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Thanks getalonginated
Hey getalonginated How's the feel on those 8qu's?
Hey leftvapor Where did you get your nike's Those are Stefan janoski floral right?
Damn!! DC those 8bt are sick Where did you find them? I'm willing to take then off your hands if they don't stretch out enough!!! Lol They look sick on you though
They look really nice on you
Straychev how's the denim on those 820s are they thick?
Hey DA im a Size 42 in sneakers but dress shoes and stuff I like them fitting tighter If that helps
Hey DA I own them in a 41 and fit just perfect I love the color and they look good with any skinny jean I say get them!!! IMO definitely worth it Ill post up pics of them
Nice outfit leftvapor Lookin good as always aahz Sick jacket looks really good on you aramis That's an awesome wash laisnata Are those tepphars?
@DA thanks! The shoes are cole haan wingtips they have Nike at the Bottom of the shoe they are comfortable @aramis thanks for the compliment!
New Posts  All Forums: