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the waist sizes differ from 39cm up to 42cm, will add measurements after work!
For sale is a whole collection of Diesel Jeans, all MINT condition, some even never worn.   Asking 49 EUR / pair.     Thanaz 804M W29/L32 Thanaz 888L W29/32 Thavar 809D W29/L32 Thavar 8QU W30  Braddom 88z W29/L32 Braddom 811k W29/L30  Panthalp W29   price shipped EU, other countries + 5 EUR.   This also counts for all my other classifieds, be quick, first come first serve!   I´ll answer as fast as possible!
lexis   cheers
for sale is this pair of shioner, coated denim, from the special 3D collection.   condition is über mint, you wouldnt recognize a difference to a new pair.   asking 69 EUR shipped.   cheers
for sale is a pair of Belther 828T Blue Eyecons 01/2014, mint condition.   Very soft denim, 65% cotton, 35% Lyocell.   Asking 89 EUR shipped.   just send me a pm.   cheers
it´s a special edition, at least that´s whats written inside the jeans ^^   like relentless said it´s a bit looser than iakop, but still regular slim I´d say, and has a lot of similarities like the front pocket dart design and about the same front rise measurements.
rombee 887v  
ace outfit aahz!   again iakop ^^  
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