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thanks, Nike Free OG Tokyo
Tepphar 8y0 Y-3 Nikes  
then you must have been lucky to get one from the good batch. Another friend of mine has the same issue with 824B ;(
welcome back!
no offense, but only in murica :D  
I´m between W30 and W31 most denims, I usually buy Tepphars W31 or W32, depending on the calf area fit. I don´t like them too snug.   For 824B I went with W31 as they are really comfortable overall. But be warned, the wash kinda smells, even after two times washing the smell slowly returns. Must be the bleaching or something.   They are a bit looser than same size 881W. I´d say they fit like 813W.   Hope this helps. cheers
nice leather addict, cant wait till spring to pop out my lighter jackets, tired of winter jackets...
now thats a nice wash jeanatic. and the fit is also superb
thanks, yes they are reinforced with some dark denim
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