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damn!!! those are some good deals... great finds guys... 
damn - i hope there will be a 28/30 when I head to europe late september this year...
Very nice 846K... the USA online store has taken the jeans off, maybe its all sold out!
I had Krooley 880w and they did stretch out about half size after wearing them.  If 31 is TOO uncomfortable then you will need a 33.  but i think 33 may become too loose for you once few wears.   however it also depends on your taste if you like your jeans fitting slimmer or bit loose for style.
diesel USA online store has a bunch of new denim available..... some not bad.
Hello - I thought I want to start a new thread here so people can help chime in on how each of the DBG Type jeans fit.   Here's what I gathered from @Dieselicious   here is what i can figure out on the DBG "type" fit based on online info, see them in person. This is just my opinion.   Type 241, just like Superbia Type 242, just like Excess Type 251, just like Sleenker Type 252, just like Superbia without the twist inseam Type 253, just like Excess   i would say...
Hello - welcome.   I don't wear a lot of looser fitting jeans but I think maybe Larkee cut may work for you?
Hi everyone - Mail came in last night and I received my Tepphar 839B and I like to add on my 2 cents of my review on this pair.   There has not been a lot of photos of this pair on the net that I could find, other than ones already posted in this thread.  So I like to contribute to some real life photos of this pair, and fit pics.  The photos represent how these jeans look in real life in natural light.     I took pryv75's advice and sized up.  This pair is 29x30....
Can anyone see the ape baboon face on the front part of those jeans with the front buttons being the eyes.... Not making fun of the jeans... It's more like an art piece to me. Cool stuff.
 I may be wrong, but i think 3) is Tepphar 666T?
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