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Call me weird, but I have a weird fixation with fabric content when I buy clothes. I have a phobia of polyester, rayon, angora, modal, and "other fiber", just to mention a few. So I was wondering, those of you that have R&Rs made of the cotton/poly blend, how do you like them? How are they different from cotton/cotton spandex ones? I normally don't like polyester and I am curious as to why they would make their jeans with it.
Either I'm just stupid, or there still isn't a clear reason as to why HM went down in the first place. Was this planned? Or was the site hacked? If this was planned, why weren't we all notified beforehand about what to expect (ie lost posts, lost pms)??? This lack of information is really pissing me off.
That's what I thought, I'm getting better at this. Let me guess - wash is off and A stitching looks weird?
My boyfriend and I were at Nordstrom looking at jeans once and when I showed him a pair of Citizens Humanity Jeans and he looked at the price tag, he said "What?! There's nothing human about that!" Boys are dumb.
They had the jeans and the cords up here in Washington, but before I even realized that they had them, the jeans were gone. I had to settle for some cords - cream and purple, they still had those left. The guy at customer service did a search and said that the jeans sold out in like, a week. They had some paper denim too but I when I got home and tried them on they didn't fit as well as sevens, so I took them back. They usually only get one shipment and then that's it,...
Thanks for all the info. I'm a fairly new designer jeans junkie and I always wonder, man how do you guys have so many pairs of sevens? Its good to know that you can get good deals on them.
Just curious, think about your jeans collection, and tell me the approxiamate percentages of how they were acquired - ie large department store, boutique, ebay, hf, etc. Or else, if you had to make a list of "Top 10 (or 5, 6, whatever) Ways to Buy Real Sevens and get a Good Deal", what would your list look like? Thanks for your time.
Duh, that's right. If you didn't even buy the jeans from them I guess its like they'd be doing you a favor. I still vote for the wall-of-shame-for-fake-ebay-sellers though.
We should get a "wall-of-shame" going for fake sellers and make it a sticky, if that hasn't been done yet. Maybe you could try their purchasing department? They've gotta be willing to do something. I mean, they'll fix my shoes that I bought from them years and years ago, for free!
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