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WHy the hell does the braddom look so different in the preview pic when compared to the online store pics?
sell them to me lol  
Sell them to me.    
 I wish I could still buy these somewhere :D they're amazing
Just googled them, they look amazing!  
too dark for my taste.
In my opinion, nothing beats the diesel black gold excess okayama jeans.   I wanted those jeans so fucking badly. Unfortunaly they were too damn expensive and I didn't bought them.   To this day I'm still pissed off about it. They're all ripped and thorn but because they're grey it's not too flashy, it's just perfect. I wish I had bought them.     Here's some pics:  
  Tepphar 8pk   I love everything about these jeans, specially the color which you can't really tell in this picture. It's a really awesome wash. Another thing you can't really see in this picture is how tight they are. After you walk a little bit with them they get really fitted to your legs...a little bit too fitted, that's why I don't wear them much.
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