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the boots are "call it spring". jeanetic was the first one to discover this brand. super nice
Freeradical, I conciously took all the pics in super sunny days. The sun here in asia is just too big especially in the summer. For The pics of APC and 8GZ, the colors were just like that in super sunlight.
diggin' my 8GZ today
naaaahh!! lotsa members here own tons of thavar/thanaz. as i know, jeanetic almost own every wash on thavar. i just have a bit knowledge about washes on thanaz that's all :P and i like shioner's back pockets too. my 3rd favorite BPs. 1. dior homme 2. thanaz 3. shioner i think thavar is like son of thanaz. the triangle stitching and the fit. they are so similar. just like shioner is the new-slammer, take a look on the waist stitching and the leather label.
Denim addict, thanks!! Thavar and thanaz are pretty much the same. if you can pull off thavar, then you can pull off thanaz. It's just that thanaz exists longer than thavar and there are more epic washes on thanaz. Thavar is taking place of thanaz these years, I assume thanaz will disappear in less than 4 years. Or if we give thanaz more support, perhaps it will last longer. I still prefer thanaz cuz of their back pockets are really attracting to me. If you're about to go...
Exaaactly man!!! Some jeans look ordinary indoor but when you wear them out, they are just shinyyy. 73j is one great example. Truly epic color outside
Grag, it's petit standard raw indigo. I hand made the marks and worn effects with sand paper I was still raw couple weeks ago. Aramis, this tailor does really fine indeed. So that's why you can see me in his trying room a lot recently. About the color, I wanna make them even better. Still figuring out how. Maybe you can give me some inspiration. This thread is where most of my inspiration came from. Post some 73j pics pleaz:)
Oh, shoot, I misread what you said, sorry!! The original cut was tapered but not skinny. I tailored them to make them skinny. The original cut was between thanaz and safado
I just took them back from the tailor last night of course I tailored them hah!! I can't bear the original cut
better quality pic of APC
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