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i said that bcuz one of these 2 brands should be able to use the back pockets and for now, it's Dior. then we can't see Hedi's new washes with the epic back pockets. don't get me wrong, i like what it is right now cuz clawmarks will always have those pretty BPs, but what if Hedi create some new epic wash but just becauz of the contract shit he has to make the wash with plain BPs? i think that would keep me from buying them cuz those DH BPs are my all time fav and i don't...
checked them out. there was this light blue skinny jeans i really like! and so far no friggn crazy stuff from Hedi lol. he's prolly too old for that kindda thing but honestly, me likey the new SL season :)  i saw the typical hedi style boots (6.5cm high heels) on the website, no gold ones so all good lol. i think Hedi and KVA are getting more alike as hedi growing old. it's just KVA prefers white than black and Hedi on the other hand prefers black than white. they both...
experts, i just spotted a pair of "oily" blue clawmark on the street. first i thought they were just too worn out. but then i did some research and found there is a wash in 03 "Follow Me" series called "oiled blue claw mark". they are just too nice... darn!! anyone has any idea what they are? and anyone happened to own them??
Lol Levislad!! No need to be so pissed man. Just trying some new dressing styles.
Yup I'm trying some chinos with British dressing style lately:P less jeans recently
Aramis, your choice bro. They are both pretty neat, do whatever makes you feel good:) Lee, so it's true that thavar 886b is really that good. I really didn't get it why people love them so much so I went to the diesel store and I saw a "DUH..." pair with plain gray. Now I see your pics and they are surely a "WOW..." pair!! I get it now. They are just sick!!!!!!!
Hey sirgrotius!! Long time no chat! The color IRL is more like the last pic. The first 2 pics were taken under nice and warm sunlight so they look warm =) Clawmarks from 06AW look pretty different from now. They have really white contrast on the legs part. I love them so freakin' much and I'm wearing them everyday!! I have to take good care of them as well, after all they are 6 years old... My buddies told me I'm growing to look better in Dior jeans recently. The stacks...
Ramirez, thanks :) fine blue-ish jeans only come out once several years. not super easy to find yourself one. but you got your 8X2 so you're good to go haha!! 8X2 is a darn epic wash! Aramis, the wash is basic, but the fit is the best so far!! they fit exactly like your 73j which is the finest fit on you so far. are they thin or stretchy?? if not, i'd say keep them for your everyday jeans:)
all the dior thread is quiet like death........ thought this thread could use some pics   just got my hand on a pair of 06AW blue clawmark though they are size 28 how's the fit to you?
sunlight pics
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