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yah nice outfit!!!!!!
not yet - still just hanging there. been extremely busy w/ work but I do plan to rip them this week sometime!!!! can't wait.  will post follow up once that's done =)
I'm trying really hard to find something I can buy.. so far maybe the Duff Ne joggers.... but that's about it for me so far....
hello - is there anyone in UK England that can proxy for me?
I have about 5 pairs of Vans slip ons on rotation at all times for me..  as for my work I go in and out of homes a lot so the slip ons are now my favorites to wear!
love them!!!  I wanted one of these and knee rip later since the knee rip on them is too long for me.... made in japan beauty!
Thanks for the link guys...  Good idea Clarsson - maybe I'll try it on a pair of old Thin Finn that I don't wear anymore.. hmmm   hmmmm Hawk I suspect they may stretch a little but not too much like any one of the newer ones w/ lyocell blend..  Should be very similar to Spender Jogg.  I expect these to hold its shape decently.   but once I put on more wears in them I'll add the comments.
 hahahahaahahah great catch!!!  The uniqlo airism are not thin enough.  These jeans are tight!!  its almost as bad as girls wearing skin tights w/ granny panties... crap... hahaha. so yes the jeans are fairly thin, if I have to guess they are around 6-8oz.  For those who had tepphar 603N they are like that but even a tad thinner... @damonbird  if you want skin tight, these are great.. or the spender joggs are pretty sweet too.. Thanks guys, I've been watching tons of...
Hi Everyone - Today I'm going to do a brief review on a new pair of Diesel jeans I bought recently.  It is a brand new cut (at the time of the review), and is one of the skinniest Diesel denim to date.  It is easily as tight as Spender jogg jeans.  I got these in size 28x30 from Cultizm.   Stickker 844V     The jeans are made out of 90% cotton, 6% Polyester and 4% Elastane.  They are pretty damn soft and stretchy as you would expect. In fact they are quite similar...
I like other brand of stuff as well, so I am up to learn what other brands you guys are into and we could all share.     I've been into Arcteryx stuff lately. They are more like outdoor goodies.  BUT Arcteryx Veilance line is what's got me going.  technical outer shell w/ warm insulation but built for the urban city environment.  Great for what I do.
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