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Thavar 8X2 DBG shirt Creep Deep boots
I give up. If you think Barneys, Bergdorf, and Saks are lame, I'd say you and I are at opposite ends of what we think is fashionable. I'm out of here.
Not what I was getting at. New York City is without a doubt a fashion center, and those department stores are the top of the top tier, we're not talking Macy's here.Although they all carried more mundane styles and washes of multiple brands, the over the top ones were all there too, just as available. Someone's buying that stuff, no store's going to keep 10 pairs of a $1000 jean in stock unless someone is buying them.Ultimately this thread started by asking whether...
Some more thoughts from my recent NYC trip. I visited Barney's, Bergdorf Goodman, Saks Fifth Avenue, The Jean Shop, The Atrium Boutique, as well as the Diesel flagship on Spring St. Although a show of hands here seems to indicate most of us don't care for "over the top" distressed styles, I have to tell you that is EXACTLY what all of the high end brands are doing right now. I'm talking Balmain, D-Squared, Belstaff, St Laurent, Givenchy, etc. (If you want to see some...
I checked out the Fabric Jericho at Barney's in New York last Saturday. My first impression was I liked the look overall but the denim was ridiculously stiff, like putting on cardboard pants. They were limited on sizes in Jericho and a similar looking dark wash and I couldn't fit into anything they had. Walked over to Bergdorf Goodman where they had some Fabrics as well, including the dark wash, still none in my size. The guy at Barney's had suggested a boutique in Soho...
Diesel.com, at least in the US now has 30-40% off on many items through Monday. Ordered some shoes yesterday.
I'm in New York for a few days and had a chance to see how Diesel is doing here in my favorite city. Just a year ago, there were six Diesel stores here including what they called their world flagship, as of today there's only two. The Soho store is the current flagship for both Diesel and DBG, the DBG store on Greene St has unceremoniously closed. There is also a Diesel kids store on West Broadway. To my somewhat surprise a clerk there told me two new locations, Columbus...
Picked those up at the outlet store for $100!
Darron 803S Descendent of Thieves shirt Diesel brogues
Shioner 881L's Urban Outfitters shirt Onitsuka Tigers
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