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thanks denim addict! well, yes, that's what i thought that time. don't know if you have noticed, they are FREAKIN' TIGHT down "there". i sold them for my trench coat, but i was wondering if i did the right thing. pretty sure i did the wrong one lol i'll probably get them back. they're the only dior i wanna keep in my closet for a very very long time. quite charming they are.
thanks man!! they are Dior homme. HUGE stacks tho :P
sorry, no diesel and not new pics, but please let me know if the jeans look fine on me
8x2!! cool! pretty collection. you have any fit pics of 8X2 or 8PI?? i'm really into these 2 washes!
aramis, dude, i never know 8B9 looks like this!! the color is so sick!! i should have jumped on the bandwagon. and i just figured it out that you have almost the same leg shapes as i do. (longer than mine tho) thanaz look really nice on you. so as i know, you have thavar 885s, thanaz 73j, thanaz 8b9 and a pair dbg. did i miss something?
no wonder they still look brand new. yeah, you should really wear them more often. i had this one friend, he's not a totally diesel fan but he owns safado 8GS and he wears them A LOT. after 2 years i think, they become some real serious bad ass!! this is the real charm of japanese denim. the denim gets better when you keep wearing them. and they don't stretch out a lot so you don't need to worry they'll be too big for you. man, the details are just perfect on these 8GS...
lee, i think safado 8GS were made of japanese denim too right? i always wish this wash get a thanaz version (with the same back pockets) i'm digging those back pockets!!! crazy about them 8GS is still one the the best light wash among all. and safados always fit you so well. denim from that season was too breath-taking. 8GZ, 8GS, 72L, all of them. i bet you don't really fall for any light wash after you owned 8GS right? well, except for 880m, that was really the best...
baltimore, let me guess, they must be your new 29s right? they look real fine!! you do look good in them. i think it's mostly because the color really suits your skin tone and the fit on you is epic!!
levislad, 8X2 looks so nice!! and the background is just a killer it makes all of the jeans look even better
serious question. are there any 17.5 blue clawmarks?? i feel strange cuz as i know, there are only 19cm and 21cm(in 05SS) but someone told me there are 17.5cm ones. pretty weird. if anyone knows pleaz let me know. thx a lot!!
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