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 yup i think its a great idea, but we have something like that already in the sales and discounts thread?  I know its something different and its a combination of the other thread what you are looking for and the sales/discount thread combined.
Just purchased this pair in 28x30 w/ Cultizm to try and knee rip it...  was thinking to Sleenker 88Z6 but incase the knee alignment isn't right again I figured lets try it w/ this pair.  Hopefully the wash is black enough.. I understand its sorta like faded black right?
@CLarsson - beautiful Jacket!!
 damn thank you!! I didn't know of 88Z6's existance.. I've seen some photos long ago but have not seen them for sale anywhere so thought it was a myth. now on ASOS my size is gone.. dammit.  any ideas where to find a 28x30 or 29x30?  otherwise I think 886Z is available at Diesel.com or SSense.
good find @Shlomi !
Thanks guys @Dieselicious @Phukette and @rcom440   I may need to do what you guys suggested w/ a non rip SLP and try to rip it myself..  Good suggestion on taking detail photos of the rip so I can reference it later.   i think if you're around 5'9 or taller the knees will line up nicely.  this is true according to @gloriouscafe   rcom they are 34 inseam for sure, i didn't measure them but they definitely longer than 32L.    I did see Diesel released some sleenker...
Man I was so stoked got my first pair of Saint Laurent knee rip jeans. But I am so sad it didn't fit. These are D02s and skinny. Quality looks great made in Japan. It's simple black pair but the knee rip was 3-4 inches below my knee... Needless to say I am too short for them. So these are going back ssense tmr....... Sorta upset but that means I get more funds to try some diesels!?
Hello - selling one more pair to make room on my wall for new jeans!   Jeans are in mint condition, worn less than 10 times.  never washed yet.  comes with original tags.   Shipping is included for USA and Canadian customers.  International will pay actual cost depending where you are.   Please let me know if you have any questions
they look really cool man! how do they fit?
booo - well they are 15.25" across waist when jeans laying flat!  but maybe too short for you.  anyhow good luck on your search.
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