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bleu clawmark with low top chuck taylors. man how come these threads been soooo deadly silent??
Thanks, Nito. They are river island desert boots. they're sold out by now. but they make the desert boots every season. wait 2 seasons to get my size...
they are totally sagged like this
sorry for the shabby quality. wore them with slip-on's today and i think they still stack okay
timeout, those raw jeans look fantastic. wish i can have legs like yours! phukette, i thought the jacket was burberry at first!! really got that kindda quality!   sorry for the worst quality ever. try to sag my jeans today cuz i found out high rise jeans ain't my stuff
i know Dior jeans are not for sagging, but i say sag them all we want!!! sagged them today
And luisvdon, the button only came from 08. I've never seen that wash but if they from 08, then i think they're auth. Though I'm not 100% sure bout the width on every part. Can't call that fake cuz maybe this size just run like this. but from my observation, most diors have different proportion than this one.
Anonymous, the first pic was UMC07 and Orlando was wearing UMC 08. Umc07 would be my personal preference.
diesel chi-tight went for a more mature style shit today
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