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I think for super skinny fits, there's no true 'dry' raw because you need stretch in those denim...   They do make it in raw denim look and feel but i don't think they are true raw.  but don't quote me on this.   Skinny Lin, Hai Kai or Tight long John is your best bet to fit like Tepphar and Sleenker.   but if you want dry raw selvage denim, Grim Tim or Thin Finn is your bet.  But those do not fit like tepphar.
 I know!!!!! I saw that and was like WTF?? nothing against Tunisia but I would of hoped Nudie made this pair in one of their 2 Italian suppliers.....  I dont know how it looks worn, but man it sure looks so cool just hanging there.. I was thinking maybe hang it together w/ the 8BT? but the wife is saying maybe its more rewarding to get a pair into this condition yourself.. she has a point..
Good buy Glorious!!!!!   man I'm thinking to grab a limited edition Nudie myself.. but couldn't buy yet since its gonna be like around $500... pretty expensive for Nudies:  its their limited edition, 300 pairs made, Stonemason.. comes w/ like box and belt and stuff..      http://www.nudiejeans.com/shop/grim-tim-stone-mason-replica/
Wow looking good everyone!!! I am envious of that Thavar phukette! Great wash that's not so common at stores but you manage to get the buzz going, it's just awesome. Aahz is always class.. Good stuff on everyone else.. I haven't been posting fit pix but I am wearing diesel jeans everyday!
I tried one - but I find that they are too high waisted... or was it just me?
such a beautiful pair!!!
Nice buy DA and Dieselocious.. The 8Bt remake is awesome!!!! Today I picked up a new AllSaints Mire Coat at Paris .. Flying home tomorrow!
Nice jacket BranEd... Almost pulled the trigger on one myself today at Paris AllSaints... But instead I picked up a new Mire Coat for winter... Really nice coat if you guys haven't seen it yet. Flying back home tomorrow will grab photos once back home!
Diesel USA online store is now on sale 30% off for FW 2014 items.. pretty good!   oh and somebody buy this Sleenker 824z 28x30 for 50EUR!!! @giamatshop   http://www.denimblog.com/c/t/203753/very-special-offer-jeans-diesel-mod-sleenker-824z-w28-l-30-and-w28-l-32-new-with-tags
@audit30 - hahahaha sorry wish it was me.. but my trip isn't to London this time around... hopefully next time!!!  also karachoo is much more sexier than I am... =)
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