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It's EXTREMELY rare for me to like an entire outfit regardless of what brand's runaway show I'm seeing or watching. Plus usually, the clothes that you seen on runaways are not the final product.
  Well this is awkward. So cisla was stealing photographs ? How lame.  
I never wash my jeans. Don't know what's the point. That's a one ticked to ruining them.   Plus, as far as I know, jeans don't gain smell like other clothes. So, unless you're rolling in mud or dirt I don't see the point.
I don't like them but they fit you great.    
More like a LOT.
better picture of  thanaz 880L   http://files.prfact.ch/Diesel/SS12/Male/Denim/On_Models/THANAZ%20880L.jpg   New Narrot I'm guessing ?   http://files.prfact.ch/Diesel/SS12/Male/Denim/On_Models/NARROT%20880M.jpg   Hate the cut but I like the hue.
Are the Thanaz 880L being sold in any website ?
God damn it !   Why the hell have the Thanaz 8880N vanished from the site? I wanted to buy them...as soon as I had the money that is..  
CIsla you look amazing.   Better picture of that outfit and details would be awesome.      jeanetic, the only thing wrong with that tattoo is the fact that it's written in arabic. Anyway, I don't want to discuss that kind of stuff here.
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