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glorious, that´s an überbingo my friend! ;))
yup, at least germany/austria will start on dec 27
there is a pre sale at the beginning of december, but the official sale always and every year starts on December 27th
Dec 27.
too tight in my opinion, they don´t look very comfy, are they?
nice wash, nice fit!
such a nice wash, looking good da
hey, looking for a black single breasted coat from SS 2014, nylon as far as I remember, coated maybe? no hoodie.   any help appreciated :)
nice plain wash,´looks good. the samples are often made in italy (they are used for showrooms/press/runway etc) :) 
@mdawood true that. there is at least one pair of denim each season which is buyable for me, but when looking at my collection mostly I pass on it or wait until sale starts. I don´t have that "I gotta have this/that right now" feeling anymore (luckily ), maybe because I´m a bit fed up atm. just need more time to get used to the new stuff, but after a while I quite like it (but not for the asked price)
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