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Latest additions on SALE.      
Anyway the official webstore has fucking idiot looks of jeans because of the way too long legged models. Buster is NOT a skinny fit like on the right model above. It's like on the left model. But on me the fit is even baggyer a bit more. 
Luckily the ad campaign is more than 3 pictures. Twitter full of the ad pics, and they are looking good!
But where is the FW15 Ad campaign? There are only 3 pictures in several sites, but not on the official Diesel site. Normally we always get the new campaign on the 1st march/september. What's going on this time?
Buster 837A    I bought it today for 57 EUR from 174 EUR. :D Peek & Cloppenburg has a brutal sale on Diesels.    
Anyone know that Darron 814A is which collection from? Which year and season? Thanks!
Finally today my Darron 814A arrived.   
Today my dream shoes have arrived, and I'm very happy! :)  
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