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I want it!!! common! need a 30L!!!!
stupid USA site doesn't have 30L yet for all the new F/W15!! aaahh!
sucks to hear about 602s man @Phukette ... but on the bright side I think I like 666T too so I'm excited to see you w/ that pair on. and compare it w/ 833y or something!
yah i'm interested in 846K as well...   for 666T it reminds me of that nudies wash you guys have in Tube Tom.. midnight blue or something.
damn man - some nice washes.. I'm liking the Sleenker 834q and Tepphar 666T.   834Q is the one where back side is just more raw denim right? does that look weird when worn?
just checked out the vimeo videos.. very cool stuff.. but i dont understand why they said they are launching chino as new.. I thought Diesel's been doing chino 5 pocket for sometime....  but never the less looking forward to the new washes.   but what happened to FW15? 
thanks @rcom440 and @Hawk   that painting you got is nice man!!! wow.  it actually looks like photo!!! 
where is all these launch parties!?!?!?!? 
wow - i do kinda like tepphar 0864k actually.. feels like a poor man's saint laurent ripped jeans.   @Phukette also Tepphar 8PK is 100% cotton.  but you're right none recently are 100% cotton, these are all older washes.
Looking good everyone!   did a 18km round trip hike over the weekend at Garibaldi Lake by Whistler BC. wore my Diesel Thanaz 8YH at camp, with my gigantic buddy's camouflage crocs..   The jeans are stretchy so its very comfortable to wear uniqlo heat tech long johns underneath.       this is a glacier lake. very beautiful if you guys are into that sort of stuff.  
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