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Jeanetic: ur lil man looks exactly as gorgeous as his daddy!! N he's lot HOTTER than me in the viker cut XD
??****mod edit--- no selling outside of mall, please read rules**** Or if someone has thanaz 73j W27L30 or W28L30 (these 2 sizes r so freaking hard to get)
Phukette: like ur braddom fit! Nicee bro :目 I'm definitely gonna buy 888p Baltimore: Pretty sorr I don't have the fit pics cuz they're still brand new lying in my closet:( I'll probably post some of the golden dragons pic next week Gpoop: man 73j r insanity Timeout: nice 8LP!!!!!!! Zac's picks from diesel Volchok: thx buddy!!
to any thavar 888p owner(like jeanetic) i have several Qs for u guys 1. do those worth 350 bucks? 2. r those a lot thicker than 8x2? 3. 72c or 888p which one is better?   i sold most of my jeans. (except thanaz 73j 8gz thavar 8x2) so i was kindda lookin forward 2 get some jeans back!! i kindda want thanaz 71j 72c 73j but we all know its impossible for me 2 get 71j now!! n im pretty upset with that so i was hoping getting 888p would comfort me should i...
sorr for the oversized scarf XP well i took it from my girlfriend's dad's closet just for fun
hello!!! how should i call u? just jeanetic?? i have been reading about ur posts for thavar and thanaz >< i mean u have so many great skinny jeans!!!!  im kindda new here n i have some questions for these cuz i was wondering if i should order these on diesel.usa (i have thavar 8x2 28x30 already n now theyre kindda loose) do u think i should get these 888p?? ur worn pics r ... so dope>< im ready 2 click the "add 2 shopping bag" oh, r these thicker than 8x2??  i only have...
guys this is my first post here on db. these r thanaz 73j W28L30 n some simple white chuck taylor. n this is wut i wore yesterday. thavar 8W7 W27L30. hope u like it. i wonder if u guys have some comments on my outfit. thx;)
add "marcus the wolf" on facebook once u see these. thx a lot. im really in desperate need of these 73j. im crazy with the wash on this pair
could u give me a better price? like 400 or sth
I'm in Taiwan n I'd like 2 purchase them r these still in good condition?
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