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I'd actually say keep the tepphars.
This I have to agree. I can't stand clothes with big logos or big lettering.
jeanetic those dior fit you so well. absolutely perfect fit.
Perfect? Seriously? I don't want to be mean or piss off the guy but they don't fit good at all. They do this extremely strange outward curve which does not look at all like it's due to his stance. And they look very tight in the thighs. Not because they're too tight but because his thighs are  a bit too big for skinny jeans. And this is coming from someone who does like and wears skinny jeans.
I like the boots. The jeans don't fit you very well though.
Jason, that blonde is HOT!   And in case she's your wife, I meant that she looks like a healthy and fun-loving person !
Shioner 8w7 size 30/30 ?
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