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Strong 5 year bump.
Thanks for the reply. I ended up ordering the shioner 0069B but sooner or later, I'm gonna order thanaz 8880N.
  I've read the master cut thread but still, Do they fit similar? I'm thinking of buying a pair of thanaz but I want them to fit like my shioner do. Should I size down or just go for the same size ?
    Your excessive need of approval is really off putting no offense.
I have tepphar 8pk and they are definitely much looser then shioner (one of the skinniest cuts) in the tighs, however they are much more tight then shioner on the legs.
they fit you well but thanks for neck pain.
    I've seen them in at least 4 different websites. They look slightly different in each one as diesel jeans usually does. They are the 885b.
thavar 885b
Too loud for my taste
Tepphar is much more skinnier then shioner in the legs. It's a bit wider in the thighs.
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