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this pair really got me tempted... glad it sold so I couldn't buy it.. hahahahaha.  congrats.
thanks for sharing.. this pair is pretty cool.  
Pretty stoked, today Belther 816B in olive green came in. Been hunting these for a while now although 29 works better cuz I got fat! thanks @quettingen
thanks DA man... yah i caved; but my momo's are fading nicely... i'm about 4 months in and lots of wrinkles and fades, but nothing close to these APCs yet.  I think the trick really is to wear them and be rough, then key is to soak them and wash to get the dye fading.   I plan to do a beach sand wash come summer, then another soak to rinse off all the salt water.. I'll bring my wife along too so people don't think I'm TOO crazy.
 this seller is @Shlomi on DB here.  he should be able to help.  I've heard that Tepphar 838v runs big, but I don't have it.  @chinotto73 may also be able to help.  @jeanetic also has this pair that may be able to provide some sizing help. good luck.
Great buy guys -   I caved; I bought this pair of APC that's broken in... I dont know if its too small tho, but we'll find out!!!         still working on the momotaro's tho..   oh, these Vans came in today: 
@Hawk those jeans looks great man!!!!
DA it felt good to slip on pairs of diesels eh??Are you on Instagram?? Man there's tons of great raw fade photos and accounts I follow,, it keeps me inspired on breaking in my momos.... Keep at it!!
Thanks!! The boots were from yoox, made in Italy Vero Cuoio. Probably no name brand but it's MII and got them during sale for like $120. Can't go wrong.
thanks @denim addict @ArtNouveau @jeanetic    its a tough choice.. the wash is a really nice one, but I think the fit is just a bit too big for me.  so I'll send it back to Cultizm tomorrow.   Perhaps once the refund goes through I can try 840x, since 839b in USA site my size is sold out :(
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