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it´s a special edition, at least that´s whats written inside the jeans ^^   like relentless said it´s a bit looser than iakop, but still regular slim I´d say, and has a lot of similarities like the front pocket dart design and about the same front rise measurements.
rombee 887v  
ace outfit aahz!   again iakop ^^  
would kill for that juzicon jacket aahz, very nice!   sneakers look badass glorious!   iakop and chrome shoes  
Wow... I mean, seriously? Pants tight as fuck, models couldn't even walk normally , rainbow colors mixed with military jackets , the knitwear lol... Nevertheless they have some cool stuff every season, but this was definitely not what I usually connect with diesel
casual friday, p-mayny   have a good one  
dafuq did I just see :D
thx , replay ss13 ^^
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