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Thx man!
haha no problem, just a tip. In the marketplace there is one pair in W29 I think
I don`t know, but what I know is that you should use threads like   http://www.denimblog.com/c/t/184493/the-official-find-me-these-diesel-s-super-thread   instead of opening a new one for every question ;-))
888p, cheers!
glorious: superb fit on you + (very) brave color choice + dog bonus = awesomeness ;)
wohooo :D
Diesel Graf Lamp :))) pimped with a green bulb  
wow now that the weather is getting better more and more 8880Ms are popping out of the closets, nice!   leftvapor what a badass jacket! envy alert! ;)   casual style Thavar 802k  
They are very very comfortable, the soft feeling is incredible , but I am really not satisfied with the quality..
second that
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