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Oh see if they are on sale... When I was in Europe early October I went to every diesel store in the cities I visited and none of them has it.
yah its very expensive... after all this time they are becoming more rare to find.  but got one for 20% its still nearly $500USD.. freaking expensive.   but hey, cannot get something this nice for $100-$300 range..  and lot of other nice jackets are $700-$1K range.. so if you put it into that perspective its not so bad... - spoken from a true shopaholic.
yah switching around All Saints Akira or Diesel Bhonzer.... ended up w/ the Bhonzer just now... its god damn expensive but I really like it.. and its quite rare.
  here you go.
the sale is on now!
Thanks Nickma - That seller almost got me too, until I posted the link on here... good luck hopefully the return purchase isn't very painful.
phukette that reminds me of zac efferon but you pull them off much nicer =)
I think giamatshop just confirmed he'll be getting this pair in for sale!
they did i think 1-2 weeks ago; and the conroy's I wanted are all sold.. I don't know if they will again this weekend.. but yah that Akira is damn nice.
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