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i was referring to 118i´s post , he´s been the most critical person over the years :)   the prices have imo been pretty stable since 2012, highlight washes EUR 250 (like 887D, 74Y, 807C etc.) with some statistic outliers like 68Z, 823Q etc. but mostly between 140 and 260 EUR.   Isn´t it a positive aspect that we don´t see celebrities in diesel a lot recently? just remeber the thanaz hype in times of zac... a dark age :D
well there have been a lot of nice plain washes (886Z for example) the last few years.   I agree that some of the washes are overdone, but they offer loads of different washes/cuts every season..   I guess you just don´t like the brands evolution over the years? 
thavar 807C  
+1 ;)
don´t keep em, they look weird :(
yes of course its a bit loose, but nothing a belt couldnt fix without looking weird ;)
 thx, I always size up one or two on Tepphars, this one is W31.
  tepphar 8y0 have a nice sunday
couldn´t resist O_o  
Hahahah nice
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