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All ugly.  
The problem with ssense is that they are based on Canada which means that if you live in europe you're gonna pay a shitload of money in customs fees. I once bought a leather jacket that was on sale for about 400 € and had to pay 100 € just in customs fees. That's 25 % man...
  Definitely not those.   Check the picture again, the boots I'm looking for don't have that brown bit in the bottom.
  Or are they just the regular cassidy model?   http://store.diesel.com/pt/dress-shoe_cod44202458id.html
Those photos are really bad quality. :/ I'd like to seem some high quality photos of thavar 0803u.  
It's not fake?   I have never seen a legit online store using pictures from the diesel online store..
The color looks so much better in your pics then they do in diesel online store.  
Btw, are there pictures of  thavar 0805Q anywhere besides the diesel online store?  
Unlike most jeans, those actually look better on the diesel site.
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