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Hi There -    I have Tepphar 830k 28x30. like new.. worn maybe 3 times.. never washed.   bought it to do a review here:   http://www.denimblog.com/c/t/200603/diesel-tepphar-830k-fall-winter-2014-review-and-fit-pics   I am thinking to let them go since I find them too messy for my age.. although its so beautiful.   let me know if you're interested.  I am travelling to Asia now returning January 11, 2015.  Let me know if you like I can mail it to you after that.
very sharp.... love those raw rogue territories on you.   and matched up very well w/ the purple and tweet blazer... bravo.
Thanks for this DA. I will give tube Tom a try on nudie online store few pairs are on sale.. But man I have been wearing my momotaro raw for 2+ weeks now . Got at least another 12 months to go!! Lol
How do they fit?? I have grim Tim and thin Finn in 30.. Should I get the same size?? Or 29 because it has elastane? Finally what diesel cut is this close to?
classic pair DA... can't wait to see some fit pix!!! 
the Chino looks great man!!!
 Man that's sharp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@gloriouscafe  what jeans are those!?!? man you're a total rock star... @karacho  too..   @Aahz  welcome back and nice photos.. love the backpack too.
 cuz of your fit pix I just ordered 835L as well!!! damn this site is not good for the $$$$
sounds cool man.... post your progress pix if you can.  i'm currently working on a pair of 14.8oz momotaro from japan... only 2 weeks in but man its gonna be tough but currently i'm committed to destroying this pair.
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