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Anyone know that Darron 814A is which collection from? Which year and season? Thanks!
Finally today my Darron 814A arrived.   
Today my dream shoes have arrived, and I'm very happy! :)  
My latests:  
My latest purchases. The grey t-shirt is S, and bit too tight, but it's OK.    
  Yeah, the same with me. In these hot days I can't wear my Diesel trousers. Just shorts, but I haven't got Diesel shorts.
  Yes, I tried Koolter earlier but I didn't like it. Koolter hasn't got the nice carrot leg why I love Braddom. :)  
Hi Everyone!   I'm new here. My old favourite was Rabox, but my new fav is Thanaz (I have 8B9). (Anyway, I just bought Braddom 884F, and I love it!) :)
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