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Yup, that's why I bought mine when I was able to find them at proyus. That jacket is quite rare now!
Thanks for this.. just checked out the episode...  and thanks for your photos... looks more like a leather shirt.. pretty cool man.
Has anyone tried on their Crew leather suede jacket? Thinking if should take advantage of their sale now with additional 20%. Or the Melville?
 I don't see myself or anyone wearing that jacket for more than 1-2 seasons... that's the problem I have w/ these crazy loud screaming jackets... 
Thanks @Dieselicious ; are they worth collecting you think?  They seem pretty rare. made in japan okayama.. one i found is like black w/ very authentic brown fades on ebay.
Sorry to dig this post up - but wondering if anyone have experience on Thanaz DDG how it fits?  I found a pair on eBay and it looks really cool, not sure how it fits though.... are the thighs tight?
Thanks jeanetic!! Does those Raw stretch out much?
Hi @jeanetic, how's the d03? What do you mean when it's 15.5cm or 17cm or 19cm? I am exploring what's out there as well... There's a pair of SLP d03 in 29, I think that's same pair as the 19cm you have. How is that fit to Diesel?
looks sharp @Hawk  and @jeanetic 
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