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Guys, I'm getting 04SS BLEU CLAIR dirty wash in sz28 for this x'mas. Darn they are so expensive :@ Tell me what u guys think about getting them;) the ref number is 4EH1018688
defaq!!!! Mr. van assche, you have gotta be joking. cuz these are hilarious. they shouldn't even be released. here's my point, i personally love KVA. well, at first i thought Hedi outdid him a lot, but then i realized that they are just having different styles. with KVA he has a mature and subtle style. but this??? rumor has it that kva doesn't like jeans, well i think he like jeans pretty much. he did come up with some epic washes like ink me, griffith park, and rack...
I own 2 pairs of Umc 07 and jake Umc ain't got no treatment of Umc. to be more specific, no ink spots, no lecture, no red pen drawing. Jeanetic bought them and said they're just new version of jake. Well he owns 3 pairs of jake and 1 umc07 so I guess LVR didn't even know that much. For ex., they say jake Umc are MIJ 100%CO. Last time I check, they r 98/2 MII like all the Jakes. LVR ain't saints so believe it or not, jake Umc are jake. Check the previous page on this...
There's no such thing as jake under my car. They r just new version of jake. Pretty sure LVR got it wrong. LVR gets things wrong really often.
i wouldn't say i'm a master of stacking lol... jeanetic is the master n' that's for sure. i as well as everyone else here learned how to stack from him and i remembered when i first posted pics here, jenetic said my stacks suck XD. true story. so i asked him how to fix them and he told me exactly as sirgrotius said up there. you get insane stacks too bro!! and sirgrotius, i think i totally understand how that feels cuz the very first time i pull off nudie tight long...
here's the raw's fit pic
sounds pretty bad saddock! it must have been a long way to get a tiny fade on diors.. they really are capable of holding indigo. not to mention your fade was fantastic on the last one. wearing my raw today with the huge dior homme scarf from 05AW collection. sorry for the nude upper body, but i did wear my nude body out today LOL
Good for you nito!! It takes muscles to be a man that's something I believe all the time! But how are u gonna deal with your 17.5s?? I guess you must own a pile of them.
Darn, so these are the legendary 17.5 raw!!! Never seen them before. Guess they are limited in some designated boutique. They fit you really well!! I think the color is darker than 19 raw right? Been working on my 19 raw and nudie tight long John raw recently.
Thanks so much sirgrotius!! I miss your fit pics a lot n' the way your dior fit you is always one of my favourite! Keep up man!! Sorry I didn't order any new diors lately cuz I was working on my raw. But there's a pair of Griffith park coming on their way now:) will let you know once I get them
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