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Hi everyone I need help in sizing for tepphar and sleenker Im a 28 in all thavars and 29 in thanaz Should I size down or up Please and thank you
Yeah dude those are I own them in 28 and they stretched out a lot waist and thighs to the point where I bought them in 27 again cause I loved the dark wash 27 are super tight but after a few wears they stretched but the ass part is tight still So they will def stretch out all over bro
Thanks kid13 I ordered the 32L Half my jeans are 32 anyway but I didn't want any stacking at all I'm also going to be ordering dsquared jeans since they are on sale I'm a 27,28in thavar and 29 in ,thanaz
Hi everyone I had a questions for those that own thavar 834a Do they only come in 32L or where can I find it in 28x30 Online diesel store has them 30% off and only 32L in all sizes from 26-34 Thanks!
Thanks shlomi!
Thavar 888p All saints shirt Ray ban aviators Adidas samba
Thanks getalonginated
Hey getalonginated How's the feel on those 8qu's?
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