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 I am currently in Venice and the Burberry sales clerk almost sold me one of their trench, and he was saying Burberry offers free alternations to their jackets... so basically they want you to pay 1400EUR then get it altered to fit you... in my mind I was like if I am paying this price for the jacket, it MUST fit me already!   yah I couldn't resist, just picked up another pair off him!
will do!!! still checking out all the roman sites haven't been able to go shopping yet.. but that's on the plan on Sunday!!!  will do DA! Type 242 will check it out!!!
No London this time around...... although would be fun to take that train from Paris to London.. maybe next time @gloriouscafe ... tomorrow we are off to Rome.. will check out the flagship store there... I have my eyes set on Sleenker 830J (not retail price tho).. 
On vacation in Europe next 2 weeks,. Looking good everyone!!! Saw a guy here on paris rocking tepphar 830k today and I miss mine... I brought all my jogg jeans and 880r and narrot 824L... Was going for the comfort outfits but I miss my choices.. DA how's those 830P!!? Is that big patch working??? I really like the wash without the patch.. Dammit
yah dont snooze when you see a great deal on pair that fits you.   833j is great.. yes it fits more loose vs older Thavar, but 833j has stretch so its very comfortable.  similar fit and feel to Thavar 608T.
Great buy on the 830R!!!   and 824z... very daring pair.. but beautiful. and artsy.   and iPhone 6.. i'm waiting for my upgrade eligiblity..grrrrrr
 The cut by the pocket can rip if you pull it from the front... but the back there's patch underneath it.. blue one.. so people can't see through the hole and see your underwear.
Just won auction on eBay for Thavar 600s Jogg Jeans...  I recall trying them at San Fran and loved the wash..    
Man @audit30 you just make me want to buy Sleenker 830J..... I was going to write off that wash but man it looks GREAT on you.
love 801c.. one of those pairs i never found 29x30 and good price... but now i have 811p and 833j all electric blue so I sorta forgot about 801c.. but its a beautiful pair.
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