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Karacho, they are dior. once again, the pics prove that you have the legs for literally anything. you wear thanaz 73j better than Zac does. the fit is just too epic!! Denim collector, the combo today was awesome!! 888p is really something i must admit. PLUS the boots make them stack nicely. the boots look awesome themselves!!
  picked up a 06AW clawmark from my friend. they look really white on the legs part. which is the reason why i love them from 06AW
picked up a real nice pair from my friend's collection. i took some tests for him so he finally sold these to me for a nice price. tho they are 1 size bigger than my usual size kindda like the saggy fit these days. looking alright to you guys?
Ramirez, 888p look real dope there. lucky you, got a nice pair. i got a freakin' bad pair and ended up selling them for 200 bucks only. they fit extraordinary indeed. i can see that in your pics :)   D collector, shioners look so fine on you! so far the best fitted cut. IMO, shioners look even better than tepphar. tho i love tepphar 8PI on you too. man get 74Y already!!  look, i'm not sure if 74y will fit me as well as they fit you. so here's the thing, since...
Yeah I know!! Cuz that's gonna be how they look on you. They are on my must-get list already. I want them so bad because they look like 8YM a lot!! Epic dark blue + thick denim.
One of my friend offered me a pair of shioner 74y in 28x30 for 160 bucks. This is why I asked. Worth it??
Yes I thought about it too. You know, 75G is a mysterious wash:( thavar-us and thavar-jp. I couldn't even find any trace of them!!! Mind telling me where or how can I possibly find them? In fact I'm pretty cool with the circle stuff. No big deal. And I love shioner's back pockets more than thavar actually. But I'm just wondering how do people get this mysterious wash!
Does anyone own shioner 74y?? And have anything to say about them?
this is freakin' sad. but i still have a bit hope in them. still believe maybe they'll be able to fix this. wish i bet on the right horse tho :P 73J pics are always expected :) at least to me lol
thanks:) i'm just really afraid of kissing all my jeans goodbye. that'd not be fun
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