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numa, i really envy you!! you have the perfect legs for skinny jeans. due to the friken' training i'm growing slightly too strong for some of my jeans... WTF!!!!!!!!!!!! i really can't bear this shit happening. i have to work my legs back now and i'm not gonna post pics until then. this is too humiliating lol
Aahz, I just noticed the "headscarf" (don't know how to describe it) you stuffed in the blazer's pocket was the one came with your DBG. Nice style!! Aramis, thanks man. That's alright. Maybe he's not a total jerk anyway
nope, that's not him that's some dior model. (you can know that bcuz that man there is without any muscles) and rebons, i'm almost sure that those are 21cm cut cuz these are 05SS pics and 21cm Clawmarks were only sold in that season. rebons, i'll take your advice but please fix your english a little bit. i can barely understand what you posted. alright let's stop it here. no more dior on this forum. let's keep it with diesel
nice kicks karacho!
I'd say the fit is really nice. You obviously have the legs for skinny cuts like thavar or thanaz. You can branch out for more washes!! And for the crotch part, you can sag them a bit. You don't always need to pull them up until you feel tight on the rear. Sag them a little bit will make the look more casual/relax
"how about cut" you mean how about hemming them? then i'll just buy dsquared instead lol "fuge" means?? what's your suggestion?? size down or size up? yeah, i got it man :) you don't like me in dior but diesel right? i still remembered you posted this last time. no problem i'll give you diesel then :P
it's not true that i'm a special agent from dior lol from my experience, some says you have to size up 1 when you come from diesel to dior. some says you stay with your original size. it really depends on what leg shapes you have. for me, i stayed with my original size with diesel (sz27). but there are some differences between MIJ and MII. MIJ 19cm fits the same as MII 17.5cm. i know this is complicated. i'll send you a more specific report about size/cut/fit all of...
photos can't do great jeans' justice unless they take them under sunlight. for example, these are once my favorite jeans. i bet pics can never make them look like how they should look like. (btw i hadn't started my training this semester then, so i look pretty weird)   i'm not quite an expert. jeanetic must be one on this thread. but if you have some basic questions, i'm sure you can ask me.
i'm from Taiwan. maybe you don't know where it is. just google it, it's not far from where you are denim addict :) aramis, there are only 3 cuts in dior homme. really simple. 17.5cm 19cm and 21cm. 17.5cm=tepphar. 19cm=thanaz/thavar/shioner. 21cm=safado. i think you can go for 19cm. and if you don't know where to buy them. try luisaviaroma.com. they ship to Russia for free.
aramis, don't worry anything about the fit. i'm sure you can pull them off easily. when compared with thanaz, they fit tighter on the upper block (much much tighter), slightly tighter on the legs, same on the thighs, longer below the knees. the stacks thing work differently with thanazs. there are three stitching on the inseams of thanaz, which make them harder to stack. dior stacks way easier than thanaz. so when they are too long, they stack nicely. just form them by...
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