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Open to trade for RAW denim as well.  
I have a pair of Thanaz 8sv's I purchased a while back. Size 30x30 They served me well, are insanely comfortable, but I'm just more in to selvedge/raw denim now.   I am not sure how much they go for used now, in this condition, but I'm open to any offers, just shoot me a PM or reply in the thread. Thanks for looking.   Here are some detailed photos, and photos of the crotch damage. Could be easily patched up.
Well he refunded me, so... Disaster evaded, haha
Ohhhh yes they are. I just got an email with tag pictures. Sucks! He hasn't shipped them yet so I tried for a refund, I hope he's easy about it :/
So true haha, I hate to find some denim that I love, only to see those back pockets o.O  
Sorry no shot of micro stitching. Also, could someone let me know what wash this is? thanaz BTW the ad doesn't say,. but I sort of jumped on them because I got them for a good price. Once they arrive I can also take a shot of the tag to know for sure.      
hahaha, kind of off topic, but I'm a photographer, so I enjoy reverse engineering photos. 50mm 1.8? or possibly a 1.4?  
  eBay!!       do it :)      
You make me want these jogg jeans very bad! They look awesome, and I dig the outfit as a whole as well.
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