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Hi everyone, I'm looking for a pair of Thavar 886b in 27/30. If you have or know anyone who wants to sell them please let me know. :)
Hi everyone,   I'm looking to buy a pair of Thavar 886b soon and before doing so I have questions regard to its fit and length. I own a pair of Thavar 811p in 27x30 and a pair of Thavar 888p in 28x32. Can anyone tell me which one of these washes is 886b similar to? I bought 811p in 27x30 because I heard they run long and big and it was correct. 888p fit me about perfect in 28x32. Should I get 886b in w27 or w28? and does it run long like 811p? Should I get L30 or L32?...
Hi, everyone. I'm now looking for a pair of Thanaz 73j in 28/30 or 28/32. If anyone has or knows anyone who wants to sell them please let me know! Thank you
Hey, audit30, what would you think my usual size for Thavar is according to what I've been mentioning? Like you said, 811p loosens up more than 888p so I'm not worry about mine which is W27. If I get W27 in 888p then maybe they won't loosen up as much? Do you think W28 would be a better fit for me too or elsewise?   Also, do you have 811p, 888p, and 816k all in W31? or you did size down in 811p since you said they run big
Thanks audit30! How do your 811p compare to 888p? You said that you have both in the same waist size right? Like I mentioned before, the 811p I have is W27 and they are new. They are only a little tight right now so I know that they will get better if I just wear it a few more times. However, I'm not sure if 888p would do the same.. also like denim addict mentioned above 811p runs slightly bigger.
Hi, thank you all for replying so fast and giving such good information! How about the length? I've seen people mentioning 888P runs shorter than normal Thavars. I've tried on three different washes of Thavar including my 811P in L30 and they are all the right length for me. So for 888P do you guys think L32 will be right for me or I should try on the L34? (I've also seen pictures of 888P in this thread showing how much shorter in length compare to other Thavars)
Hi, guys   I have a size question about Thavar 888P. I am 178cm (5'10) tall, 70kg (155lb). I own a pair of Thavar 811P and a pair of Thavar 880i, both in W27. They are a little tight around the waist for me. Today I went to the Diesel store in my city and had a chance to try on a pair of 816K. The staff told me that the stiffness and fabric of 816K is similar to 888P more than any other washes of Thavar. I tried on the 816K in W28 and it fits almost as tight in the waist...
Hi everyone,   I'm looking for a pair of Thavar 888P in size 29x32 or 29x34. Please let me know if you want to sell yours or if you know someone who does! Thank you very much.
Hi, It depends on the condition of them, I'm thinking between 200~300. would you give me a brief description of the pair you want to sale and show me some pictures of them? and I'm wondering why did you decide to sell them.   thanks
Hi, everyone. I'm looking for a pair of Thanaz 8SV in 28x30. Please contact me if you are interested in selling yours or if you know someone who is. Thank you very much!
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