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No, it's a plain black wash. Because of flash it appears like shiny black
 Yes it's low like sleenker, i have the measurements above
It's low waist
Here are the fit pics. As you can see the fit is ''as skinny and a second skin'' but i was suprised how comfortable is that cut. As comf as a sweatpant or shorts i can say. Hope Diesel will launch some mii or blue eyecon washes in the near future  
My regural size is 29x30 in most of diesel jeans ( Tepphar, Sleenker, Stickker ) but i can fit w28 if the waist is 39cm at least
Ι just bought Stickker 844v 29x30 from cultizm and i have to say that it's the skinniest diesel cut (like leggings) ,but it's as comfortable as jogg jeans.The fit is quite similar to spender jogg jeans. Here are the measurements of 29x30 : Waist: 39,5cm Rise: 24,5cm Thigh: 24cm Inseam: 74cm Hem: 12cm 90% Cotton, 6% Polyester, 4% Elastane I'll post some fit pics soon
I want to buy Sleenker 824z 29x30 and Tepphar 880R 29x30  NWT,NWOT ( + measurements if possible) Shipped to Europe,Greece,Athens Thank you 
@Locky: 824z is an amazing wash,definitely in my wishlist.Did you get your usual size ?
Post some fit pics of your 824p Denim Collector !!!
I can tell that the cultizm pics are closer to real life and it's true that 824p is very similar with 8x2 You can see the pics below :  
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