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thanks, i'll try them!
anyone know if there is a way to save these to your computer? i don't get a save option when i right-click. thanks
yes it works - i just did it this morning. i bought a pair of rigid jeans that were very snug and would not button. i took a water bottle and sprayed all over the hips, butt, waist, and thighs while i was wearing them and sat around in them all morning. they fit perfect now. sorry, don't know anything about the waistband stretcher, but good luck!
good suggestions - thanks! i'm going to try them out with the pics and see what works.
i'm making a slideshow DVD of my two little boys for my husband's parents for christmas and i need a song to play in the background. i'm having a total block right now and can't think of any songs! i've done a few of these videos before and used "you are so beautiful" by joe cocker and "when you say nothing at all" by alison krauss, so those are the types of songs i'm looking for. so far, i am considering "i love the way you love me" by john michael montgomery and "for...
i wouldn't worry about saved passwords on sites like HF, Amazon, etc. the only sites you shouldn't save your passwords on are ones like your bank accts, ebay, email, paypal, etc where hackers get access to your financial info. you said you can't get into the "problem user ID", i'm assuming ebay? if they found out it wasn't you listing the boat for sale, they will suspend your acct and will not let you into it. you have to follow the steps i listed above. after you change...
strawberry - what you did should clear your passwords, but if you go to a site where it is still saved, just click "log out" at top of screen and next time you sign in do not check the box "remember my username and password" or something similar to that. it is okay if your user ID automatically comes up as long as your password does not. does that make sense?
this same exact thing happened to me except ebay caught it before i did and suspended my account. i received an email from ebay one day saying someone was trying to sell a car under my ID and that they suspended any activity on my account. they listed step-by-step instructions: ***** To regain control of your account, please follow the steps outlined below: 1. Change the password on your personal EMAIL account to verify that it is secure and cannot be accessed by anyone...
yaaay, so happy and so relieved. man, HF has really got me paranoid about fakes on ebay. lsammygirl - i'll let you know if they don't fit. thanks everyone
I was a bit too impulsive and bid before checking their authenticity here first. Please, please tell me they are real... http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...1036&rd=1&rd=1
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