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nice fit BrachZ, is it Thanaz?   74y looks very good too!
nope those are New Fanker 801B
they look sick in the sunlight glorious!   krooley 880W today   have a good weekend y´all  
brach zaff: for me they look like leggigngs , I wouldn´t keep them ;(
when looking at the position of the back pocket and the big diesel srtipe on the coin pocket, I´m pretty sure its a braddom worn in L30, maybe 8QU or 806Z 
haha I don´t know what you all expect?! 100 pieces in one collection, every single one badass looking? ^^ It´s true that they have lost some of their street credibility (? :D) with some shitty and extremly overpriced pieces through the years, but overall they still do nice clothing.   I really miss the big campaignes like diesel island and the annual catwalk videos.. 
my usual size is W30, I could have sized down one , but in 30 they are a bit more comfortable. They do differ a little from wash to wash, the other ones are about 1cm tighter in the waist area.   you can go with your regular size and wear a belt, or size one down I guess, but I´m not really a good scale as I size up or down a lot depending on the cut. its your choice but no matter what Narrot stays very loose in the upper block ;)   my Jarmatocer jacket is a sample in...
8x2 rockers in the house, I must admit I kinda like the cutoffs glorius made.   nice fit wutz and aahz   for me braddom 806z  
the denim of 811A Narrot is really soft and its super comfortable. I have them in W30 L32 and the waist aligned is 43cm, which is kinda loose for a W30 btw. just be aware that they end up at the ankle area and have a drop crotch (don`t know if this is the correct term :D )     this is how they look rolled up
I have that particular narrot coldsteel, will post some info here tomorrow when I´m back home
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