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couldn´t resist O_o  
Hahahah nice
831E, just zoom in ;D
Hi Friends,   want to sell these three badboys, to snug for me, all in new condtion.   Braddom 75J W29 / L32 Braddom 811K W29 / L30 Krooley 804J W29 / L32   asking EUR 60 shipped per pair, if you take more then one you´ll get a better deal.   cheers
hi friends,   want to sell Braddom 802K blueish color, brand new with tags. Fits pretty snug.   99 EUR shipped EU, other countries add 10.
looking good aahz, very nice wash   where are you going to denim collector?
diesel black gold peacock 8ml
this ;) @Sanibeldude first time wearing them, don´t know yet
thavar joggs
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