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dior jeans wonder if they fit alright after a full season of training?
blue clawmarks today after this season of training, wonder if they still look alright to you?
I like subtle style. KVA has his own brand to deal with, But KVA can't just screw the jeans line up. At least hire an assistant to hold on this line. 3 new good washes are enough for a season. Now, ZERO. If there's no new washes in the upcoming season. This forum is officially dead... Or at least, make some chinos... Young fellows don't have so many chances to wear dress pants.
wtf is wrong with DH jeans????????? first it was LVR suddenly stop getting new washes then farfetch stopped selling them later. i went to the official dior boutique and none of the new washes have been selling. or there's no new washes after all?
Aramis, yup I was talking bout dog tags:) the ones telling people what kindda solider you are. I used to wish I could be a marine when I was a boy. Guess that's just not my thing after all. Found out I love making clothes about half a year ago. No wishes for marine since then lol Aahz, nice chinos!! digging those brilliant oxfords too. I should learn more about British dressing style from you!!
Sounds darn sweet!! I wanna serve the Russia army then :P do you have dog tags in Russia army? Those are the coolest thing ever!!!!!
Locky, I just checked out your 8x2 pics... Epic fit with epic wash!! Smoking hot! Trench coats are made for British army originally. The look of trench coats doesn't change much when you look at the WW1 posters. That's hilarious lol Those are pretty amazing IRL
Aahz, thanks! I know people in the UK love trench coat a lot. And I wanted to add a bit of british touch to my outfit so I did loads of homework about them
there's a local guy here holds a pair of 26x30 but i'm not sure if i can pull them off. 27x30 is the ideal fit for me. he offers 300 bucks. i think i won't go for them. trench coat just cost me a load of jeans... i'm still recovering now lol
nice jacket!! i love sunny day pics! it's been a long time since i last saw your 73j :P you know, ever since i sold mine, yours and gpoops are the ones left here and i've always been waiting for their pics :-)
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