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New purchase  Thanaz 660Q, really like the detailing Superdry tshirt Yuk Anniversary additions    
Got these a few weeks ago from Yoox. Braddom 884F for only $80! Shown with Diesel Anniversary Yuks and Speed Racer tshirt. (sorry for the crappy phone pics)      
So tell me about Darron 803W? I thought they were a Saks Fifth Avenue exclusive because that was the only place I'd seen them. When I was in New York in November, they didn't have my size in the store but I had other things to buy, the Diesel stores didn't have them either. When I got back home, my local Saks had just gotten some in, but I still waited. They went on sale last week and I got them for 40% off. They are very thick, but very soft, kind of remind me of how new...
Trusty 8X2 Thavars vintage Sex Pistols tshirt Gap Red leather jacket from a few years back Prada sneakers      
Been out of pocket lately but back with some of my latest editions: First up  Braddom 805U's. Didn't care for the "exposed" button fly, but they were on sale at the Diesel flagship, fit really well and I like them now. Shown with plain black longsleeve H&M shirt and Prada sneakers.         Next up Darron 803S, Darrons are one of my favorite cuts and I think they've been under-represented the last few seasons, but there's a bunch of them out there...
Here's my collection from a previous thread, I'll probably add another this season: http://www.denimblog.com/c/t/192838/diesel-leather-jackets
I've got one Tshirt and two button up shirts now from the line. The quality is absolutely the same as the Diesel main line only half the price. I especially like the cut and styling of these button up shirts, little touches like the bottom button in red, and these were only $35 on sale. I haven't really looked at any of their denim or other pants/shorts in depth, I will do that on my next NY trip in November. I like some of their jackets and shoes too.
Well, for starters, the Diesel company decided to make these jeans in LA and marketed them as such, there is absolutely nothing "inauthentic" about them, in fact they are touting the fact that they're made in the USA. Why? Because to many parts of the world, being made in LA, USA implies glam, chic, and cutting edge. If you think US labor is cheap, you don't know much about world economics, Diesel probably has to charge more for these because of the higher labor costs,...
Haven't posted lately, this is a busy time of year for me, but that doesn't mean I haven't added a few new pieces. 1. DSL55 button up shirt-picked this up at the New York DSL55 flagship store in SoHo in early June. I think DSL55 is an underrated "subline" that isn't marketed very well at least in the US. That's starting to change now, in NYC at least, there's the flagship store and all of the regular Diesel stores have at least some of it, it's also available online...
You are very wrong about this. You may have not received what you thought you were ordering but to say a Diesel Black Gold hand produced in Los Angeles isn't "worthy" is laughable.
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