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There was some mild bantering yesterday on a NYC travel forum concerning this. A thread about stores closing in the city in general mentioned the Diesel stores. Several of the local posters felt like Diesel's heyday in their city was long past and it was over saturated with high overhead locations. It does kind of sound like Renzo's statement above. Perhaps as Diesel pushed to be more available and mainstream, it lost some of its cachet amongst the notoriously fickle...
NYC rents are going through the roof these days no doubt, but all of the stores that closed had been open at least five years or more. As far as the US website Jennifer, diesel.com was a true home page. Links to their latest collections, lookbooks, campaigns, etc. You had to click through to go to the online store. It might just be site maintenance, but more sinisterly it could be they're streamlining the whole company. Diesel has always pushed the limits socially as well...
A major upheaval is going on in NYC with the Diesel stores there. Just a year ago there were five main stores, one DBG flagship, a 55DSL flagship, and a Diesel Kids store. They started dropping like flies early this year and now the original store in the US, Lexington at 60th, closed its doors at the end of June. All that's left is the newly ordained Soho Flagship on Spring St, the DBG store on Greene St, and the Diesel Kids shop on West Broadway. A new lease had allegedly...
To each their own but I would never wear jeans that "colorful."
Made an unplanned visit to the Diesel outlet store yesterday. No denim that interested me but picked up one snap front shirt for $49, and two pairs of shoes for $49 and $99 each. Diesel "dress" shoes are perfect for my sense of style and these were $250 and $300 originally.
I'm heading to NYC this weekend, their Memorial Day sale is always great.
Tepphar 008Y's 55 DSL button up shirt Onitsuka Tigers
Assuming you are talking about the brown suede motorcycle style jacket with the studded lapels, I first saw it in person at the LA flagship on Melrose back in February. I like the studs, walked right up to it...then turned it around and saw the screen print all over the back. THAT ruined it for me and I guess I wasn't alone. Soon after they released a "naked" version with no print on the back. I would probably have bought it when it was 30% off recently but I already...
Tepphar 073T's Kozik by KidRobot tshirt Onitsuka Tigers
Got an email from Diesel saying online discount of 20% through May 7.
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