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ahh, speaking of that!! i've been doing research about trench coats from every brand. Burberry Heritage is the best choice. Burberry Brit makes nice ones "sometimes". but you can buy great trench coats from Burberry Herritage every season. what makes the decision hard to make is that a trench coat worth about 7 pairs of diesel jeans. i struggle a long long time and made the decision 3 months ago. my uncle living in UK brought them back yesterday
bro, what kindda worry was that lol if you have long legs then you can go for long trench coats!! long trench coats are made for you:) btw, if you have long legs, YOU CAN WEAR ANYTHING!!
the boots in this color are always sold out once they restock. so i pulled the trigger when i saw them restocked (i checked the website everyday lol)
diesel chi-tight chinos again !! but i wanted to try the trench coat i just received (and river island desert boots) so.. let's see the pics
Numa, i also think the 16cm fit is better!! even better than 8W7. it does look like a LITTLE bit tight on the thighs but like i said. this look suit tall guy like you A LOT!! digging the fit. such a pity i may never be able to reach them :P Phukette, i think i saw some dirt in the 3rd pic. is that the mirror or the jeans? i kindda like them that way lol Zuerst, are they like some gray 8X2? cuz i only saw the pink ones in the boutique near here. i was considering...
baltimore, if you're not tall then i'm dwarf. i'm only 166cm lol. you bet, chinos sometimes make you melt... they are just so comfy... but then you'll miss you jeans right after that. the only thing you can wear them all day and all night might be chinos or stretchy denim. and chinos back pocket lines look dam nice:)     aramis, hah! summer sucks (well, except for hot chicks in the pool)!!!!!! rigid jeans are useless in summer. may we see some pics of your new...
batimore, my bro... that's the point man!! you and Numa are tall enough for that sort of tightness, i'm not... tall guys wear tight jeans, sweet. shorties wear tight jeans, fag.  man i wanna have your height. then i'll wear tight jeans all day and all night
yeh...  i hope you're right :P maybe i felt that way cuz i'm doing too much swimming and i might had dropsy after swimming for 4 hours. oh, and i must say i'll have to make some changes. i love rigid denim A LOT and i recently found out that thin/stretchy denim or fabrics fit better. i'm not sure if it's just me or what. i love japanese denim like crazy but i have to admit they don't fit me the best. they are so rigid that they barely stretch. the denim was super...
spit the true words guys... did i actually get too strong for these...??? :( i'm so fucked up
nicee, baltimore:) great fit on 8X2s!! def a nice pair
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