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Diesel Graf Lamp :))) pimped with a green bulb  
wow now that the weather is getting better more and more 8880Ms are popping out of the closets, nice!   leftvapor what a badass jacket! envy alert! ;)   casual style Thavar 802k  
They are very very comfortable, the soft feeling is incredible , but I am really not satisfied with the quality..
second that
mine are a crap quality too, never worth the price, not even close.. ;(
I`m with you phukette, much better than 8880m   go get it lee
Want to sell this ultra rare Thanaz 8WW in superb condition.   WATCH OUT: The measurments are W30 (42,5cm) and L30 (about 78cm)   Make me an serious offer, so we can start to negotioate :)   Sorry but no shipping to Thailand due to bad experience.
Thavar 888P Scotch blazer
nice! still a bit cold
cant find one now, but these look very similar   http://www.xileclothing.com/product/Scotch__Soda_Jeans_SCOTCH__SODA__85110_DEAN_TRIUMPH_DENIM_JEANS_14028_12524_0_239_1.html
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