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yes of course, I`ll send you a pm tomorrow..   how about Shioner 74Z?
congrats phukette!
digged out an old pair of Slammer  
Renzo was and now he handed it over to nicola as far as I understood
they had 2 very strong seasons with A/W 2011 (880W, 881W, 880M just to name a few) and my personal favourite preview S/S 2012 (74Y, 68Z, 887D)   in my oppinion it`s very hard  to top that, but the aim should be to produce at least as awesome collections as these two.
it´s already a done deal guys ;)   I am very curious in which direction he will lead Diesel to.. Could be a good or a bad one, time will tell :D   Hopefully the campaigns will be bigger again with more promotion like for example "Worksville" or "Diesel Island" with a lot of pics, catalogoues and videos (and to install someone who is able to write the correct washcode under the pictures lol)
nice nudies phukette.   Ed again rocking his Narrots, looking good.   DBG  
Want to sell theis beautiful Thavar, mint condition, as you can see on the attached pictures.   Asking EUR 100,- + shipment
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