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Yup - I have mine too, i got it from Giamatshop but man I got raped at the Canadian customs so that pretty much killed the savings..  thick but stretchy denim.. good pair.
looks great on you Straychev.... and nice belt too!! do it if you have extra disposable income.
no issues w/ my 8BT yet..but then its not like I wear them everyday.. they don't see a lot of action so my judgment is not accurate. 
Thanks for sharing guys...... I see diesel is continuing the patches like 835J....     Thavar 837E is it similar color to Belther 835F???
 hmmmmm - i wouldn't say full size... half a size maybe but not full.  very nice... i paid like $275cad on mine.. god dammit.
I did a review on this pair -   http://www.denimblog.com/c/t/199971/diesel-thavar-827w-the-light-blue-pair-that-goes-un-noticed-until-now-review-fit-pix   good luck!
damn... they have belther 816n for 50EURO... i'm tempted but 30 isn't really my size..... but maybe can even alter them?? ahhh!
Looks good guys - both 829b and 824y...probably one of the bettery 824y photos i've seen in a while!!!
okay - I'll take sometime this weekend and do a review on 833J... maybe I'll throw in 830J since I also bought that pair.   yah Chinotto got it right, 811p is more electric blue and vivid.. and its faded quite a lot at the thigh.. 833J is tad lighter tone.
I absolutely love it.. awesome man.. great buy but its pricy, but if you compare it w/ Dior or Saint Laurent, they are at par.... like you said its one of those pairs that's definitely worth keeping if you're diesel fan like most of us here...   great review and i love the photos.. I couldn't scroll down fast enough to see the fit pix.. and they fit you perfectly!!!!! beautiful...
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