah me too I am just sorta in sleep mode as well.  Just been wearing shorts here in Vancouver BC or my jogg jeans.  I own a photography business and we do interior photo shoots and other real estate related projects.  so often I just wear my jogg jeans for the flexibility and comfort... its too difficult to wear a pair of say Shioner 74Y which is rigid to a shoot.  Oh another reason why i love my tepphar and sleenker stretchy denim.   but on the days off where there's no...
yup - I hope so too, it should.. Diesel just gotta release some more epic washes that's not $800!!!!
hehehe thanks DA, yah you helped me remind how tight they were on my thighs.... it is very strange fit indeed.   i haven't bought jeans for sometime other than my 839b.. its nice but wasn't a spectacular wash or joy to purchase compare to say DBG 8BT per say... been sorta waiting looking for the next pair that will give me that same excitement...
why did I sell my 887k again?? god dammit.
damn!!! those are some good deals... great finds guys... 
damn - i hope there will be a 28/30 when I head to europe late september this year...
Very nice 846K... the USA online store has taken the jeans off, maybe its all sold out!
I had Krooley 880w and they did stretch out about half size after wearing them.  If 31 is TOO uncomfortable then you will need a 33.  but i think 33 may become too loose for you once few wears.   however it also depends on your taste if you like your jeans fitting slimmer or bit loose for style.
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